Illegal alien Luis Angel Pacheco to be charged for beating death of 2-week-old son

The Liberty Grabber Left has perfected the art of projection to the point of sheer absurdity.

Does anyone remember how the Left used to make cogent arguments in favor of their policy proposals? We neither.

Way, way back when, they could make a sensible argument when their ideas made sense. Now they just parrot the worst ideas of the USSR or national socialist worker’s party of Germany and expect to be lauded for the effort.

The problem with going way out Left is that they have no other place to go to when called out on an issue. As of late, they have fallen back on the tired old tactic of accusing their opposition of what they are doing – in spades. Whether it’s hurling the racism or sexism charge at the drop of a KKK hood, or questioning everyone else’s veracity, they’ve refined the art form to facepalming perfection.

Problem is that projection only works for a little while and then talk begins about sending in the men in the white coats to have them ensconced in a padded room for their own safety. People are initially taken aback when being accused of the exact opposite of their belief system. But it’s only a temporary tactic that falls apart under scrutiny.

Such was the case in a news conference on creation of Intergalactic Background Checks. Or Universal, enhanced, etc. It’s always an ominous sign with the use of multiple labels for the same idea as in the 30 plus synonyms for socialism.

Representative Mike Thompson (D-CA) fielded a question on the measure, projecting the astounding assertion that those who oppose this legislation in reality want a national gun registry as reported in the NTK Network.

“Any time the other side says that this isn’t enforceable without a national registry, that’s a code word for they want to do a national registry,” Thompson said.

Thompson then pointed out that there is nothing that can be used to create a national gun registry in the proposed legislation.

[Our emphasis]

Later on he also makes the absurd assertion in the form of a rhetorical question that critics of his bill really want to do away with all guns:

“As far as anybody who says, ‘Well, this bill wouldn’t have solved this incident,’ the only thing that will solve every one is to do away with guns. So are you telling me that the critics of my bill want to do away with all guns?” Thompson asked, rhetorically.

[Our emphasis]

To summarise, those opposing government control of private property in actuality want that control and worse according to the good representative. That opposition to Intergalactic Background Checks is because it will lead to gun registration and confiscation somehow means that those in opposition to gun registration and confiscation really want gun registration and confiscation. [Before you ask, we do not hold stock in the Aspirin manufacturing concerns]

This is the video of the press conference in all it’s glory, the relevant portion at the 13 minute point of the 23 minute long video.

The Takeaway.

So let us clarify what the good Representative stated before the world. That those who want to conserve Liberty in essence want to destroy it. This kind of absurd headache-inducing projection is only momentarily effective. After which people start talking about helping those people out by opposing their absurdities and eventually voting them out of office, padded cell optional.

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