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BSCView Dashboard Sneak Preview – The Birb Nest

BSCView is bringing you a very intuitive and next level UI Dashboard for Launching, Trading & Researching BSC tokens.

Investors have flocked to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) since the start of September 2020. Many investors were looking for a chain that gave them access to Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and DeFi protocols, without the high fees of the Ethereum network. BSC with their low fees caught the attention of many in this market. As reported by DappRadar in their January Industry Report, since the start of 2021, transaction volume on BSC has been rapidly increasing. Many new projects are choosing to launch their tokens on BSC through PancakeSwap, the most popular BSC DEX.

With this growth of interest in BSC, there is a much greater need for investors to have accurate market information. Having access to metrics and tools to analyze a project or a token can give investors an edge in the market and prevent bad investment decisions. While many of these tools already exist for the Ethereum network, those in the BSC ecosystem have not had access to a comprehensive suite of high quality market analysis tools until now.

BSCView Solutions

One of the most promising projects creating quality trading tools for BSC is BSCView. To maximize investors’ profit potential, BSCView gives investors access to a platform that helps them chart, trade and research projects on BSC. A bonus feature is that BSCView will be advertising BSCPad launches. The concept dashboard is displayed in the picture below.

On this dashboard we can already see plenty of useful tools. The left part of the screen will list trending Projects front and Center — allowing users to determine the tokens with the highest market interest quickly. Projects seeking exposure on the hot list will increase adoption of BSCView. The left side features:

In the center/right side of the dashboard:

In the menu on the top, tools to navigate to are:

Through a close collaboration between Ferrum Network and BSCPad, BSCView is working to create the best place for users on BSC to research, analyze, and prepare their trades. The sneak preview of the BSCView dashboard is already packed with information that can help traders make better investment decisions, with even more features on the way!

Follow BSCView on their Twitter and Telegram to stay updated with the latest news on their project.

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