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Pacheco Graduates from Law School! : Evanjáfrica

Ruben, Manuel, and Gizela all grew up at Evanjáfrica with Pacheco and were able to celebrate with him!

Pacheco (right) and his younger brother Gil (left) at the orphanage in 2004. (Ruben (from the previous photo) is in the upper left corner.)

When Pacheco was little his dad, a police officer, became sick and died. A short time later his mom also got sick and died. Pacheo and his siblings went through some extremely hard times and had to fend for themselves. A relative heard about our orphanage and brought them to us. In the orphanage Pacheco thrived and did well in school. He built a strong faith in God, joined the church youth choir, and spent his time studying English, politics, and history. Pacheco is warm, friendly and helpful. He is tender hearted and loves welcoming visitors. He always looked out for younger children and was always well loved by our kids and staff. Now, 14 years after first coming to the orphanage, Pacheco has graduated with a law degree from Jean Piaget University in Beira. We are so proud of him for his hard work, dedication and enormous accomplishment! We especially love the way he has kept in close contact with all of us and the other kids he grew up with at Evanjáfrica!

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