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A Conversation With Artist Rene Pacheco.

You may know of Rene Pacheco as being the drummer in East LA’s own Psychedelic Cumbia band, Thee Commons. However, what you may not know is that Rene isn’t only a musician, but also an extremely talented visual artist. Get to learn more about Rene and his work as a creative!
Cheers, enjoy our conversation!
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Talk a little about yourself? Introduce yourself? What is it that you do?
Hello, Internet eye feeders! My name is Rene Pacheco and I was born and raised in East Los Angeles since July 15th1991. I grew up like any other child, with a T.V. for a babysitter, obsessing over morning cartoons. However, when I found out that to pick up a pencil and start imagining was all it took, I began to work hard on becoming the best artist I could be. I am currently an Animation/Fine Arts graduate from Cal State Fullerton and I’ve been hustling with bands, performing at backyard gigs, since I was fifteen years old.
What inspires the art you create? Would you say that there’s a general theme to your art? Or does it all vary?
The art I create can be inspired by the simplest cartoon or of the best and worst landscapes of human nature. There isn’t a general theme to my art just yet. A teacher once told me, “In order to get good, you are going to have to go through a lot of shitty drawings first. So start getting them out of the way.” For me when it comes to the art I will be making, it is exactly that. I want to do so much but in order for me to find what I really want/need, I’m going to have to get out whatever I have in my system first. So while my first art show was selling old artwork, the second was portraits, and the next would be landscapes, another time it may be cartoon themed. That’s the beauty of art it can be whatever you want and only through that will it evolve into something much grander.
Could you talk a little bit about your creative process?
Yeah, it is pretty simple, smoke a bowl or five, have a few drinks laying around, a cigar if you wanna feel like an even bigger bad ass and then start painting. For me, the creative process is about discipline because the same way inspiration can enter quickly it also exists with a matching speed. Therefore, one must always be willing to put in that work and it all begins with setting up and starting. If you don’t have time you make time.
What medium do you gravitate towards the most?
Oooooo!!! I love em all, watercolors, pencils, pastels (oil and nu), charcoal, acrylics, oil, gouache, casein, markers, digital, inks, and printmaking….
What would you say are some pros and cons?
Each one teaches you something about the next. While watercolors are unforgiving, gouache is. So they work well together because one can help correct previous mistakes. Acrylics tend to dry fast which people hate and oils take days to dry which people also hate. If you learn to respect each one you’ll see how much fun they both can be and you also learn to work around those properties. But if anyone reading this has any questions regarding use, I gotchu hit me up at
Does your work as a musician and your work as a visual artist ever intertwine?
It’s starting to pick up a bit. I did some animations for a documentary about us, which will be out later this year. I have also made a few animation promotions for the band and I am currently working on a sculpture that will be duplicated and sold at our shows in honor of the new album.
How would you say your sense of creativity has transformed throughout your years of being a creative?
As I keep producing shows I begin to find something new every time. Whether it’s a new artistic conscience, a new technique or a new process with every show that I get out I’ll keep finding something new.
Was there a pivotal moment that brought things full circle? A moment that made you realize that creating was something you were passionate about?
I’ve always known I was passionate about creating. I filled up my first sketchbook at the age of seven. But as I got older I was tired of never taking it anywhere. So I began to put on my own art shows. It was a bit scary at first, but knowing that I would never do anything with it otherwise was even scarier.
How does creating make you feel? Is there a different feeling when you’re creating visual art vs sonic art?
Creating makes me feel godly. As a kid, I had fun pretending to be the god of my own creations. It was my own world full of imperfections with a dose of purity. Now I yell and jump with joy anytime I get the perfect drawing. It’s not always easy but sure is rewarding when it’s done right. It’s a beautiful feeling to impress yourself and the inner child who was the reason I ever wanted to be great, to begin with.
When it comes to creating art and music there is hardly a difference. They both need focus and a will to work them out.
What advice would you have for those trying to venture out and create the sort of art you create?
Get started now! Don’t give up and yeah you may cry along the way but how bad do you want it? Also, you can email me here with anything you think I could help with.
Where can readers follow up with you? Socials?
Renepachecoart .com
@bien.pacheco (email)
Any last words?
“Arriba el culo!” Gracias. XOXO

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