Kellogg’s Debuts First Vegan-Labeled, Vegetable-Packed Cereal  | VegNews

This week, food company Kellogg’s added an innovative vegan breakfast cereal to its British brand W.K. Kellogg. The new flavor of No Sugar Added granola features a prominent vegan label and is made with dried apples, raspberries, and carrots—the first time in 113 years that Kellogg’s has added vegetables to its breakfast cereal. “Creating a granola with a vegetable was a balancing act. All sensory aspects had to be taken into consideration; texture, color, and, most importantly, flavor. The sweetness from the apple and the sharpness of the raspberry is all balanced with the earthiness and subtle sweet notes of the carrot pieces,” Kellogg’s cereal developer Sarah Bulfiled said . “Invented in our Manchester food tech labs, the exciting move to explore vegetable recipes has allowed us to do what we do best—create a new cereal that will shake up breakfast time.” The vegetable-forward granola joins the brand’s new vegan breakfast options , including two flavors of No Sugar Added granola (Apricot, Pumpkin Seeds, and Coconut, and Cashew and Almond), two flavors of organic whole grain wheat cereals (original and raisin), and a super-grains granola in Cranberry, Sultana, and Spelt flavors.
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