100 Funniest Cat Memes Ever

Cats have been stealing the show on the internet almost since its inception, with pictures of cats being shared on Usenet long before most people even had access to dial-up. However, just over a decade ago, cats went from a thing to the thing online, thanks to YouTube and I Can Haz Cheezburger.

Ever since, people have been making and sharing cat memes, making their favorite felines famous in a wide array of hilarious memes that never fail to crack us up. For your convenience, we’ve rounded up the wildest, most viral, most laugh-out-loud funny cat memes, each weirder and more wonderful than the last. And for more hilarious viral content, check out the 30 Funniest Celebrity Memes.

Shelves, the Earth, Wherever

You can bring up this point the next time you get into an argument with a flat earther on Facebook. And there’s a reason why cats do this. It turns out that knocking over stationary objects is hunting practice for cats, so buy your cat some more toys if it keeps breaking all your stuff. And if you want to get someone special in your life something they’ll actually appreciate, try one of these 30 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything on for size.

Sometimes grocery bags smell like the food that was inside of them, plus they make a noise when they move around that cats think is fun, so it’s no wonder an old bag is a favorite snack for cats. And if you want to know more about your cat’s strange behavior, check out these 30 Surprising Ways Your Cat Communicates With You.

Randomly Attacking Arms Since 10,000 B.C.

It’s thought that humans began domesticating and living with cats 12,000 years ago, so it’s entirely possible that this joke is actually true.

On average, cats sleep around 15 hours every day to provide energy for their predatory behavior, so this meme is equal parts hilarious and accurate. And if you’re having a hard time waking up, discover these 15 Ways to Bounce Back From a Poor Night’s Sleep.

Not the Bees!

Despite what this popular meme says, cats actually purr by vibrating the muscles in their voice boxes. Purring seems continuous because these muscles vibrate during both inhalation and exhalation.

Just a Little Light Insurance Fraud

In Russia, where nearly a million people have dash cams, this cat would have a pretty hard time getting that sweet, sweet payout.

The cat-human hybrid in this meme is Bast, the ancient Egyptian goddess of warfare. We know she was also sometimes depicted as the embodiment of the Eye of Ra, but we don’t know her feelings on cardboard boxes. And for more fun facts, check out these 30 Crazy Facts That Will Change Your View of History.

She’s Accessed the Mainframe

Cats use their whiskers to determine if they can fit through narrow spaces. Unfortunately, their whiskers don’t tell them this isn’t how to turn off automatic Windows updates.

One Way to Maintain Eye Contact

Cats show affection by making eye contact, but this probably doesn’t work the same way.

What’s Your Sign

It’s a funny picture, but cats appreciate small toys they can bat around more than stuffed animals that will inevitably break their hearts.

Cat on a Hot Sun Roof

That sun roof might be hot — but not too hot. Because cats use their paws to detect texture and pressure while hunting, they are also incredibly sensitive to temperature.

It would take more than a few days at grandma’s house for a cat to become record-breakingly fat. The heaviest domestic cat on record was an Australian cat named Himmy that weighed 46.8 pounds at the time of his death in 1986.

Beware of Guard Cat

Although dogs are the more traditional choice of guard animal for homes, Binky, a cat in Indianapolis, managed to ward off a would-be burglar, so it’s not entirely impossible.

Cats are notoriously jumpy. Some things they seem to be scared of for no real reason include cucumbers, balloons, and their own reflections.

Stopping a fight isn’t the only social situation a cat is good for. A study published in Anthrozoös found that 76 percent of their female subjects used whether or not their pet liked their date in their evaluation of them.

This kitten’s making jokes about aliens, but there is an actual conspiracy theory out there that cats are the aliens.

The World’s Most Interesting Cat

If a cat starts biting you after being affectionate, it might be playing with you, or else it’s letting you know that it’s overstimulated. It might also just be a jerk. And for more indications your pet’s upset, discover these 20 Signs Your Pet Hates You.

Running With the Wrong Crowd

A cat doesn’t have to smoke for cigarettes to negatively affect their health. Living with a smoker can double a cat’s risk of getting cancer.

He Specializes in Meowzdas

You can’t train a cat to fix a car, unfortunately, but you can train a cat to use a toilet, which is more useful on a day-to-day basis.

Teach a Cat to Fish

If your cat likes to fish, keep your aquatic pets safe by putting a roof on your aquarium, and a couple of pieces of masking tape sticky side up to keep your cat away.

All the World’s a Toy

Cats will play with anything, so buying them toys isn’t really a necessity, but if you do buy them toys, make sure to remove any ribbons or feathers that could come off for your cat to eat, because cats love eating things they shouldn’t eat almost as much as they love ignoring actual cat toys.

Making an Emergency Exit

In 1989, Saturday Night Live debuted a character named Toonces the Driving Cat that got its own half-hour special three years later. This cat is a markedly better driver than Toonces, who would inevitably drive off a cliff every time he got behind the wheel.

“Bamboozle” became a popular word in the vernacular of the internet starting in late 2016.

Runs in the Family

In actuality, cat breeders have used inbreeding to promote and distinguish features that are breed-specific, which is significantly less fun than sticking a piece of bread on a cat’s head.

This Cat Gets the Last Word

You wouldn’t want to try to sneak a whisper past a cat. Their hearing is so sensitive that they can actually hear electrical current.

Caught in the Act

It’s possible these packing pellets can be composted. Some polystyrene is made of corn starch and dissolves in water. Unfortunately, these are on a cat, so getting them wet to find out is probably not a good idea.

Don’t actually let a cat play with yarn or string. Swallowing it can cause life-threatening internal injuries. And for more hilarious animal entertainment, check out the 40 Funniest Joke About Animals.

At Least He Looks Cool

In Greek mythology, Medusa was a female monster with snakes for hair who was so terrifying to look at that gazing at her would turn a person—or cat, in this case—into stone.

Prime Warmth Real Estate

A keyboard is warm and close to a cat’s owner, making it an ideal resting place for a cat. Not to mention it’s incredibly inconvenient. Cats seem to like that too.

The Answer to the Riddle

Schrodinger’s cat is a thought experiment about, to put it simply, whether or not a cat inside a box is alive or dead. It was created in 1935 by an Austrian physicist named Erwin Schrodinger.

An Exterminator That Works for Food

Cats might destroy all your stuff and leave dead birds on your porch, but they will also kill spiders and bugs for you, which kind of makes up for it.

This “weird cat” is actually a beluga whale, which lives in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters and can weigh up to 3,500 pounds.

In addition to hating things on shelves, how much cat love boxes is another common theme in cat memes.

Cats sleep, on average, 15 hours a day, although some cats spend a staggering 20 hours each day asleep.

Here’s Looking at You

Believe it or not, this isn’t the only option that exists for cats that lose an eye. Prosthetic eyes for cats are a real and popular option for people with the money to spare.

If your cat doesn’t eat the food around the sides of the bowl, the bowl might be too narrow. A narrow bowl can cause whisker stress for your cat, which causes discomfort. And for more insight into your favorite animals, discover these 40 Amazing Animal Facts.

Rewarded for a Job Well Done

This is the true story of a cat named Browser in White Settlement, Texas.

A Cat for a Little Brother

This is the kind of cat who would probably tell if you got into the catnip.

Spelling words this way is a popular form of meme speak, especially when it comes to talking about dogs.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

There is actually a Cowboy Cat Ranch in Texas, but the cats don’t wear hats. It’s a rescue home that does feline research.

Dog People vs. Cat People

In the never-ending battle between cat people and dog people, you can’t deny that dogs are certainly more cheerful than cats.

Fight of the Century

“Who Would Win” is a popular meme format that pits unlikely foes against each other, like a trillion lions vs. the sun or a stick vs. 1,000 Marines.

Cats actually enjoy sitting in boxes so much because it lowers their stress levels.

This picture is the image that the popular Business Cat image macro meme comes from. It began growing in popularity in 2011.

Cats Count as Friends

And owning a cat can be just as beneficial for your health. It lowers stress and increases longevity, just like having human friends does.

Just Needs a Little Fresh Air

Seriously folks, cats will steal your cigarettes. It’s time to stop smoking.

Rich people have been blowing money on their pets for a long time. Wealthy people have been commissioning expensive paintings of their pets and horses for hundreds of years.

Considering how much cats love confined spaces and warm things, being sandwiched between two warm, body-sized loaves of bread is probably heaven on earth for this cat.

The Eternal Cat Dilemma

Think twice before you let your cat out. Once a cat becomes an outdoor cat, it kind of ceases to be yours, and will use multiple humans to get its needs met instead.

This box is definitely not airworthy, but making cat condos and costumes from boxes is a great way to help your cat manage its stress.

Domestic cats aren’t the only animals that react strangely to their reflection. Big wild cats exhibit the same behavior.

Inside and Out at the Same Time

This is a feline take on the popular Expanding Brain meme, which first started gaining traction in 2017.

Just a Little Snack

It’s a funny picture, but if you feed your cat watermelon, be sure to remove the seeds first, as they can be dangerous to your feline friends.

In Greek mythology, Poseidon didn’t actually have any pets, although he did create horses. However, technically, if there were a cat that lived underwater, that would have fallen under his dominion too.

He Just Wants to Be Understood

Cats have several ways of communicating with humans vocally, including meows, chirps, and trills, but each cat is different, so you’ll have to take time to get to know what yours is trying to tell you.

No Escaping Those Meows

In ancient Egypt, people had their pets mummified so they could take them into the afterlife, where they could meow at them for food at 2:00 in the morning just like when they were alive.

There was a real missed opportunity for a “meow” pun when this meme was made.

It’s unfortunate that so many of the things cats do to show their affection for their owners are so incredibly annoying.

It Was All a Dream

Cats should never be given alcohol. It affects them the same as humans, but they only weigh eight pounds, so it’s dangerous even in small quantities.

Sign on the Dotted Line

Adopting a cat may seem like signing away your freedom to an animal who will disturb you at any given opportunity, but enjoy it while it lasts. The average lifespan of a cat is only 15 years. If you’re ready for a pet of your own, discover these 15 Amazing Benefits of Adopting a Pet!

It makes sense that these two get along. Golden retrievers are one of the most cat-friendly breeds of dogs around.

That’s a Good Kitty

More than half the cats in the United States are overweight, which means there are quite a few cats out there that need to shed a few pounds.

It’s estimated that 10 percent of people are allergic to indoor cats and tree pollen is another common allergen, making this cat tree a very itchy nightmare for a good percentage of the population.

It Has Been Foretold

It’s probably not God. It’s estimated that more than 50 million feral cats are roaming around the United States.

The world’s longest and busiest monorail system is in Chongquing, China. Sadly, it is not made of cats.

In Need of a Little Recharge

Cats eyes actually glow because of a layer of cells called tapetum lucidum, which are highly reflective and help them see better in dim light.

Living the Good Life

This cat seems spoiled, but fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, has a six-person entourage and drinks a bespoke blend of mineral waters.

This cat might want to live outside, but outdoor cats are responsible for killing upwards of a billion birds every year in the United States.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

If your clothes are especially covered in hair, you can throw them in the dryer with a dryer sheet for 10 minutes to clean them up.

Time to Take Over the World

Once a cat gets used to its reflection, it often ignores it or at least isn’t frightened by it anymore.

Not all cats hate baths. Bengals, for example, are a breed noted for actually liking water. And for more things you might not know about your cat, discover these 15 Secrets Your Veterinarian Won’t Tell You.

He Found the Good Stuff

The reaction cats have to catnip is caused by a volatile oil in the plant, which the cat’s brain perceives as a cat pheromone.

A Step in the Right Direction

In reality, this cat is probably only on the treadmill because its owner wants to use it.

Nothing to See Here

Taking your pet out for a walk is a great way to find prospective dates, since both men and women are more likely to talk to people who have animals with them.

The first poster of a cat hanging in there was designed by photographer Victor Baldwin and released in 1971. It said, “hang in there, baby” and featured a Siamese kitten hanging from a bamboo pole.

Many cats can be taught tricks commonly associated with dogs, like fetch, sit, and shake. Using a clicker makes the task much easier.

Just Thinking About What to Do Next

Because of the amount of energy cats expend roaming around the house like predators, they need a lot of rest and sleep to stay in peak shape.

A Real Cool Cat

Before you pet a cat you’re meeting for the first time, it’s a good idea to check with the owner, just to make sure you’re not going to lose a pound of flesh, because not all cats wear sunglasses to clue you in that you should leave them alone.

Although this cat is on the right track, you have better luck asking yourself questions than making statements if you want to improve or do well at something. So “am I a smart cat” would be the more useful thing to ask here.

Not Your Typical Cat Burglar

Raccoons and cats are two animals that actually get along surprisingly well, so don’t be surprised if you see them being friendly towards each other.

The Notorious C.A.T.

When it comes to cat names, most people aren’t so creative. The most popular names for male and female cats in 2017 were Oliver and Luna, respectively.

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a Cat.

The average cat can jump up to five feet without a running start, so it’s very possible for a cat to just disappear like this. If you think that’s impressive, wait until you see these 15 Animals With Impressive Titles.

Just a Little Favor

Unfortunately, when a cat wants something, they are more likely to meow and paw at your door until you wake up, since they’re nocturnal animals and have no concept of human boundaries.

Feral cats like this are such a huge problem in Hawaii that they are considered an invasive species.

Plotting Revenge for Eating Its Food

Cats have three facial expressions — fear, frustration, and relaxed engagement. Notably, two-thirds of these emotions are negative, which helps explain why this cat looks so unfriendly.

Neither Rain Nor Snow Can Stop Him

Dogs aren’t the only animals postal workers have to contend with. Cats have also been known to attack letter carriers, with video of one battle between a cat and a postal worker going viral a few years ago.

A Model Cat and a Cat Model

Considering how much cats enjoy boxes and bags, it was only a matter of time before this happened.

The Internet Got Weird

The culture of the internet has changed a lot of the past 10 years. If something seems like it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry. It probably doesn’t, and that’s the joke.

Undoubtedly the most famous cat meme of all, it’s estimated that Grumpy Cat has made its owner a cool $120 million. And if you’re still not sure who wins in the battle of cats vs. dogs, check out these 20 Ways Cats Are Better Than Dogs.

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