Funniest Cat Truths Told In Memes Every Cat Owner Can Relate To (24 Pics)

Every cat owner can relate to these.

There are some things that most cats do. And no I am not talking about their ‘rude’ behavior or their entitlement. We are not here to hate on cats today. Okay, maybe that is a bit of stretch. However, we are going to take a look at some of the truth of living with a cat that most people can relate to.

From walking up because you felt a tiny tongue on your nose to constant cat whining because their bowl is only half full, there are many things that cats do which makes no sense. Why do they wake up at 4 am in the morning just to sleep all day? Why are they always hungry? Honestly, we might never get the answers to these questions so why not laugh alongside the unfortunate ones.

#1 ‘Was that a tsunami?’

#2 ‘I will not leave you alone no matter what happens.’

#3 It’s usually right before you need to use the washroom.

#4 “I can see my ribs protruding.’

#5 ‘This is my bed now, go get your pizza somewhere else.’

#6 If this happened to me, I’d be scared to go into the room.

#7 The cat looks very happy about the future.

#8 The king gets to sit in the chair while his subjects kneel.

#9 ‘Do you feel the wetness on your face?’

#10 And your fingers will be all bloody and scratched.

#11 ‘Here’s Johnny.’

#12 It’s not like I spent hours trying to solve this puzzle.

#13 Because the recently ironed shirt is warmer than the bed.

#14 Are you cheating on me with other cats Robert?

#15 The only place a cat can sleep comfortably.

The best feeling in the world is waking up with a cat butt on your face. If you couldn’t tell I was being sarcastic. I have no idea why cats like to get all up in our faces but there should be a reason for that right? Maybe they like the warm breath? Or perhaps they are just a**holes.

#16 So that you get scared sh*tless in the middle of the night.

#17 I feel like the best present for a cat is a box.

#18 Everything is a mess. Fix it or I will poop on the sofa.

#19 I am very random.

#20 So you have to sleep on an unmade bed.

#21 I need anything and everything that you’re having.

#22 Their cat vision activates at the most unfortunate of times.

#23 It seems their tastes change all the time.

#24 So it looks like I have something very important to do.

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