German Supermarket Designs “Funniest Cat Commercial”

A discount grocery store in Germany came out with one of the funniest cat commercials ever last year. Netto Marken released a commercial that shows cats behaving like humans as they shop at the grocery store.

The hilarious commercial shows a cat pushing a shopping cart along in the store. One of the great things about the commercial is that they are using actual cats in a shrunken down supermarket.

The video pans over to the produce section of the supermarket and shows a cucumber sitting on the floor. If you have never seen videos of cats reacting to cucumbers, you need to check out the videos online.

There are tons of viral videos online that show cat owners sneaking up on their cats with a cucumber in hand. They then place the cucumber behind the cat and the cat typically goes crazy and jumps in the air. The theory is behind their reaction is that the cats think there is a snake lurking behind them.

The Netto Marken commercial shows cats jumping in the air and freaking out when they see the cucumber, which is a perfect portrayal of real cat reaction videos. The rest of the commercial shows cats checking out at the register, but also incorporates some famous memes. The commercial references one of the most viral videos of all time, which happens to be a video of a cat that is meowing in a sort of growl.

The cat seems to be saying no over and over and has been watched hundreds of millions of times online. They also used a reference to a meme, where a cat has an extremely surprised and interested look on his face. If you are a cat lover, there is no question you will be a big fan of this commercial.

The advertisement has gotten a ton of views online and has been shared a ton of times across social media platforms. One of the unique things about this commercial is the fact that they are using real cats and show their actual quirks on camera.

One cat is stuck inside an isle and manages to squeeze out a tiny hole, which is something a regular house cat would do. He knocks something over when he pops out also, which is something all cat owners can relate to. If you are a cat owner, you should definitely go check out this cat commercial by Netto Marken.

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