Dogs Are Disgusting Animals

Most of you think that dogs are disgusting animals, but the fact is that a dog does not have any sense of personal hygiene. They can not tell if they are clean or unclean. The only way to keep them clean and off our couches is to train them in a dog training school or enroll them in a day care and have them deliver newspapers and puppies to our home. This way they will learn from day one how to behave around people and animals.How would you react if a child claimed developing a verbal eye for telling when someone was dirty, and yet he never cleaned up after himself? Would you believe him? Would you allow him to babysit your children? Absolutely NO, so why do you allow dogs to act this way? Our goal is to remove this false belief system and teach our dogs how to live by their own standard, not the one of their owners. We must teach them in a manner that they can understand, not one that they can shove down their throat when they get back to their own pack.This is the key term that we must use in training our dogs, “DAILY STANDARD”. If you do not teach them this word, they will never learn it. When you do begin to enforce this key term of daily routine, your dogs will quickly begin to understand that they must keep themselves clean or risk having a bad reputation with their new owners. A bad reputation with their new owners can result in them never being allowed near children again, never able to walk on their own, and if they do get near children, they must always be on a leash and under your supervision at all times.

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