The Testimony of Trixie Glimmer Smith by Digital Poppy, Bun & Birb

After finding the cursed play ‘The King in Yellow’, Trixie Glimmer Smith, a slacking student at Bluebell University recounts the terrible events that set her a week behind in her coursework.

This story follows on from the events of Parsnip (free download here) with a host of new characters and an expanded world, although you can still enjoy it without playing Parsnip.

Trixie is around 3-5 hours long, if you want to play all the content.

Check out the free demo below!



  • Throughout the game events may start to take their toll on Trixie’s mind. As Trixie gains insight her narration becomes ever more unreliable.
  • Unlike many sanity systems Trixie’s insight system is hidden, meaning you never know for sure when you are being affected by it.
  • This system also means additional playthroughs of the game may vary!

    Can you really trust anything Trixie sees? Can you afford not to?

Multiple Paths:

  • Trixie can choose to spend her week with the Friendly, albeit slightly scary shopkeeper Heidi, the excitable baker Gregg or the chill milkwoman Bell.
  • At points the three routes may intertwine, giving different perspectives on the same story.
  • The game also has two main potential endings, with additional minor alternate endings.

A Strange World:

  • Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, psychic birds and cosmic gods, Trixie explores the rural England inspired Bluefields County and discovers some of the horrors that secretly lurk in it’s scenic countryside.

Art Book:

  • If you spend $6.99 on Trixie you get an Art book with the game! Exciting stuff! It contains all sorts of concept art,  bios and fun trivia about the game, the characters and the world.

Content Warnings:

Trixie Glimmer Smith contains a few mild descriptions of violence, horror, implied sexual content, some exploration of negative trans feelings and some bad language.



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