Gino Monreal Hinolan, Handsome Boyfriend Of Miss Q&A 2nd Runner-Up Lars Pacheco

Meet the handsome boyfriend of Lars Pacheco.

LARS PACHECO – Meet Gino Monreal Hinolan, the handsome and striking boyfriend of Miss Q&A’s 2nd runner-up Lars Pacheco.

Miss Q&A 2018 second runner-up Lars Pacheco has indeed captured a lot of hearts because of her uncanny charm and beauty in being a woman without leaving any hint that she was once a man.

She may not have had the crown and was hailed as the queen of the first ever Miss Q&A pageant of It’s Showtime, but she is already and has long been a queen in the eyes of her significant other.

And that is her boyfriend Gino Monreal Hinolan who also got the looks and also happens to be her make-up artist all throughout the competition.

Lars as the stunning beauty we always loved and admired and Gino as the person behind such gorgeousness. During the pageant, the special “Ganda Ka” award was given to Lars.

He has always been a loving and a supportive boyfriend to Lars.

Love wins indeed and this couple has just proved that it is definitely true that love knows no gender. It is about feelings and affection.

Check out their sweet photos together:

A post shared by Lars Pacheco (@larsisaa) on

A post shared by Lars Pacheco (@larsisaa) on

Juliana Parizcovia Segovia is first ever candidate to have won the title for her wit and cleverness in answering questions. She was the first Hall of Famer for a start and finished the competition being hailed as the queen.

Check out the special awards below:

Ganda Ka Award: Lars Pacheco
Best in Costume: Elsa Droga Mendoza
Beks in Long Gown: Benzen Galope delos Verges
Beshie Ng Bayan: Gianna Castiliogne Francisco
Best in Chukchak: Odessa Jones
Madlang People’s Choice: Marigona Dragusha

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