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3 MILLION COVID DEATHS – IS THIS STAGGERING? Before judging, realizing that all deaths are tragic, hear me out on context. This THREAD covers:
The 3 million number in context
Co-morbidities & causation contamination
Where did the Flu go?
Vitamin D deficiency 2/
3 MILLION IN CONTEXT. Keep in mind that each year over 55M people die. Of those, more than 6M from respiratory-related causes. Current Covid death tally covers >1 year (annualized is lower). Are Covid numbers partly or mostly hiding in (spoofing from) other numbers? See chart. 3/
CO-MORBIDITIES & CAUSATION CONTAMINATION. Co-morbidities are dominant causation (consider data). According to CDC’s own tracking, 5%-6% of C19 deaths list Covid as the only cause. The rest involve co-morbidities; the CDC says avg 4 per death.… (Table 3)



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