TOP 19 Fruit and Vegetable Juices (Health Benefits)

A large number of questions come from our visitors that are popularly called “sleepwalkers” (those who follow the “moon diet”). They refer to the juices that can be consumed during Lent and at the time of the moon phases (you know it is a tricky situation for those on a diet when water nor tea cannot help, but only something “concrete”). Thus arose the list below of the Top 19 fruit and vegetable juices. It turned out that it would be useful to suggest to others who are not on the lunar diet to find some time on a daily basis and process one of these magical drinks.

Juicing is easy to do – with or without juicer – and is relatively cheap (much cheaper than the vitamin and mineral supplements from the store) and the benefits it provides are so large that you cannot ignore them.

Most juices should be drunk immediately after juicing because after a few minutes the oxidation decreases their value.

And without any extras please! No sugar, honey, sweeteners… Just enjoy the natural taste!

And, finally, this is the story of juices made from fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables rather than those juices you find in the stores. I am sure you will find juice in the list below that really suits you and the fruits of which can be found in the high season (there is no season in which you cannot find at least a few veggies).

Well, enjoy in these fresh juices and vitality!

Pineapple – Pineapple juice is good for improving the function of the kidneys and liver and contains a substance which is a natural fat burner. Overall, it helps to refresh the body. Also, pineapple juice is recommended for the treatment of angina.

Peach – peach juice strengthens the heart muscles and cures heart arrhythmia. It helps with anemia and gastritis.

Black Currant – juice of black currant is a great source of vitamins and can fight against anemia, gastritis, bronchitis, flu and angina. It successfully fights viruses, strengthens the immune system and is very rich in vitamin C.

Red currants – This juice is recommended for the cardiovascular system, ulcers, skin diseases, rheumatism, colds and gout.

Beet – Beet juice is a great fighter against constipation, anemia and gastrointestinal diseases. It helps cleanse the body and lowers blood pressure. In the beginning, it is best to take it in small doses (1 tablespoon) or mixed with carrot juice (scale 1: 1). Gradually reduce the amount of carrot juice in the mixture. It can be kept in the refrigerator for several hours before serving.

Grapes – Grape juice helps with fatigue and stress. It helps clean the kidneys and liver and lowers cholesterol.

Grapefruit – The juice of this fruit is a natural cure for insomnia. It reduces cholesterol and returns blood pressure back to normal.

Apple – Apple juice helps with obesity and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney disease, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, gallstones and kidney stones, chronic colitis, gout and dysentery. It is very good for people who have high mental activity.

Apricot – Apricot juice strengthens the heart muscle. Regular consumption helps with arrhythmia.

Cucumber – The juice of this vegetable affects blood pressure (back to normal) and improves the health of teeth, gums, hair and nails. It is used as a diuretic. A mixture of cucumber and carrot juice will help with rheumatism and prevent atherosclerosis. This mixture is also beneficial for better memory.

Pear – This juice has anti-inflammatory effect and helps with kidney stones.

Cabbage – Cabbage juice is used for gastritis, ulcers, liver and spleen diseases. It strengthens blood vessels, stimulates the regeneration of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, returns fats to normal level and helps with the treatment of wounds.

Lemon – Lemon juice has an extraordinary effect of alkalizing the body. However, one should drink it with hot water in the ratio 1:10.

Watermelon – This juice is excellent for the treatment of edema associated with cardiovascular and kidney problems.

Pomegranate – Pomegranate juice is great for recovering after serious disease or surgery and helps with anemia.

Orange – Orange juice is a powerful natural anticancer fruit!

Carrots – Improves eyesight, strengthens the body and helps in recovery after illness or mental and / or physical exhaustion. It treats stomach ulcers and helps with anemia, cancer and tuberculosis. Carrot juice increases the appetite and strengthens the teeth and the immune system.

Cherry – Cherry juice helps with constipation, improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, increases appetite and is used for coughs as a throat cleaner.

Tomato – The juice of this vegetable is great for children. It strengthens the immune system. It’s full of minerals, natural antioxidants and vitamins.

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