Insane Way Chicago Got Taller in 20 Years

Here’s the Insane Way Chicago got Taller in 20 years!

Back in the early 19th century, Chicago’s elevation was extremely low, resulting in a lack of natural drainage that led to poor living conditions and deadly cholera outbreaks for residents.

They decided to implement a new sewer system, but to put it in, they needed to raise the elevation of Central Chicago’s buildings.

In a massive 20 year project, thousands of workers used jackscrews and sometimes hydraulic lifts to literally lift up and move entire buildings and streets. One Chicago block took around 6000 jackscrews, and the real challenge was getting it done without inconveniencing Chicago’s citizens.

But against all odds, they did it. This led to all of Central Chicago getting taller, piece by piece, until the 14-foot rise was able to accommodate a sewer system.

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