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**This Masterlist contains themes of a sexual, violent, and disturbing nature due to being an 18+ blog. This ranges from NSFW to Yandere.**


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M A I N   M A S T E R L I S T

Twst Crackhead AU: MC is turned into a Raven/Crow. Hijinks insue, and romance routes come into play, featuring baby birbs!


MC Crackhead AU: p.t.two

Tea From The Animals

Some More Tea

Raven MC w


Ace Steals The Cloak, MC Streaks

MC Is A Bruh Girl

Sebek’s Fear

Malleus Catches A Queen


*Crow/Raven MC marries Riddle in this ending! Their children are Queenie ( Older ) and Faust ( Younger ).

Tags: Rosefeather AU. Queenie, and Faust


*Crow/Raven MC marries Leona in this ending! Their child is Luan.

Tags: Griffin AU and Luan


*Crow/Raven MC marries Azul in this ending! They have triplets! Hector ( Eldest ) and Adrian ( Middle ) who are identical twins, and their sister Mariana ( Youngest ) who is the fraternal triplet. 

Tags: Mob Wife AU, Hector, Adrian, and Mariana


*A poly relationship w/Jamil and Kalim, in which Kalim has twin girls and Jamil a boy. Amara ( Eldest ) and Inaya ( Younger ) are Kalims daughters, while Salem ( Youngest ) is Jamils son, and the youngest child.

Tags: Golden Feathered Serpent AU, Amara, Inaya, and Salem


*Crow/Raven MC marries Vil in this ending! They have a daughter named Branwen, who’s nickname is Wendy.

Tags: Poisoned Feather Au and Branwen 


*Crow/Raven MC marries Idia in this ending! They have twin boys, Thanatos ( Eldest ) and Hypnos ( Youngest ).

Tags: Bird Skull AU, OC: Thanatos*, and OC: Hypnos*

*Each brother has “OC:” in front of their names as to not have fandom posts in the gods tags, as privately asked by an anon.


*Crow/Raven MC marries Malleus in this ending! They have a son named Manu!

Tags: Crow AU, Manu, and Caged Bird AU*

*This AU entails Manu dimention jumping and meeting OB!Darling from the Overblot Darling AU series.


*The baby birbs meet and interact with a young!MC who is freshly dropping into Twisted Wonderland and Ramshackle. They spend time together in this universe and often section days of the week off to all spend time together.



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