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I made too many jokes about podcast characters being Catholic and now a Catholic sadomasochism blog reblogged one of my posts.

keep seeing posts complaining about tumblr live and meanwhile I haven’t gotten it yet

Anonymous asked:

Have you read The Poppy War?

I have not! However I do have that author’s newest book Babel at home right now because my hold finally came in. I’m looking forward to it.


The end of that FMA video is fun because there is an entirely canon complaint way for him to have survived all that but it is implausible because the character is too dumb.

Feel like I need to specify I don’t mean ‘if he’d done something else he could’ve survived’ I mean even given everything in-text there is a perfectly reasonable route to a ‘he’s fine’ ending because Father demonstrates an ability to break chunks of himself off whenever and there’s no reason to believe his children can’t, since Pride is capable of doing the reverse. If you are being vacuumed up by your evil dad why not rip yourself in half like a skink losing its tail and fake your own death as a bargain so the remaining state alchemists don’t dissect you on a lab table? However despite this frankly explaining a few things about the ending that don’t make sense, it definitely didn’t happen because Lust got the braincell and Greed died because he walked in having all the cards and then made a 10x combo of the worst possible decisions. I won’t take that from him.

Listening to InCo and every piece of worldbuilding is more fucked up than the last. This is a compliment btw.



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