Jordan Heiderman Says PFL Format is The Right Fit For Him

Jordan Heiderman is 7-0 and has a chance at claiming the PFL 2023 heavyweight title and the million-dollar prize should he get through Denis Goltsov. Goltsov has a ton of experience (31-7) and is favored to win, but combat sports have a history of underdogs coming out on top, and the PFL has been pretty much built on that fact.

Heiderman has a stint on The Ultimate Fighter that did not work out for him, but he has landed in the PFL. He knows that Goltsov brings a lot of experience to the table but no one gets into combat sports for easy fights. The PFL format has given him a chance that would take fighters years to get to this point with the record that he has and having gotten this far, Heiderman says this is the best thing for him. 

“I love how the PFL runs their shows,” said Heiderman. “I just think it’s the right fit for me in my career right now. I’m excited to be in the playoffs, a chance for a million and a PFL title.”

Heiderman told the media in attendance that he works as a bartender in between his training sessions. So, if he can get past Goltsov and advance to the finals to win the 2023 title, his story could add to the many stories the PFL has built for fighters like Ray Cooper III and Larissa Pacheco. Fighters known, but not well-known have built their legacy and brand in a format that seems to be what dreams are made of in the fight world.

See Heiderman’s full media-day scrum above and tune in to watch him take his chance on Friday night in Madison Square Garden. The PFL Play-offs air on ESPN/ESPN+ and of course you can keep it locked here at MyMMANews for updates. 

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