New Comics & Collected Editions: Marvel Comics – September 6, 2023

It’s time to take a look at what’s out from Marvel Comics this week! This post covers Marvel Comics September 6 2023 releases.

This list includes every comic and digital comic out from Marvel this week, plus collected editions in omnibus, hardcover, paperback, and digest-sized formats. For each new release, I’ll point you to the right Crushing Comics guide to find out how to collect each character in full – and, if a guide is linked from this post, that means it is updated through the present day!

Plus, I’m getting close to caught up on reading all of the Marvel Universe – so I have some commentary on some of the single issues and new collections.

Marvel Comics September 6 2023 Collected EditionsCaptain Marvel (2019) by Kelly Thompson released by Marvel Comics September 6 2023

Captain Marvel by Kelly Thompson Vol. 1
(2023 paperback, ISBN 978-1302950989 / digital)
See Guide to Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. This is effectively a “Complete Collection by Kelly Thompson,” recollecting the first two trades worth of this ongoing series. That’s actually somewhat short for a complete – it would take five volumes to collect the entire series, at this rate! I love this comic, and it comes with a ringing endorsement from me.

Captain Marvel, Vol. 10: Revenge of the Brood, Pt. 2
(2023 paperback, ISBN 978-1302947637 / digital)
See Guide to Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. This is the final half of the final arc of Kelly Thompson’s multi-year Captain Marvel epic, plus a double-sized final issue that is entirely reflective. I think this arc is one of the shakier of the series, simply because Thompson is juggling a massive cast without much time to focus on Carol. While I’m a big proponent of picking up any comic run with any issue to get started, I’d say if you’re planning to read this run you ought to start from the beginning.

Loki Modern Era Epic Collection: Everything Burns (Vol. 2)
(2023 paperback, ISBN 978-1302952655 / digital)
See Guide to Loki. The second (and final?) volume of the Loki Modern Era Epic Collection line, collecting the back half of his run of Journey Into Mystery including crossovers with New Mutants and Thor. The contents of this are just slightly different than the contents of a previous Complete Collection.

(2021 digest-size paperback, ISBN 978-1302949037 / digital)
See Guide to Hulk, Bruce Banner. This continues the digest-sized reprint of Hulk’s Silver Age Tales to Astonish (1959) material.

Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis (2023 paperback, ISBN 978-1302952235 / digital)
See Guide to Spider-Man 2099. This is a Steve Orlando mini-series set in 2099 continuity.

Red Goblin Vol. 1: It Runs in the Family (2023 paperback, ISBN 978-1302948634 / digital)
Hmm, this still has no guide to call home! But, I have caught up on this book to present day, and I dig it! Alex Paknadel is writing a very different title than anything else going on at Marvel right now. I wish he’d lean even further into the intergenerational aspects of the book and its lead characters, but I liked all of this first volume.

She-Hulk by Mariko Tamaki (2023 paperback, ISBN 978-1302950774 / digital)
See Guide to She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters. Collects the entire run by Eisner-winner Mariko Tamaki from All-New All-Different Marvel and Marvel Legacy. This book is not a similar tone to most She-Hulk runs or the She-Hulk MCU show. It starts out subtle and decompressed, focusing on She-Hulk’s trauma in the wake of Civil War II, picking up just a hint of the typical acerbic She-Hulk wit towards the end.

Venom Vol. 4 by Al Ewing & Ram V: Illumination (2023 paperback, ISBN 978-1302948504 / digital)
See Guide to Venom. This continues Ewing’s multi-timeline Venom epic (V has departed the title), but with a slightly more grounded story than the past 1o issues. What I think works well about this is you absolutely could jump in here and be tantalized with references of what has come before, which to me is good comics-making.

Marvel Comics September 6 2023 Physical Comic ReleasesFantastic Four (2022) #11 released by Marvel Comics September 6 2023

The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #33 – See Guide to Spider-Man, Peter Parker (2018 – Present). The controversial Zeb Wells run presses onward with no immediate end in sight as we approach the “Gang War” end of year event! I’m only caught up through issue #20, so I have another binge still yet to come! I know a lot of Spidey-fans are frustrated with this book, and I can see their frustration – Wells seems to be deliberately at war with a few aspects of Spidey’s continuity and relationships. Yet, plot points aside. I enjoy it a lot more than the Spencer run because Wells is much more gifted at writing Peter as Spider-Man (which seemed to actively terrify Spencer).

Black Panther (2023) #4 – See Guide to Black Panther. I have not warmed to this Eve Ewing Black Panther relaunch yet, despite loving her earlier Marvel work. Ewing has split her focus between T’Challa himself and fleshing out the community of a particular Wakandan metropolis. While I love a densely-written, heavily-narrated comic, Ewing’s sociological focus and newly-minted supporting characters simply aren’t working for me.

Doctor Strange (2023) #7 – See Guide to Doctor Strange. I’ve only read the first couple of issues of this run on Marvel Unlimited. After an absolutely cracking run with Clea as Strange in 2022 from Jed MacKay, on this run his concept just feels a little flat. I’m curious to catch up to the end of the first arc and see how he pivots to keep things fresh.

Fantastic Four (2022) #11 – See Guide to Fantastic Four. I am caught up on Ryan North’s Fantastic Four and loving it! It’s a series of 1- and 2-shot adventures, many with a similar theme of lost and forgotten people. I think this could be repetitive if North doesn’t shift gears or tie them together, but each individual issue has been strong and I’ve loved the way he writes all four of the primary cast.

Ghost Rider / Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance – Omega (2023) #1 – See Guide to Wolverine – Logan or Guide to Ghost Rider. This is the final installment of a direct crossover between these two titles, both penned by Ben Percy.

Immortal X-Men (2022) #15See Guide to X-Men, The Age of Krakoa. This continues the post-Hellfire Gala arc of this Kieron Gillen X-Men flagship – and, make no mistake, this is the flagship book of the line. Although I’m aware of the events of The Hellfire Gala for “discourse” reasons, I’m still five issues behind on this book. But, up to where it left off for “Sins of Sinister,” it has been my favorite X-Men title of the entire 30+ titles from the Age of Krakoa.

Magneto (2023) #2 – See Guide t0 Magneto. The first issue of this J.M. DeMatteis & Todd Nauck series set it up as a flashback to the period where Magneto was acting as headmaster to the New Mutants (so, in the 40s of New Mutants (1983). While it’s decent fun if you love that era (and I do!), there’s was nothing remarkable about issue #1. I’ll continue keeping an eye on this, as I think there’s a chance it contains one late revelation that will reflect on current continue – as the Venom: Lethal Protector II (2023) series did earlier this year.

Moon Knight (2021) #27 – See Guide to Moon Knight. I am 100% up-to-date on This Jed MacKay Moon Knight run and it may very well be my favorite ongoing at Marvel. It strikes a perfect balance between high concept issues and stylish fights, and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg is doing career-best work.

Scarlet Witch (2023) #8 – See Guide to Scarlet Witch. I have been absolutely head-over-heels for this Steve Orlando Scarlet Witch series, and especially for its habit of self-contained single-issue stories. This second loosely-connected arc is no longer colored by Matt Wilson, and while colorists have maintained Wilson’s eye-popping color choices they haven’t really replicated his texture – which for me was a big part of the book’s identity.

Silk (2023) #5 – See Guide to Silk. I was shocked to learn I am not one but two series behind on my favorite Spider-Person, Silk! I assume this is set after her role in Slott’s “End of the Spider-Verse” arc in Spider-Man (2022) where we learn more about her place in the multiversal web of life… but that didn’t really change her own status quo all that much.

Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy (2023) #1 – See Guide to Silver Surfer

Spider-Gwen (2023) Annual 1 – See Guide to Spider-Gwen. If you’re confused about this annual, you’re not the only one! Marvel temporarily drops the “Ghost Spider” moniker for Gwen, plus there’s no ongoing volume to correspond with this Annual! Instead, it’s part of the loosely linked “Contest of Chaos” annuals spinning out of Scarlet Witch (2023) Annual 1. Here, Spider-Gwen fights White Fox, as penned by Karla Pacheco & Stephanie Phillips – which honestly sounds like a lot of fun.

Star Wars (2020) #38 – See Guide to Star Wars, The Expanded Universe Comics (2015 – Present). I remain behind on all-thing Star Wars until I stop being behind on all things Marvel, so no commentary from me on this one.

Star Wars: Dark Droids (2023) #2 – See Guide to Star Wars, The Expanded Universe Comics (2015 – Present)

X-Men (2021) #26 – See Guide to X-Men, The Age of Krakoa. This is the second issue after the stunning events of the Hellfire Gala, featuring a peculiar team that includes both Kate Pryde and Kamala Khan – Ms. Marvel! I’m still about five issues behind on this title – having just finished the Brood arc that fits with the Captain Marvel collection above. I’ll say that in general this run has been big, fluffy, X-Men adventures with amazing artwork that tap into major Hickman plot points while going light on character work. If that’s what makes an X-Men book great to you, then you’ll dig it.

Marvel Comics September 6 2023 Digital-First Comic Releases

This is a list of projected releases based on the recent digital release schedule; actual releases are not confirmed until they show up on the Marvel Unlimited app.

These releases are exclusively available on the Marvel Unlimited app – you cannot access them from a web browser even if you have a subscription! They also haven’t been quick to be released in print, though we’ve now see print versions of a few of these series trickle out a year or more after they were released.

  • Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic #62
  • Love Unlimited Infinity Comic #66
  • Marvel Meow Infinity Comic #19
  • Marvel’s Voices Infinity Comic #67
  • X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #103

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