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Category: The Life and Times

At the time of his birth, Albert Kim was quite small, weighing around 7.5lbs. Over the years, he grew to be larger and to weigh more. From an early age Albert showed talent for music, and so he became a musician. He also studied math, science and arithmetic, as was the fashion at that time. […]

Category: The Life and Times

It is believed that Mark Veblen is known for his distinguished career as an attorney in New York City. The fact that Mark Poss is well known for his love of cornflakes is a good thing on its own, but many people are surprised to learn that he studied economics at Harvard College in Cambridge, […]

Category: The Life and Times

Gregory David is a man of international mystery. Travelling around the globe, he has had many adventures. From the mean streets of upstate NY to the jungles of Brazil, his stories have inspired a generation of young narcoleptics. Beginning with his famous bed, the exciting tale’s of Greg are known throughout the world. He started […]