Art For Art’s Sake #181: Carlos Pacheco R.I.P.

More tragedy in comics earlier in the month as we learned the news that artist Carlos Pacheco died on 9th November at the age of 60. Another great artist lost to us in what’s been a terrible year.

Carlos Pacheco announced his diagnosis for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in September 2022, a disease that causes the loss of motor neurons affecting the voluntary muscles and leads to weakness, paralysis, and causes a reduced lifespan.

Born Carlos Pacheco Perujo on 14th November 1961 in San Roque, Spain, Pacheco had a career in comics since the late ’80s, beginning with covers and pin-ups in the Marvel reprint line for Planeta De Agostini.

His first big success came with work for Marvel Comics UK in the early ’90s with covers for Exploits of Spider-Man before a short strip in Motormouth & Killpower #12, and the 4-issue Dark Guard series, the first comic he fully drew by himself. He also co-wrote and drew the Motormouth: RE-MIX comic, sadly never published (for more on that, check out this excellent piece at ).

The Marvel UK work announced his presence in comics and he was soon in high demand and gained a huge fanbase with more and more work for both Marvel and DC Comics, beginning in 1994 with the Marvel mini-series Bishop with John Ostrander and work on issues 93-94 of the Mark Waid written The Flash.

In a long and illustrious career that would see him as a fan-favourite artist at both Marvel and DC Comics, Pacheco would go on to work on many of the company’s most famous characters, including Superman, Justice League, Green Lantern, Captain America, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers.

One project that’s particularly loved is Pacheco’s collaboration with Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, and Pacheco’s regular inker Jesus Merino, on the 12-issue series Avengers Forever in 1998. In that great series, Pacheco’s smooth lines, dynamic style, and fluidity captured the Avengers across the ages as they went up against Kang the Conqueror. That book and Pacheco’s collaboration with Busiek later led to their creator-owned series at DC/Wildstorm, Arrowsmith, where they reimagined World War I in a world of magic and dragons. Sadly, the follow-up series, Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines was one of Pacheco’s final works.

Carlos Pacheco – 14th November 1961 – 9th November 2022

Dark Guard #1–4 (Marvel UK, 1993–1994)

Motormouth: RE-MIX project for Marvel UK (1993)

Bishop #1–4 (1994–1995)

The Flash vol. 2 (1994–1995)

Excalibur (1995–1996)

X-Universe #1–2 (1995)

Starjammers #1–4 (1995–1996)

Fantastic Four #415–416 (1996)

X-Men vol. 2 (1997–1998)

Avengers Forever #1–12 (1998–2000)

Fantastic Four vol. 3 (2000–2002)

JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice (2002)

Arrowsmith, #1–6 (2003–2004)

Superman/Batman (2005–06)

Green Lantern vol. 4 (2005–2006)


Ultimate Comics: Avengers #1–6 (2009–2010)

Ultimate Comics: Thor #1–4 (2010–2011)

Captain America vol. 7 (2013–2014)

Squadron Sinister #1–4 (2015)

Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines (2022)

And we’ll end with his final piece of published art… Rest in Peace Carlos…

My LAST piece.

— Carlos Pacheco (@Cpachecoficial) September 28, 2022

Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco honoured to be new host of CBC Ottawa News at 6 | CBC News

Whenever Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco looks into the camera to deliver the news on , he’s talking to “Charlie.”

That’s the nickname he’s given the lens — advice given to him years ago by a camera operator. 

“It just makes it intimate and it allows me to be a bit more authentic because I feel like I actually have a relationship with it,” Dabaghi-Pacheco said. “It’s a stand-in for the viewer. That’s the thing about television — you have to find a way to overcome that artifice.”

Though he’s been guest-hosting CBC Ottawa News at 6 since the departure of co-hosts Lucy Van Oldenbarneveld and Adrian Harewood, the station recently announced he’ll now stay at the desk as the permanent host.

“I looked up to Adrian and Lucy. They taught me so much and were my mentors,” he said. “Being named the permanent host of CBC Ottawa’s News at 6 is an absolute honour.” 

Started as radio traffic reporter

Dabaghi-Pacheco has done just about every on-air job in the CBC Ottawa newsroom since joining in 2010.

His first gig was as the morning traffic reporter on CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning while studying journalism at Carleton University, after he successfully freelanced mini-documentaries to the morning radio program.

He credits then-host Kathleen Petty for helping him get comfortable on air.

“We had a great rapport. I had this illusion in my mind that it was just me and Kathleen. That’s the only way I could do it because I just couldn’t imagine that people were actually listening,” he said.

Then a few months into the job, Dabaghi-Pacheco went to a friend’s wedding, where people came up to him and told him, “I listen to you all the time!”

“That was when it hit me that it was live radio … people are listening,” he said.

He eventually gained his confidence on the air and went on to break some of Ottawa’s biggest news as a radio reporter and video-journalist or as a “one-man-band” as he calls it — shooting video, recording audio, and editing both. 

He covered the abduction and killing of an Ottawa-area businessman. In 2016, he was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for best local reporting on the 2014 Parliament Hill shooting. In 2018, he covered the Ottawa tornadoes, which brought a wave of destruction.

Dabaghi-Pacheco has also hosted CBC Radio network specials and radio programs Ottawa Morning and Ontario Today.

“I thrive in adventurous environments full of ever-changing tasks,” says Dabaghi-Pacheco. “Delving into the stories of the community I call home has been one of the greatest privileges and highlights of my professional life.”

The common thread for Omar has always been his passion for telling stories from a community perspective and his ability to connect with people. 

That’s led him to produce hundreds of news stories and documentaries for national and international audiences.

Multilingual traveller with a zest for adrenaline 

Dabaghi-Pacheco was born in Ottawa with deep Ecuadorian and Lebanese roots.

Since the age of six, his mother raised him while backpacking the world for three months out of every year. 

“My mom gave me the gift of curiosity,” he said. “She’d arrange for my sister and me to have take-home schoolwork to finish our studies, and off we’d go exploring entire continents with nothing more than a backpack and a map. I learned more about the world through those trips than I ever could have in a textbook.” 

Dabaghi-Pacheco has travelled extensively across more than two dozen countries in six continents and his passion and pursuit of documentary storytelling has taken him across Canada and to remote areas in Africa, including Malawi and Tanzania.

He’s fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and is working on improving his Arabic. 

Dabaghi-Pacheco has a love for adrenaline and adventure — he’s often giving paragliding lessons as a professional instructor, sailing on his boat along the Ottawa River, or reaching for new heights rock-climbing.

“When I’m scared of something, it’s a challenge that I want to overcome.”

Latest great adventure

Dabaghi-Pacheco’s colleague Stu Mills once gave him another broadcasting tip that stuck: put a picture of someone you love and pretend you’re talking to them.

These days when he needs a moment to get “in the zone” before he goes on air, he pulls out his phone and sees a face he adores.

“I look at my son and I’m like, ‘I’m just having a chat with Mathéo,'” he said.

A career in journalism prepared Dabaghi-Pacheco well for parenthood when his son was born about two years ago — he had perfected the art of multi-tasking and pivoting to change at any moment.

“Fatherhood reminds me that the real adventure lies with not knowing where the next moment might take you … but it’s almost always somewhere interesting and beyond my expectations.” 

Dabaghi-Pacheco lives with his partner and their son in Ottawa’s east end.

Tune in to CBC Ottawa News at 6 weeknights or visit and CBC Gem to stream live.

Chiefs OL Trey Smith praises RB Isiah Pacheco’s resilience

The offensive line has always been a focal point regarding the Kansas City Chiefs’ success. The revamp of the unit before the 2021 season saw a significant change in how Patrick Mahomes was protected, but also in the team’s run-blocking effectiveness.

Trey Smith was drafted in 2021 and has already become a signature starter on the offensive line. He has seen a few different running backs come through the Chiefs backfield, including rookie Isiah Pacheco. Pacheco has impressed many on the team, and Smith shared his thoughts on the rookie following the Week 10 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“He’s tough,” Smith said. “The kid is resilient; he’s extremely tough. I love playing with him. The energy he brings on a daily basis, it’s infectious. All the running backs, Clyde (Edwards-Helaire), Jerick (McKinnon), every running back that we have, they’re infectious – their behavior, their energy. It’s something that definitely affects us. When you see a guy working their butt off, working for that extra yard, it makes you want to block harder. It’s definitely something that inspires us.”

Pacheco ran into trouble early in Sunday’s game as he fumbled away a promising possesion on the Chiefs’ opening drive. Smith recalled the team’s message to the rookie after the turnover to help keep him on track.

“Obviously, it’s something that he didn’t want to happen, but just telling him, ‘Hey, man, don’t worry about it. Go on to the next play. We know you’re going to go out there and ball.’ I think he’s extremely resilient, and he showed it today,” Smith said. “He came out, something bad happened, and he responded. He brought a lot of good and a lot of good energy to help us get this win today. It really speaks volumes to his character and how he is as a competitor.”

Pacheco would rebound strongly with an outstanding performance for the rest of the game. He closed Sunday’s contest with a rugged first-down run, much to the appreciation of the offensive line.

“Absolutely. You want to close that game out. It’s what you take pride in,” Smith explained. “When we first got to the Chiefs, (C) Creed (Humphrey) and I, watched various games for a minute, watching guys close them out – that’s one of those things, you want to be on that tape, you want to be one of those guys that’s able to do that.”

The rookie running back appears to have the full support of the offensive line while continuing to grow together heading into the season’s second half. Pacheco’s style appears to fit what they’re trying to accomplish in the ground game, leading to his starting role.

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Renan Pacheco – What I Don’t Want The World to Know About Me

Citește acest interviu în română!

This week’s guest on is an actor, model & social media influencer. Lately, he blew up Tik Tok with his viral videos parodying a stereotypical French man in L.A. Ladies and gentlemen (if you haven’t figured it out yet), we’re very happy and proud to introduce you to a genuine conversation we had with Renan Pacheco.

You are born in Sao Paulo (Brazil), raised in France and now living all around the world. Where you can call home, in this very moment?

Very good question! I have been moving every two years since I was born. It gets confusing at times to know what country I can call home but with time it became clear to me: Home is where my family is. Soat the moment it’s in France and Brazil.

You’re not an influencer, you’re a storyteller. What’s thedifference between these terms?

Influencing and storytelling are indeed two very similar terms and sometimes perfectly match. Someinfluencers decide to expose their personal life in detail and open about all their moods and feelings. It would be similar to a documentary. In my case, as I grew up from cinema, I chose the art of storytelling instead. So, I show only the positive and beautiful aspects of my life. I want people to look at my profileand feel good like we would in front of a nice movie!

Modeling, influencing and acting. What fits you most of them?

Acting for sure! I have been passionate about cinema since I was a little kid. I was 16yo on the day of my first audition and I got the job! Since then, I knew I was on the right path and my passion grew bigger and bigger every day. Influencing is my way of connecting with my audience and giving back through the best content I can possible produce.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by RENAN PACHECO (@iamrenanpacheco)

You were nominated for the „People’s Choice Award”.  How did you feel, when you heard about it?

I felt a lot of gratitude! I am very thankful that I have a very warm and loving audience. Indeed, I receive positive comments and messages daily and it feels really good as an artist to be supported. Nominations and daily positivity are moments that show me that I’m on the right path.

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?

Dare! Have fun! And stay true to yourself.

Have you ever been to a therapist?

Acting has been my therapy for the past 10 years. Using our past and our emotions for this craft has been truly helpful. In my point of view, it becomes art as soon as it heals us!

How do you relate to the war in Ukraine?

I feel heartbroken by any war that has ever taken place in this world. Violence will never be a solution to anything. I hope that in the near future our world will evolve to absolute peace. All of my friends and victims from the war in Ukraine have my absolute love and support.

What’s your biggest fear?

As long as my friends and family are safe, I am fearless.

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A post shared by RENAN PACHECO (@iamrenanpacheco)

How can you define your relationship with your inner child?

I have a very active and good relationship with my inner child. Indeed, every time we think something negative or downgrading about ourselves, we should imagine saying it to our inner child… This can dissuade us from having these thoughts. This exercise has helped me a lot to control my thoughts andmake them more positive and caring.

What bothers you the most about yourself?

My impatience! Indeed, I work very hard every day and I tend to want things to move faster. But every year I am maturing and becoming more patient. I am a work in process, and I will get there!

What was the most indecent message received in your DM?

Luckily, I have always had a really positive and loving audience and I am very grateful for that. I honestly can’t recall anything negative. I think it’s important to not take anything personally and evolve from anyconstructive critique!

What do you know about Romania?

I know it’s an extremely warm culture based on family and friendship values. All my Romanian friends areextremely down to earth and I know I can count on them. I wish to come visit soon!

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A post shared by RENAN PACHECO (@iamrenanpacheco)

Christmas is just around the corner. How does the perfectholiday look for you

To reunite with my family! Being in Los Angeles for my acting career is a blessing but I do miss my familya lot. For Christmas they will finally come visit me and we will travel a bit through the United States. I can’twait to hug them and catch up on life.

Articolult Renan Pacheco – What I Don’t Want The World to Know About Me a apărut prima oară pe Pagina de Psihologie.

Start ‘em Sit ‘em Week 11: Isiah Pacheco, James Conner, Michael Pittman, and More

With Week 11 start/sit decisions already on the mind of fantasy football managers, let’s look at how the matchups shape up this week. In this article, we look at which normal starting options might have tough matchups and who might be an intriguing streaming option with a softer matchup.

By utilizing fantasy points allowed to the position from the 2022 NFL season so far, let’s see why the likes of Isiah Pacheco, James Conner, Michael Pittman Jr., and more might be players to consider as start ’em or sit ’em options for Week 11.

Week 11 Fantasy Football Start ’ems

In general, we aim to select players as potential starts who were started in fewer in less than 40% of ESPN leagues in the previous game weeks. Equally, when it comes to potential players to sit this week, we aim to restrict it to players that were in more than 50% of lineups in the previous week.

The biggest exception for this will either be players coming off a bye week or those who could see a big change in starting percentage in the upcoming week.

Daniel Jones, QB | NYG vs. DET

To say it has been a mixed year for Daniel Jones would be somewhat of an understatement. The New York Giants QB has averaged 16.28 fantasy points per game (fppg) this year, putting him 12th at the position. However, it has not been a conventional season for a QB, as he has passed for over 200 yards just twice all year.

Entering Week 11, Jones is averaging 177.3 passing yards and 0.89 passing touchdowns per game. However, his 0.8% interception rate is by far the lowest of his career. Combine that with only three fumbles, and the negative plays that have long hampered him from a fantasy perspective have reduced significantly.

Jones has boosted his fantasy output with his ability to use his legs to make plays. He averages 7.67 rushing attempts, 43 rushing yards, and 0.33 rushing touchdowns per game. That output has not been consistent throughout the year, but the threat has been there throughout, and it has given fantasy managers a slight boost.

This week, Jones has the chance to produce in a big way for fantasy managers. His matchup with the Detroit Lions sees him face the worst defense when it comes to fantasy points allowed to the QB position. The Lions’ defense has allowed an average of 23 fppg. Within that are two games in the last three weeks where opposing QBs have scored more than 29 fantasy points.

Jones is a fascinating option, regardless of the format. His price should be low enough in DFS contests to make him intriguing, while his lack of passing output should depress his value in Best Ball drafts on Underdog Fantasy.

Isiah Pacheco, RB | KC at LAC

We finally saw the Kansas City Chiefs make the switch to Isiah Pacheco as their lead back. The rookie RB played 56% of the offensive snaps, carrying the ball 16 times. The output was promising as well, with 82 rushing yards at an average of 5.13 rushing yards per game.

The Chiefs’ offense has been hard to predict in terms of the running game, but this switch has been on the cards for a while. His matchup this week comes against one of the worst defenses in the league against opposing RBs, allowing an average of 27.2 fppg. The Los Angeles Chargers’ defense has allowed 25 fantasy points or more in all of their last three games and six of their last seven.

Cordarrelle Patterson, RB | ATL vs. CHI

This may seem like stepping outside of the rules because Cordarrelle Patterson was started in 62% of leagues last week. However, after he played just 38% of the snaps and touched the ball six times, there could be a reaction this week in terms of how many leagues he is started in. However, there are some reasons to warn against that decision.

Firstly, the Thursday Night Football game was Patterson’s second in five days since returning from knee surgery. It is not surprising on that basis that the Falcons felt like they might need to limit his workload and protect him a little.

With 10 days of recovery time between that game and this one, those concerns should be gone. While we might not see him having 15-plus touches on a regular basis, it should be more than the six we saw against the Carolina Panthers.

Additionally, the matchup with the Chicago Bears has some upside potential. While they have only allowed an average of 22.85 fppg to RBs in the past two weeks, they did allow both the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions RBs to find the end zone twice. Upon his return, Patterson has been the main goal-line and red-zone back, so there is some intriguing upside to be had.

DeAndre Carter, WR | LAC vs. KC

The expectation is that we will not see either Mike Williams or Keenan Allen again this week. If that is the case, then DeAndre Carter and Joshua Palmer are both intriguing options this week. Palmer has the safer floor, but it is hard to ignore the ceiling of Carter. In the past two weeks, Carter has turned 10 targets into nine receptions for 117 yards and a touchdown. He has averaged 13 yards per reception and 11.7 yards per target in that stretch.

Week 11 sees him come against an intriguing matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs. They are allowing an average of 31.49 fppg to the WR position. Included in that is allowing over 30 points five times in the last six weeks and over 40 points three times, including against the Jacksonville Jaguars last week.

The Chargers are going to have to throw to stay in the game, and they took this same defense for 39.3 fantasy points in their last meeting in Week 2. Therefore, both Carter and Palmer are intriguing options this week, especially if Gerald Everett is also ruled out with his groin issue.

Juwan Johnson, TE | NO vs. LAR

This might seem a weird selection because the Los Angeles Rams appear to be one of the tougher matchups when you look over the course of the season. While they allow an average of just 6.21 fppg to tight ends, they had allowed more than 15 fantasy points to the position in both Week 8 and Week 9.

Things were a little quieter against them last week, but the loss of Zach Ertz in the first half derailed that a little. Therefore, we can only read so much into the 2.9 fantasy points they allowed to the position last week. Juwan Johnson has also been impressive over the past three weeks. He has scored four touchdowns and averaged 33 receiving yards per game in that stretch.

If you are streaming Johnson this week, you are ideally looking for something in the region of 8-to-10 fantasy points, which he has delivered three times in the past four. If he matches his average over the last four weeks, that would be a more than nice return for fantasy managers.

Week 11 Fantasy Football Sit ’ems

James Conner, RB | ARI vs. SF

James Conner found the end zone twice last week in the matchup with the Los Angeles Rams. If he had not, then this would have been yet another underwhelming performance. He managed just 69 rushing yards on 21 attempts and 17 receiving yards from three targets.

That has largely been the story of Conner’s time with the Cardinals. The rushing efficiency has been incredibly low, and he has relied on a combination of touchdowns and receiving work to find value. That makes him an extremely boom-or-bust proposition, and this week the matchup with the San Francisco 49ers is really tough, limiting his upside somewhat.

No team has been tougher against RBs than the 49ers, who have allowed just 14.03 fppg to the position. They have allowed an average of just 10.45 fantasy points in the past two games. Of course, there is certainly potential, as three teams’ RBs have scored more than 19 fantasy points against them.

The 49ers have allowed just 3.4 yards per rush attempt against them, the best number in the league. They have allowed eight rushing touchdowns this year, but that is still an average of less than one per game. There is potential for Conner to find the end zone, but there is a lot of risk involved in starting him.

Michael Carter, RB | NYJ vs. NE

The injury to Breece Hall was expected to open the door for Michael Carter to provide significant fantasy value. So far, the results have been mixed. In Week 9, he had 86 total yards and found the end zone for a successful outing. However, in Week 8, he managed just 26 rushing yards and 35 receiving yards on four receptions.

The problem is that the poor performance of the two came against the team that he matches up with this week, the New England Patriots. New England has been a brutal matchup for opposing RBs, allowing an average of just 14.83 fantasy points per game. In their past four games, they have allowed fewer than 11 fantasy points to the position three times.

Combine that tough matchup with the split workload that he should see with James Robinson, and the ceiling for Carter is a concern. The chances of him failing to return starting value this week are higher than the chance he breaks out and produces a monster week. Therefore, it might be prudent to consider sitting him this week.

Michael Pittman Jr., WR | IND vs. PHI

The hope will be that the return of Matt Ryan as the starting QB can get Michael Pittman firing again. However, this week, the matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles is really tough. They have held opposing WRs under 22 fantasy points in each of their three games between Weeks 6 and 9. Even though others have stepped up in recent weeks, it should still be Pittman who draws the attention of the Eagles’ defenders

If you have been starting Pittman this season, he has just about been returning value in half and full-PPR formats. While he has averaged just 46.5 fantasy points per game in the past four weeks, he has done so while pulling in 5.75 receptions per game.

Seeing six or more targets per game in the past four weeks means that the opportunities are there, but the output is far from assured. If you have other intriguing options this week, it might make more sense to look that way.

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Previously on Comics: The World Mourns Kevin Conroy, Carlos Pacheco, and Kevin O’Neill – WWAC

I don’t know how all of you are doing, but I’m sad.

Last Monday we learned of Kevin O’Neill’s passing. On Wednesday, Carlos Pacheco. And then came Friday, Kevin Conroy. I’m sad. I’m really sad. But as always happens, when people pass away, we get the opportunity to share their stories and appreciate the joy they have brought to our lives. With creators, the joy is more widespread, but so is the grief.

The same day that Kevin Conroy passed away, Wakanda Forever was released. I’ve been reading articles about Ryan Coogler almost giving up filmmaking after Chadwick Boseman’s death, and how he got past it, and seeing photos of my friends dressed in white for mourning. I wrote last month about what you do when you lose a member of your community, and how you move forward. For creative people, I can’t think of a better tribute, or better way of healing, than creating. And not only creating tributes, but creating new fans. Wakanda Forever is being heralded as a beautiful tribute to Chadwick Boseman, but it’s also being celebrated for its portrayal of Namor, and connecting Namor’s origin story with Mayan and Mesoamerican cultures — and doing it in a way that is respectful and historically researched.

With the passing of these three comics legends, the community is coming again to celebrate their lives, their works, and their legacies. There are generations who have never read The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or know about Pachecho’s aesthetic influence across Marvel and DC in the 90s, or watched Batman: The Animated Series--but who will now.

That’s lovely. And so are the tributes.

There are obituaries in  and . Jeet Heer also shared the 800-word statement written by Alan Moore that was too long for The New York Times article.

The New York Times asked Alan Moore for an obituary statement about his longtime collaborator Kevin O’Neill. Moore being Moore, he wrote a lovely 800 words far too long to use. Here it is.

— Jeet Heer (@HeerJeet) November 13, 2022

Carlos Pacheco did not get the NYT treatment, but there are nice retrospectives on CBR and The Beat. Pacheco, who had ALS, posted this tweet, almost a month before his death, and I think it’s fair to say that was his way of assuring us that when death came for him, he was at peace.

And when I die
and when I’m dead, dead and gone,
There’ll be one child born and
a world to carry on, to carry on
I’m not scared of dying
and I don’t really care
If it’s peace you find in dying,
well, then let the time be near.

— Carlos Pacheco (@Cpachecoficial) October 11, 2022

Kevin Conroy’s death is perhaps the death that has hit the hardest because he was THE voice of Batman–and almost all of the headlines say as much, including those by  and NPR. The tributes have been too numerous to count but even the Empire State Building posted its own tribute.

RIP, Kevin Conroy. You will be missed

— Empire State Building (@EmpireStateBldg) November 11, 2022

Collider has collected some of them from his colleagues in animation and comics. There’s two I want to share, not included in there. One is from Mark Hamill, the voice of the Joker from the Batman animated series.

Though we’re all sad, I know he wouldn’t want that. I’m finding great solace in all the memories I have of him…the thrill of our earliest recording sessions, discovering the unique bond our characters shared, how we complemented one another & bonded immediately. 🙏🦇s, 💜💚🃏

— Mark Hamill (@MarkHamill) November 13, 2022

The other is from Kevin Conroy himself. the story that was published in this year’s DC Pride anthology. DC has made the anthology available to everyone, and you should go read it.

To honor the unparalleled Kevin Conroy, we’ve made his autobiographical DC Pride comic FINDING BATMAN available to read for free.

As I’ve said elsewhere, there’s nothing quite like Kevin in his own words.

— Andrea Shea (@whatthe_shea) November 11, 2022

And if you have left Twitter in the great exodus–you can read and reblog the entire story over here on Tumblr.

Is Isiah Pacheco or Jerick McKinnon a Waiver Wire Add in Week 11?

The quickest way to fall behind in a fantasy football league is to become complacent and rely on the team you drafted, neglecting the all-important waiver wire. As managers make numerous waiver claims for Week 11, hoping to strengthen their roster, should Kansas City Chiefs RBs Isiah Pacheco or Jerick McKinnon be priority additions off the waiver wire vs. the Los Angeles Chargers?

Isiah Pacheco Dominates on the Ground, While Jerick McKinnon Records Another 8-Target Game

Do you remember a few years ago when everyone praised the Chiefs for drafting Clyde Edwards-Helaire? Yeah, safe to say that hasn’t paid out as now Pacheco is the hot name, and if anything, the wick on his fantasy value got turned up even more heading into Week 11.

Pacheco gained 82 yards on 16 carries while taking the vast majority of snaps on early downs (33), which was more than both McKinnon and Edwards-Helaire combined (13). Unfortunately, fantasy managers didn’t feel this success quite as much, as Pacheco scored just 6.2 PPR points due to a lost fumble.

Do you think Pacheco can ride the momentum? Well, over on Underdog Fantasy, you can take the higher or lower on Pacheco’s projections as part of their Pick’em contest and win up to 20x in the process. Sign up at Underdog Fantasy today for a 100% deposit bonus of up to $100.

Where Pacheco had the advantage was on the ground. Meanwhile, McKinnon continued his dominance through the air.

Leading the backfield in passing snaps and routes, McKinnon caught six of his eight targets for 56 yards against the Jaguars. Along with his two rushing yards on one carry, McKinnon‘s 11.8 PPR points placed him inside the top 22 for the week. It was also the second-straight game McKinnon caught six of eight passes for 40 or more yards.

Ideally, fantasy managers would get this production wrapped up into one player, but both McKinnon and Pacheco are receiving love from managers scouring the Week 11 waiver wire.

Should Pachecho or McKinnon Be a Top Waiver Wire Priority for Fantasy Managers in Week 11?

For me, if I were to roster a Chiefs running back, it would be Pacheco. He has started the last three games but took another step forward in his role last week. While I wish you would receive some PPR value, there is TD upside with three scores in his last four games. The problem is Pacheco likely needs a touchdown to be worth starting.

As for McKinnon, he has back-to-back weeks inside the top 24 and has finished as an RB3 or better in four of the last five games. With that said, McKinnon benefited in the last two weeks due to injuries at wide receiver, with Mecole Hardman dealing with an abdominal injury and JuJu Smith-Schuster suffering a concussion against the Jaguars. McKinnon will likely come back to Earth a little bit.

However, if you’re looking for an RB to add off the waiver wire in Week 11, I put Pacheco amongst the top four options, along with Gus Edwards, Rachaad White, and Jaylen Warren.

I would rather have any of them over CEH at this point. If you’re in a PPR league, I can understand the appeal of McKinnon to an extent, but with one touchdown on the year and targets likely to dip, I’m not sure the RB2 finishes will be quite as prevalent.

Regardless, Pacheco would be a fine addition off the Week 11 waiver wire ahead of a matchup against the Chargers, who have become a bit of a run funnel and sit 30th in points allowed to the position at 29.8 PPR.

Chiefs RB Isiah Pacheco ran ‘a little angrier’ following fumble vs. Jaguars

The running back woes for the Kansas City Chiefs have been a hot topic lately. The high volume of pass attempts from Patrick Mahomes has delivered eye-popping stats, but it has also revealed the lack of trust in the running game.

The addition of rookie running back Isiah Pacheco to the starting lineup in Week 7 was the first domino of change for the group. Pacheco had two lackluster games leading into Week 10 against Jacksonville, and the second carry on Sunday didn’t help, as it ended in a Pacheco fumble. The former Rutgers standout spoke with reporters in the locker room about rebounding quickly after the miscue, eventually contributing in a big way to the Chiefs’ victory.

“I was a little bit more mad, a little angrier,” Pacheco said. “Just willing to make the defense feel me and try to eventually break one in the second half.”

Pacheco finished the game with 82 yards rushing on 16 attempts averaging an effective 5.1 yards per carry. He showed immediate resilience following the fumble, causing issues for the Jaguars’ defense with his tough-running style.

The rookie relished the opportunity to prove himself after the fumble, valuing the support of his coaches and teammates.

“For me, that just allows me to know that my teammates and coaches have my back, and they trust me,” Pacheco explained. “It’s (about) going out there with that same mentality and mindset to pound the defense so that (QB Patrick Mahomes) can throw the ball over the top and allow us to run the ball more.”

Pacheco appears to have earned the lion’s share of the carries with Sunday’s performance. Against a weak Chargers rushing attack in Week 11, he could be called upon again to make an impact in the ground game. This newly-gained confidence from Pacheco could prove vital in the second half of the season.

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