Thursday Rockpile: Who should the Rockies’ next hitting coach be? Part II

St. Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers
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Colorado Rockies news and links for Thursday, October 27th, 2022

After a lousy 2022 season the Colorado Rockies and hitting coach Dave Magadan have parted ways. Magadan was the hitting coach for four seasons in Colorado but now the team will be exploring fresh—or not so fresh—faces for the role. Last week we discussed who the Rockies should definitely not hire at the position, as well as two potential men to fill the vacancy. This week, we will continue exploring fits in the dugout.

Todd Helton

If there’s anyone who knows how to hit both at Coors Field and away, it’s the Greatest Rockie. The soon-to-be-Hall of Fame first baseman. Helton slashed a truly excellent .345/.441/.607 within the confines of Coors Field, but his numbers on the road were nothing to scoff at either with a line of .287/.386/.467 over his 17 year career. With over 2500 career hits and a career batting average of .316 Helton is in sole possession of most major hitting milestones in a Rockies uniform. Helton was an on-base machine that excelled in keeping the ball off the ground. He hit ground balls just 36.5% of the time over a lengthy career compared to a 42.9% league average… and the bloated 46.8% figure the 2022 Rockies boasted. Helton was a prodigious doubles hitter with 592 career two-baggers, but could also send the ball over the wall when needed with 369.

Helton returned to the Rockies organization last year as a special assistant to general manager Bill Schmidt. He worked as a guest instructor at minor league spring training before spending his season touring Rockies minor league affiliates and mentoring the prospects and stars of the future. Notably he worked with first base prospect Michael Toglia, who ended up hitting eight doubles, two triples, and two home runs in his first taste of the majors. After a year of traveling, perhaps the Toddfather might be interested in reclaiming a permanent seat in the Rockies dugout?

Matt Holliday

Despite having spent more time as a St. Louis Cardinal than he did as a Rockie, Matt Holliday still has close ties with the organization after returning for his swan song in 2018. Holliday is a career .299/.379/.510 hitter over 15 seasons in the big leagues and hit 316 home runs. He does have a higher than average career ground ball rate at 45.9%. However, Holliday differentiates himself from other former Rockies candidates due to the fact that he played outside of the organization. Hitting .316 at home and .282 on the road during his career, Holliday can provide a multi-faceted perspective to both hitting at Coors Field and the hangover that comes with it.

Another key factor for Holliday as a candidate is coaching experience. He joined the coaching staff at Oklahoma State University as the Cowboys’ hitting coach in 2019. His son Jackson was also the first overall selection in the 2022 draft by the Baltimore Oriones. Jackson Holliday had an impressive professional debut as an 18-year old. He hit .297/.489/.422 while drawing a whopping 25 walks through 90 plate appearances across FCL and Low-A level ball.

Jeff Albert

If the Rockies hire anyone from outside the organization—which they should—it needs to be former St. Louis Cardinals hitting coach Jeff Albert. In a surprise announcement on Wednesday it was revealed that Albert would not be returning to the Redbirds for 2023. The Rockies need to swoop in a bring Albert in for an interview as soon as possible (and maybe even bring in Mike Maddux as a bonus).

Jeff Albert as elected not to return as hitting coach. Mike Maddux is stepping down as pitching coach.

“We have a lot of openings,” Mozeliak says.#stlcards

— Derrick Goold (@dgoold) October 26, 2022

The Cardinal’s offense was staggeringly better than the Rockies in 2022. They saw MVP-caliber seasons from Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado, the latter of which had their best season since 2019. Albert Pujols delivered an exciting final season to cap off his storied big league career. The Cardinals had eight players with double digit home runs compared to the Rockies’ five. The Cardinals had three batters with 20 or more home runs while the Rockies had two. The Cardinals had two batters with 30 or more home runs… The Rockies had none.

The Cardinals offense was categorically and systematically better than the Rockies from top to bottom. While the Rockies had one of the worst OPS+ and wRC+ in the league, the Cardinals had one of the best. They drew more walks, they struck out less, and most importantly they elevated the ball. St. Louis had a top ten team ground ball rate at 41.2% compared to the Rockies league-worst (and franchise worst) 46.8% rate. They also hit the ninth most home runs as a team and ranked among the best in the league at drawing walks and avoiding strikeouts. Albert’s departure came as a surprise, and the Rockies need to take advantage of it immediately for their own benefit.

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MLB playoffs poll: Insiders weigh in on new format, manager’s role, pitcher usage | The Athletic ($)

On Tuesday our own Paul Elliott discussed the new MLB playoff format as game one of the 2022 World Series approaches. The folks over at the Athletic polled several MLB coaches and scouts about their feelings on the new format, as well as topics like what a manager’s role should be in the playoffs.

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Arizona Fall League

The Salt River Rafters did not play on Wednesday following their 12-0 victory on Tuesday. Instead, watch this clip of Zac Veen being an excellent base runner.

Have you ever seen a player work a walk and steal a base on the same pitch? Well, @zacveen did just that!

Watch as the @rockies prospect shows off his blazing speed! #AFL22

— MLB’s Arizona Fall League (@MLBazFallLeague) October 26, 2022

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[이태원 참사] “의사·간호사분 안 계세요! “한 사람이라도 더… (MBC뉴스)

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Beginning An Ecommerce Business

Beginning An Ecommerce Business

The principle of ecommerce is quick coming to be a significant benefit for both the supplier as well as customer in today’s rapid moving as well as wired globe.

For lots of services, shopping is rapid ending up being the only alternative, as business end up being an increasing number of driven to increase their firm procedures online.

In addition E-commerce has a number of advantages and also benefits not located in your common physical area, and also consequently, describes why a lot of organizations are crowding to obtain on-line.

Shopping uses the capability to broaden right into international markets with a minimum of expenditure, and also enable companies to get to slim market sectors that are geographically spread.

Given that the Internet is an extremely inexpensive tool of distribution, the largest benefit of on the internet ecommerce is its expense performance. As well as right here’s why: Ecommerce lowers the price of producing, handling, dispersing, saving and also recovering paper-based info.

High mailing and also printing prices are likewise decreased or, in a lot of cases, entirely gotten rid of as the customer frequently spends for the delivery of the items that they purchase.

The expense of advertising and marketing of advertising product additionally goes down substantially, indicating that many business see is the rise in sales ecommerce brings, and also raised sales usually imply boosted earnings.

Still an additional benefit of relocating your company online is that it permits you the adaptability to target audience division, which consequently permits firms to concentrate on a pick team of consumers, therefore having an affordable benefit in providing what they desire as well as pleasing distinct requirements.

This advantage connect the benefit of ‘client modification,” in which the idea of ‘built-to-order’, enabling economical personalization of solutions and also items and also supplies an affordable benefit for firms that adjust this approach.

Working online additionally has the benefit of eliminating obstacles of international trading as a result of the reality that the Internet is a zero-cost shipment network, and also hence, lots of product or services, which are usually supplied as a physical item or solution, are currently provided practically in the type of information. This eliminates obstacles such as time, range and also obviously price.

Ecommerce advertising and marketing likewise permit real-time interactions as well as the interchange of information in the supply chain, making the supply chain a lot more reliable.

By having much better exposure throughout the supply chain, business supply degrees can be minimized, as products are a lot more foreseeable. With reduced supply degrees, prices can once more be immediately be lowered.

This kind of ecommerce additionally permits details to stream easily in between complying services, making it less complicated as well as easier for companies to share info.

The expense financial savings as well as effectiveness from sharing and also economic situations of range can have an extensive impact on the earnings of any type of online organization. Because of this has actually resulted in the growth of joint functioning techniques worldwide, as teaming up services take care of, share, as well as improve task job no matter place.

It is essential to think about, nevertheless, that consumers or customers likewise take advantage of doing their acquiring online. As sales possibilities broaden for the supplier, they likewise raise the acquiring possibilities and also power for the purchaser. It’s a win/ win for all included.

Numerous purchasers pick to go shopping online as it supplies them with a practically unrestricted selection of options from various product or services from a bigger range of vendors.

Customers likewise gain from cheaper product or services as ecommerce permits clients to go shopping the ease to go shopping from any type of place and also at any type of provided time of the day.

EP 10 | ?LOVE & FATE ?| War God – Cute Bird | #chinesedrama #tamilreview #storyneramtamil

EP 10 | ?LOVE & FATE ?| War God – Cute Bird | #chinesedrama #tamilreview #storyneramtamil

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-I only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary.

We make these videos with the intention of educating others in a motivational/inspirational form. We do not own the clips and music we use in most cases. Our understanding is that it is in correlation to Fair Right Use, however given that it is open to interpretation, if any owners of the content clips would like us to remove the video, we have no problem with that and will do so as fast as possible.
We believe these videos are fair use because:

They are trans-formative in a positive sense, we take clips from various sources to help create an atmospheric feeling that will help people in hard situations in their life.

We also do not wish to use the heart of any piece of work that would perhaps decrease the market value of the original content, if anything we hope to promote the content so that people can reach out and subsequently increase the market value.

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Long Ballad in Tamil

“게임물관리위 감사하라” 국회 주변에 긴 줄 [9시뉴스] / KBS 2022.10.29.

전국의 청년 게이머 5천여 명이 게임물관리위원회의 등급 심의가 불공정하다며 국민감사를 요구하고 나섰습니다.

오늘 오후 서울 여의도 국회 주변에는 게임물관리위원회의 ‘등급 분류 시스템 구축사업 비리 의혹’에 대해 국민감사청구 연대 서명을 하려는 사람들로 긴 줄이 만들어졌습니다.

관련 법에 따르면 만 18세가 넘는 국민 300명 이상이 연대 서명을 할 경우, 공공기관의 사무처리에 대해 감사원에 국민감사를 청구할 수 있습니다.

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検証11弾 教団選挙協力の“原点”【報道特集10月22日放送】 | TBS NEWS DIG


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PSOE-Podemos, unions oversee largest growth of inequality in Spain since 2008 crash

Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE)-Podemos government is overseeing the largest fall in living standards since the 2008 global economic crisis, and the savage EU austerity imposed by successive PSOE and right-wing Popular Party governments at the behest of the banks.

Since the pandemic hit in March 2020, inequality has surged due to massive bank bailouts and the NATO war in Ukraine against Russia. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the Spanish population at risk of poverty or social exclusion increased in 2021 to 27.8 percent. In 2018 it was 21.5 percent, which means that more than 1 million people fell into poverty over the last two years.

The latest report from the FOESSA foundation, linked to the Catholic charity Caritas, points in the same direction. Six million people in Spain are in a state of severe social exclusion, an increase of 50 percent over 2018; less than half of households are safe from suffering some type of social exclusion.

According to the NGO Save the Children, one in three Spanish children lives in poverty, suffers from severe material deprivation or lives in households with low employment intensity—i.e., whose working age members did less than 20 percent of their total work potential in the year prior to the survey. Spain is the third European country with the highest rate of risk of poverty and child exclusion, only surpassed by Romania and Bulgaria.

At the same time, the ongoing capitalist breakdown has been seized upon by the capitalist oligarchy occupying the heights of society to plunder unprecedented wealth. As Marx wrote, the accumulation of wealth at one pole requires the accumulation of poverty, misery and degradation at the other.

The annual report of the European Network for the Fight against Poverty and Social Exclusion, indicates that the income of the richest 10 percent of society grew by 11.8 percent more than that of the poorest 10 percent in 2021, 1.3 percentage points more than in 2020. This increase is the largest in the 13 years since this study has been carried out.

All these data mark a catastrophic situation for working families. The worst, however, is yet to come, as inflation skyrockets well above wage increases. Only 400,000 workers out of a workforce of 20 million have salary revision clauses pegged to inflation. The trade unions are the chief guarantors of this policy, actively working with employers to enforce wage agreements well below inflation, which in September was 9 percent. De facto, this implies widespread real wage declines.

For example, in the metal sector, the average salary increase will be only 2.29 percent for almost 940,000 workers. In the chemical sector it will be only 2 percent this year, after rising only 1 percent in 2021 (with an inflation of 6.5 percent). Construction wages will rise 4 percent, while for civil servants it will be only 3.5 percent. In banking, the union bureaucracies signed ridiculous increases of 2.5 percent in 2021, 1 percent in 2022 and 1.25 percent in 2023.

For 75 percent of workers with a collective agreement, raises will not reach 4 percent, and it will be even worse for the 65 percent of Spanish workers who are not subject to any agreement.

The union leaders defend their role as the domestic police force to enforce wage increases below inflation to allow the financial oligarchy to increase its profits and wage NATO’s war in Ukraine. Javier Pacheco, general secretary of the Podemos-linked Workers Commissions (CC.OO) of Catalonia recently declared: “I don’t think we are in a position to agree on collective agreements with wage increases at today’s inflation levels.”

For more and more working class families, it will be impossible to make ends meet. Although inflation stands at 9 percent, many basic products have seen their prices rise much higher. A study by the Organization of Consumers and Users pointed out that in one year, the average price of food has risen by 15.2 percent—pasta has risen 59.9 percent, olive oil 52.6 percent, wheat flour by 49.7 percent and eggs by 45.9 percent.

To the rise of food is added that of housing. According to real estate portal Fotocasa, rents in Spain have risen 41 percent between 2015 and 2021. But even more serious may be the rise in mortgages for those who have bought a home. The increases in interest rates that the European Central Bank is enforcing is increasing mortgage payments. The number of variable mortgages revalued annually has increased by 35 percent in September, which means about €180 more monthly cost for an average loan.

The situation was summed up by economist Elisabet Ruiz-Dotras, a professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) who told the daily El Pais: “We are at the beginning of something serious … prices have risen a lot, and we notice it in the supermarket or electricity bills. If we add the rise in mortgage payments, there is little room left for families.”

That is also the opinion of many charity organisations dedicated to social assistance. The Red Cross expects to have to serve 400,000 more people this year, and Cáritas will spend 10 percent more money to serve the same people than in 2021, although they are aware that they will have many more requests.

The social catastrophe is yet another devastating exposure of the anti-working class policies and imperialist militarism of the pseudo-left Podemos party.

The PSOE-Podemos government claims it is addressing the situation in the 2023 budget, presented as Spain’s highest social expenditure in history. Podemos leader and Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz said: “They are General State Budgets that speak to working people, to those who have been worst hit.”

However, as the WSWS has noted, this is false. The increase in social spending is well below the level of inflation. The main budgetary increase is in defence spending, which will reach almost €27 billion, 2.17 percent of GDP, according to the pacifist Delàs Center for Peace Studies. It will even exceed NATO’s request to its members to reach 2 percent of GDP spent on defence. This is a clear support for NATO’s militaristic policy and its war against Russia in Ukraine.

Another important item of expenditure will be the €31 billion provided for the payment of interest on the public debt and which will end up in the hands of banks and large international investment funds. Compared to these figures, only €2.7 million will be spent on the Minimum Vital Income, the money aimed at preventing the risk of poverty and social exclusion, or the €3.4 million for the care of dependent people.

The working class must take stock and draw fundamental political conclusions. Three years in power, the PSOE-Podemos government’s promises have proven to be a fraud. Podemos is presiding over a social crisis on a scale not seen since the hunger years after the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Meanwhile profits are soaring: in 2021, companies obtained a record net profit of €57 billion.

That force that can put an end to this is the international working class, unified on the basis of an international socialist programme, grounded on the overthrow of the profit system. Rank-and-file committees must be created in every workplace, democratically controlled by workers themselves. These can unify workers in Spain with those in Europe and internationally in a struggle against the banks, capitalist governments and their pseudo-left accomplices such as Podemos.

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Nord Stream blasts: Russia accuses UK, says ‘UK Navy planned terror attack’ | Latest News | WION

Russia has now come up with a new narrative for the Nord Stream pipeline blasts that took last month. The country’s Defence Ministry claims that British Navy personnel ‘blew up the pipeline’.

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