Neighborhood environmental factors linked to hospitalizations of older people for viral lower respiratory tract infections in Spain: a case-crossover study | Environmental Health | Full Text

We conducted a bidirectional case-crossover study (all patients serve as their controls) in individuals aged 65 years or older who had a hospital admission due to viral LRTI in Spain during 2013–2015. This study was approved by the Research Ethics Committee (Comité de Ética de la Investigación; CEI PI 81_2021) of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Madrid, Spain). All the extracted information was completely anonymous and did not require the patients’ consent.

The link in space-time between environmental factors and MBDS data was established as follows: i) The environmental data [temperature (°C) and relative humidity (%)] and ambient air pollutants [SO2 (μg/m3), CO (μg/m3), NO2 (μg/m3), O3 (μg/m3), PM10 (μg/m3)] from the meteorological stations distributed throughout the territory were geolocated in space as a reference point (latitude-longitude). ii) Each patient in the study had their spatial location through the residential zip code (geographical area), from which the centroid was extracted, and geolocation in space as a reference point (latitude-longitude) was obtained. iii) Once both data sources were geolocated in space, each patient was linked to the meteorological station closest to their home. iv) The MBDS had the date of hospital admission and each meteorological station of the measurement date, so the link of dates was simple. The mean distance from each residential zip code to its nearest meteorological station was 8.99 km 95% CI (8.69, 9.28).”

This study indicates that low temperatures, high relative humidity, and high concentrations of NO2, O3, PM10, and CO are associated with increased hospital admissions due to viral LRTI in patients 65 or older. Our data support the monitoring of environmental factors to assess the risk of hospital admissions and advise minimizing exposure to air pollutants in older people.

This study was performed for all 12 months, instead of only the colder months (December–March), when there were more hospitalized patients than during the warmer months (April–November). It is so because we wanted to analyze if there were associations between outdoor environmental pollution and LRTI hospitalizations at any time of the year (cold and warm seasons). As we showed, the epidemiological wave of viral LRTI occurs during the cold months (December–March), but there were also LRTI viral infections in the other months of the year, including summer.

Changes in weather conditions affect the respiratory system enabling the spread of infection-causing pathogens [7, 11]. These changes can increase the risk of viral LRTI and cause pneumonia, bronchitis, and other respiratory tract pathologies in older adults [9, 10]. An increase in the number of inflammatory cells and fibrinogen concentration has been observed during cold exposure, damaging the respiratory system, and leading to urgent hospitalizations and possible death [7, 11]. Besides, lower temperatures increase pathogens’ stability, abundance, survival, and infectivity [7]. High humidity increases the infectivity of viruses because humidity stabilizes the droplets that carry the pathogen from person to person through the air [7]. Our study found a higher risk of hospitalization for viral LRTI among older adults ≥65 years exposed to low temperatures and high relative humidity before hospital admission. Low temperatures and high humidity are associated with a higher risk of viral LRTI [24,25,26]. Our data agree with previous data showing that ambient temperatures below the reference levels potentiate respiratory tract infections and increase hospital admissions in older adults [7, 9, 10]. However, some studies show discordant data on temperature concerning our research [27, 28], partially justified because not all regions of the world have the same seasonal pattern of LRTI, finding differences in the circulation of respiratory viruses according to geographic characteristics [29,30,31].

NO2 is an irritating pollutant related to the high traffic that penetrates deep into the lung, causing respiratory diseases, including viral LRTI [2, 6]. NO2 causes an imbalance in the Th1/Th2 differentiation (increased IL-4/IFN-γ ratio) and the activation of the JAK-STAT pathway, damaging the lung cell membrane and increasing airway inflammation [32]. Our study found an elevated risk of hospital admissions due to viral LRTI associated with short-term exposure to NO2 in older people. Our findings are consistent with other reports on short-term [33] and long-term [34] exposure to outdoor NO2 and COVID-19 in older people with respiratory failure. It may be due to NO2 inhalation oxidizing proteins and lipids and altering the immune system [35]. However, discordant studies did not show any association between outdoor NO2 and LRTI in older people [36], suggesting that outdoor NO2 may impact viral LRTI in combination with other environmental pollutants rather than NO2 itself [37, 38].

O3 is a potent and toxic oxidizing gas that arises in the stratosphere or the troposphere after various reactions from photochemical smog [2, 6]. Its absorption usually occurs by inhalation, which can penetrate deeply into the lungs due to its low solubility in water. O3 reacts with cells lining the airways, stimulating their receptors and nerve endings and leading to oxidative stress, inflammation, and decreased total lung capacity [39]. Our findings are consistent with previous reports that found significant associations between short-term exposure to ambient O3 and increased risk of pneumonia hospital admissions among older adults [40, 41]. However, discordant studies did not find a relationship between outdoor O3 and LRTI hospital admissions [42, 43].

In our study, O3 was the most critical environmental factor because it was strongly associated with viral LRTI hospital admissions, increasing with longer delay times. Interestingly, the epidemiological wave of viral LRTI occurred during the cold months (December–March), when O3 levels were lower compared to the warmer and hotter months (May–September) when older people spend much more time outdoors. The impact of O3 on the LRTI severity depends on several factors, such as viral epidemiological characteristics and O3 exposure (outdoor activities, O3 concentrations, exposure time, and susceptibility to air pollutants). The O3 sources in winter are practically the same as in summer, mainly for chemical reactions between O3 precursors in the atmosphere, such as NOX and volatile organic compounds from combustion associated with cars, planes, trains, power plants, oil refineries, factories, or evaporation of organic compounds from standard consumer products (paints, cleaning products, and solvents) [44]. O3 levels increase when their precursor emissions react in the presence of sunlight, warm temperatures, and light winds (warm seasons). When winter arrives, the temperature and solar radiation decrease, and most of the warm air rise, displacing O3 to the upper layers of the atmosphere [44]. However, it should also be noted that Spain has a Mediterranean climate characterized by hot summers, low winds, and intense solar radiation; and cool winters that are slightly cloudy and rainy. It affects the physical-chemical processes of O3 formation, which is why O3 continues to be generated in the cold months, with production peaks on specific days when the temperature and solar radiation are higher [45].

PM10 can be inhaled through small liquid or solid droplets that invade the lungs and cause long-term severe respiratory problems. PM10 has a long half-life, allowing it to spread to distant destinations, where people become exposed [2, 6]. PM10 causes lung damage by increasing inflammation and airspace epithelial permeability [46]. Several studies have demonstrated an association between particulate matter up to 2.5 μm in size (PM2.5) and emergency visits for severe viral respiratory diseases in older patients [34, 47, 48]. Unlike our study, other studies reported no increase in LRTI hospitalizations related to PM10 [8], likely due to varying ambient PM10, weather conditions, and co-pollutants in different geographic areas.

CO is generated mainly during incomplete hydrocarbon combustion from internal combustion engines, waste incinerators, coal power plants, and the oil industry. CO diffuses quickly across the pulmonary membrane triggering proinflammatory responses in the airways [49]. CO is a “silent killer” that binds to hemoglobin in the blood, forming carboxyhemoglobin that displaces oxygen, reduces oxygen-carrying capacity, and decreases the release of oxygen to tissues, increasing the risk of asphyxia-related deaths [50]. Inhalation of CO can be toxic to the respiratory system, causing asthma exacerbation [51] and increased hospital admission for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [52]. Our data concord with other studies that found an association between outdoor CO levels and hospital admissions for viral LRTI [53,54,55] and pneumonia [56]. Nevertheless, another report has not shown significant associations between CO and respiratory and LRTI hospital admissions [57,58,59]. These controversial results can be due to densely populated areas, urban congestion, and heavy traffic load, where the predominant air pollutants are NO2 and particulate matter. Therefore, the effects of the CO’s co-emission with these airborne pollutants may confound the contribution of CO in air pollution on health [60].

Strengths and limitations of the study

Our study also has several strengths that must be considered: (i) this is a nationwide study with a very high number of older adults over 65 years of age with a viral LRTI hospital admission, something challenging to reach with any other database; (ii) we use a bidirectional case-crossover design that minimizes the impact of the absence of fundamental variables in the regression analysis [21].

The most important limitations are the following: (i) The retrospective design may introduce biases; (ii) the lack of relevant clinical information for the correct interpretation of the data since medical history data (comorbidities and treatments) may affect hospital admission and a stratified analysis would have provided exciting information in this regard; (iii) the diagnostic bias because in the MBDS there was no specific code for the diagnosis of LRTI, and we used ICD-9-CM codes previously used in high impact factor publications [47, 61], but we do not really know the accuracy of the MBDS for LRTI diagnoses; (iv) the MBDS is anonymous and makes it difficult to control whether some older people over 65 have been hospitalized several times; (v) we did not analyze other emerging outdoor air pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds, including benzene; and (vi) lack of indoor air pollution data may have a significant impact on viral LRTIs because most people, especially the older population, spent more time indoors [62], facilitating the transmission of viral LRTIs among everyone.

JC Martinez to fight Samuel Carmona in Arizona on Dec 3

Julio Cesar Martinez will defend his WBC World Flyweight title against Samuel Carmona at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona on December 3, live worldwide on DAZN – the co-main event bout as Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez meet in a trilogy clash for the WBC and Ring Magazine Super-Flyweight titles.


Martinez (18-2 14 KOs) puts his title on the line for the fifth time since landing the vacant belt in December 2019, and the fiery Mexican is back in action for the first time since challenging one half of the headline fight, Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez for the WBC Diamond Super-Flyweight title in March.

‘El Rey’ was set to face long-running rival McWilliams Arroyo in a rematch in Glendale, but as neck and back issues have ruled the Puerto Rican out, the door is opened for Carmona (8-0 4 KOs) to land his first World title shot. The unbeaten Spaniard, who represented his country in the 2016 Olympic Games, has cruised to 8-0 in the paid ranks since turning pro in September 2019 and landed the WBA International title at 112lbs in just his fourth pro fight.

“I’m excited to be getting back in the ring and defending my WBC belt again,” said Martinez. “It’s unfortunate the Arroyo rematch is not happening, but it’s a huge chance for Samuel and he’s young and hungry, so you know he will bring everything on the night.

“But as we say, with everything except fear, I will rise to this challenge and show that next year, we are coming for all the belts.”

“I am very happy to fight Martinez,” said Carmona. “I am going to work hard to bring victory to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Spain. You are going to see a great Carmona on December 3.”

Also announced for the card is another Flyweight showdown as Mexico’s Joselito Velazquez and Nicaragua Cristofer Rosales clash over ten rounds. Velazquez (15-0-1 10 KOs) steps back through the ropes for the first time since landing a sixth round stoppage win over Jose Soto in Las Vegas on the undercard of Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol, and ‘El Huracan’, ranked #4 with the IBF and #13 with the WBC will be gunning for and impressive win over the former World champion to enter the World title picture in 2023.

Rosales (34-6 21 KOs) has his own designs on recapturing a World strap as he targets a third straight win to add further momentum to his drive to become a two-time World ruler. The 28 year old held the WBC crown in 2018 and faced Julio Cesar Martinez for the vacant belt in Phoenix in 2019, and will be aiming to notch the first win of the night for Nicaraguan boxing, before Chocolatito in the main event.

“I’m happy to be fighting on DAZN,” said Velazquez. “I know Cristofer is a tough fighter but I’m hungry for success and I’m ready to stand out and put on a great performance. I’m showing up to please the fans so I’m going to give everything I have.”

“Thank God I’m fine, this fight came at a good time,” said Rosales. “I am training conscientiously; I want to show off and shine again. You can expect the usual Cristofer Rosales, I will go to deliver everything, I am proudly Nicaraguan, and I am going to die with my boots on. I am motivated, I come from the ashes, and I will rise like the Phoenix. I am preparing myself to the fullest to show off that day.

“I’ll go looking for the knockout, I know it’s not that easy, but I’m going to look for it. I don’t know in which round, but I will always look for it. He has his plan, but I’m going to throw him. That night we will see who of the two will turn off the light and stay watching fireworks.”

Diego Pacheco faces a big step up in his fourth fight of 2022, as he defends his WBC USNBC Super-Middleweight title against the unbeaten Timur Kerefov. Pacheco (160- 13 KOs) stopped Enrique Collazo in five rounds to land the title in Las Vegas in September on the undercard of the trilogy clash between Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy ‘GGG’ Golovkin, seeing the rangy Los Angeles talent record a 13th stoppage win in 16 fights unbeaten.

Kerefov (13-0 7 KOs) will pose a serious threat to Pacheco’s desire to retain his title and unbeaten record, with the Detroit-based 32 year old unbeaten in 13 pro fights since debut in September 2018, having turned pro as a heavily decorated amateur champion who won numerous tournaments and 298 of his 310 unpaid fights.

“I’m very happy with my work the way I’ve been preparing with my team for these fights,” said Pacheco. “I am grateful for the opportunity and this one will be a special one, going up against a tough undefeated opponent in front of a big crowd in Arizona to close out the year with another great win. Don’t miss it.”

“I was looking for the fight that somehow will elevate my standing in pro boxing ranks,” said Kerefov. “Thanks to Eddie Hearn and DAZN, I have got that opportunity and I will do everything to take it with both hands.”

After a successful debut in Cleveland, Ohio tonight (November 12), former Brazilian amateur star Beatriz Ferreira will fight for the second time as a pro in Glendale. Ferreira (1-0) put fellow Brazilian Taynna Cardoso down in the first and third rounds with body shots, winning out 40-34 on all three cards in the first female fight in Ohio to be boxed over three-minute rounds.

ENCE vs Movistar Riders – ESL Pro League Season 18 – Playoffs

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NFL Week 12 betting action, bad beats from Las Vegas | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Mack Hollins (10) celebrates his touchdown catch during the first half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)
New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, left, talks with Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields before an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
Washington Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke (4) poses for photos with fans before the start of an NFL football game against the Atlanta Falcons, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) aims a pass during the first half of an NFL football game against the Houston Texans, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in Miami Gardens, Fla. (AP Photo/Michael Laughlin)
Chicago Bears tight end Trevon Wesco (88) carries the ball against New York Jets safety Lamarcus Joyner (29) during the first quarter of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Carlton Davis III (24) attempts to intercept a pass intended for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones (11) during an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Kirk Irwin)
Tennessee Titans wide receiver Robert Woods (2) makes the catch ahead of Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple (20) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)
Cincinnati Bengals tight end Hayden Hurst (88) leaps over Tennessee Titans linebacker David Long, Jr. in an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Jeff Lewis)
Chicago Bears wide receiver Chase Claypool (10) is tackled by New York Jets defensive end Solomon Thomas (94) during an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)
Seattle Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs, left, intercepts a pass intended for Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams (17) during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)
Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr warms up before an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf (14) makes a catch in front of Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Anthony Averett (29) during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Caean Couto)

Welcome to Week 12 of the NFL season.

Top matchups include the Raiders visiting the Seattle Seahawks, the Cincinnati Bengals at the Tennessee Titans and the Green Bay Packers at the Philadelphia Eagles in the Sunday night game.

Refresh this blog throughout the games to track bad beats, movement on the live betting line, halftime bets and more.

2:58 p.m.: Second-half line: Chiefs -7, total 20.

2:57 p.m.: Second-half line: 49ers -3½, total 20½.

2:54 p.m.: HALFTIME: Chiefs 13, Rams 3. First-half winners: Chiefs -9½, under 22½. The Chiefs held a huge advantage in total yards but needed a 32-yard field goal by Harrison Butker with 16 seconds left in the first half to cover.

2:52 p.m.: HALFTIME: 49ers 10, Saints 0. First-half winners: 49ers -6, under 21½. Jauan Jennings caught a deflected pass for a touchdown with 13 seconds left in the second quarter for the first-half cover.

2:47 p.m.: Second-half line: Seahawks -3½, total 24.

2:46 p.m.: Second-half line: Chargers -½, total 24.

2:40 p.m.: HALFTIME: Raiders 24, Seahawks 20. First-half winners: Raiders +3, over 23½. Derek Carr threw two touchdowns to cancel out a pair of interceptions, and the first-half money line cashed on the underdog.

2:38 p.m.: HALFTIME: Cardinals 17, Chargers 14. First-half winners: Cardinals +1, over 24. Kyler Murray scored on a 5-yard run with 12 seconds left until halftime and the Cardinals first-half money line hit.

2:29 p.m.: Jimmy Garoppolo might be the worst/best game manager of our generation.

2:21 p.m.: Geno Smith drops it in the bucket for Tyler Lockett and the Seahawks have cut the Raiders lead to 21-20 with 5:21 left in the second quarter. The Seahawks are -145 on the live line (Raiders +115), total 71½.

2:14 p.m.: The Raiders cash in on Denzel Perryman’s interception as Josh Jacobs runs 30 yards for a touchdown for a 21-13 lead over the Seahawks midway through the second quarter. The Raiders are -150 on the live line (Seahawks +120), total 67½.

2:06 p.m.: Nice play design frees up Mack Hollins and he strolls into the end zone for a 36-yard touchdown. The Raiders lead the Seahawks 14-13 with 10:02 left in the second quarter. The Seahawks are -180 on the live line (Raiders +150), total 60½.

1:42 p.m.: FINAL: Jaguars 28, Ravens 27. Marvin Jones’ 10-yard touchdown grab with 14 seconds left in regulation capped a 10-play drive, and Trevor Lawrence hit Zay Jones for the winning two-point conversion as the Jaguars cashed as +145 money-line underdogs. Justin Tucker’s 67-yard field-goal attempt fell short as time expired. The game went over the total of 43.

1:27 p.m: FINAL: Browns 23, Buccaneers 17, OT. Nick Chubb scored on a 3-yard run with 19 seconds left to give the Browns the outright win as +150 money-line underdogs. Amari Cooper’s 46-yard grab in the final minute set up the touchdown. The game stayed under the total of 42.

1:18 p.m.: Derek Carr takes a liver shot and he’s down for the count. Jarrett Stidham is getting ready to come in at quarterback for the Raiders. The Seahawks are -320 on the live line (Raiders +250), total 54½.

1:16 p.m.: The Jaguars turned a Ravens fumble into a go-ahead turnover and the underdogs lead 20-19 with a little over 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Jaguars are -160 on the live line (Ravens +130).

1:09 p.m.: The Seahawks cash in on the turnover and take a 7-0 lead on Kenneth Walker III’s 12-yard touchdown run. The Seahawks are -400 on the live line (Raiders +300), total 53½.

1:08 p.m.: FINAL: Panthers 23, Broncos 10. Sam Darnold accounted for two touchdowns, and the Panthers won after the game closed as a pick ’em. The game stayed under the total of 36.

1:06 p.m.: Derek Carr gets picked off 15 seconds into the game and the Raiders are off to a dreadful start in Seattle.

1:05 p.m.: FINAL: Dolphins 30, Texans 15. The Dolphins went scoreless in the second half but still covered as 14-point home favorites. The game stayed under the total of 47½.

1:01 p.m.: Here are some of the props to track for this afternoon’s Raiders-Seahawks game:

Team totals: Raiders 21½ (under -120), Seahawks 26½.

Alternate point spreads: Raiders -3½ (+270), +10½ (-260); Seahawks +3½ (-330), -10½ (+220).

General props: First score will be a touchdown (yes -170/no +150); largest lead 14½ points (under -120); longest TD 39½ yards (over -120); will there be a made field goal in the first quarter (yes Even/no -120); will the game go to overtime (yes +1,000/no -2,000); will there be a defensive or special teams TD (yes +270/no -330); will there be a successful 2-point conversion (yes +330/no -400); will both teams make 33-yard or longer field goals (yes +110/no -130); will there be a lead change in the fourth quarter (yes +320/no -380); will either team score three straight times (yes -210/no +180); will there be a score in the final two minutes of the first half (yes -330/no +270); will the game be tied again after 0-0 (yes +110/no -130).

Raiders props: Derek Carr 22½ completions, 35½ attempts, 252½ passing yards, longest completion 36½ yards, 1½ TD passes (under -130), will throw an interception (yes -110/no -110); Davante Adams 89½ receiving yards, 6½ receptions (over -145), longest reception 25½, will score a TD (yes -110/no -110); Mack Hollins 39½ receiving yards; Daniel Carlson 6½ kicking points (over -120).

Seahawks props: Geno Smith 23½ completions, 33½ attempts, 259½ passing yards, longest completion 36½ yards, 1½ TD passes (over -140), will throw an interception (yes -110/no -110); Kenneth Walker III 77½ rushing yards, will score a TD (yes -120/no Even); DK Metcalf 64½ receiving yards, will score a TD (yes +150/no -170); Tyler Lockett 63½ receiving yards; Jason Myers 6½ kicking points (over -125).

1:00 p.m.: FINAL: Bengals 20, Titans 16. Sam Darnold connected with Tee Higgins for the go-ahead touchdown early in the fourth quarter and the Bengals ran out the final 6:07 to get the outright win as a pick ’em. The game stayed under the total of 42½.

12:56 p.m.: This afternoon’s schedule:

— Raiders (+180) at Seahawks (-4, 47½, -210), 1:05 p.m.

— Chargers (-2, 48½, -135) at Cardinals (+115), 1:05 p.m.

— Rams (+800) at Chiefs (-15½, 42, -1400), 1:25 p.m.

— Saints (+340) at 49ers (-9, 43½, -410), 1:25 p.m.

* Note that Chargers spread shrinking.

12:54 p.m.: Free football in Cleveland. The Buccaneers and Browns are headed to overtime tied 17-17.

12:51 p.m.: FINAL: Jets 31, Bears 10. Mike White threw three touchdowns and the Jets covered as 7½-point favorites in a battle of backup QBs. Trevor Siemian played after being injured in warmups for the Bears. The game went over the total of 36½.

12:49 p.m.: What a grab by David Njoku and the Browns are knotted 17-17 with the Buccaneers in the final 32 seconds. The Buccaneers are -170 on the live line (Browns +140).

12:48 p.m.: FINAL: Commanders 19, Falcons 13. The Commanders intercepted Marcus Mariota in the end zone in the final minute and ended the game thanks to a running-into-the-punter penalty to cover as 3½-point favorites. The game stayed under the total of 40½.

12:43 p.m.: Marcus Mariota’s pass is deflected and picked off in the end zone by the Commanders with 58 seconds left. THe Commanders lead 19-13 and are covering as 3½-point favorites. The Falcons have three timeouts.

12:31 p.m.: Tee Higgins grabs the 27-yard touchdown from Joe Burrow and the Bengals lead 20-13 over the Titans early in the fourth quarter. The Bengals are -380 on the live line (Titans +290), total 42½.

12:29 p.m.: The Commanders punt away the ball to the Falcons leading 19-13 with 5:03 remaining in the fourth quarter. The Commanders are -550 on the live line (Falcons +400).

12:18 p.m.: Full disclosure, with seven games on the TV screen we didn’t notice that Trevor Siemian is quarterbacking the Bears, not Nathan Peterman. Not that it matters at this point with the Jets leading 31-10 at the start of the fourth quarter.

12:10 p.m.: Mike White is a golden god. Even his handoffs turn into touchdowns. Ty Johnson bolts 32 yards, and the Jets lead the Bears 31-10 with 2:28 left in the third quarter.

11:59 a.m.: Mike White’s third touchdown pass puts the Jets ahead 24-10 over the Bears with 6:35 remaining in the third quarter. They are going to build a statue of him in East Rutherford, N.J. The Jets are -2500 on the live line (Bears +1100), total 46½.

11:56 a.m.: Second-half line: Ravens -2½, total 21½.

11:53 a.m.: Sam Darnold with his version of the Holy Roller. The Panthers lead the Broncos 17-3 with 7:15 to go in the third quarter. The Panthers are -1400 on the live line (Broncos +800), total 32½.

keep rollin rollin rollin rollin

11:52 a.m.: HALFTIME: Jaguars 10, Ravens 9. First-half winners: Jaguars +2½, under 21. Riley Patterson made a 22-yard field goal with nine seconds left in the second quarter to cash the money line on the underdogs. The Ravens aren’t very good.

11:41 a.m.: The weather is impacting a number of these games There’s wind in Tennessee and Cleveland. It looks rainy in Jets-Bears and Falcons-Commanders games.

11:36 a.m.: Second-half line: Dolphins -6½, total 20½.

11:34 a.m.: Second-half line: Titans -2, total 21½.

11:32 a.m.: HALFTIME: Dolphins 30, Texans 0. First-half winners: Dolphins -8½, over 23½. Tua Tagovailoa picked apart the Texans secondary, and the Dolphins defense added a touchdown. The Texans have 32 total yards and three first downs.

11:30 a.m.: HALFTIME: Titans 10, Bengals 10. First-half winners: Titans +½, under 20½. Caleb Shudak missed a 35-yard field-goal attempt with seven seconds left that would have cashed the Titans first-half money line and sent the total over.

11:28 a.m.: Second-half line: Broncos -1½, total 17.

Second-half line: Buccaneers -3, total 21.

Second-half line: Jets -1, total 18½.

11:25 a.m.: HALFTIME: Panthers 10, Broncos 3. First-half winners: Panthers +½, under 17½. Sam Darnold threw a first-quarter touchdown to D.J. Moore to help the Panthers cover.

11:24 a.m.: HALFTIME: Jets 17, Bears 10. First-half winners: Jets -4½, over 17½. Greg Zuerlein booted a 57-yard field goal with 12 seconds left in the second quarter to give the Jets the cover against the short-handed Bears.

11:22 a.m.: Second-half line: Commanders -3, total 21.

11:21 a.m.: HALFTIME: Browns 10, Buccaneers 10. First-half winners: Browns +2½, under 20½. Ryan Succop made a 42-yard field goal for the Buccaneers with 39 seconds left in the first half to run the Browns money-line tickets.

11:17 a.m.: HALFTIME: Falcons 10, Commanders 10. First-half winners: Falcons +3, over 19½. Marcus Mariota has a touchdown pass, and the Falcons’ vaunted rushing attack is churning out yardage for the underdogs. Joey Slye’s 30-yard field goal with 1:50 left in the half sent the total over. Younghoe Koo’s 58-yard attempt as time expired was short and would have cashed the Falcons money line.

11:12 a.m.: Scoop and score for the Dolphins, who now lead 27-0 with 4:59 remaining in the second quarter and are easily covering as 14-point favorites. The Texans have 18 yards on 20 total plays. Lovie Smith needs to retire from coaching. It was a good run.

10:56 a.m.: Anyone with a Derrick Henry first TD ticket just threw up in their mouth. He breaks free for a big play, but fumbled before the goal line. Treylon Burks recovered in the end zone for a Titans touchdown and a 10-3 lead with 11:15 left in the second quarter. The Titans are -200 on the live line (Bengals +165), total 43½.

Derrick Henry 75-yard TD? 👀@TreylonBurks‘ hustle saves a TD for the @Titans!

10:51 a.m.: Jeff Wilson Jr.’s touchdown run puts the Dolphins up 17-0 over the Texans with 12:22 left in the second quarter. Miami is covering as 14-point favorites.

10:42 a.m.: After all that noise, the Bears are leading the Jets 10-7 early in the second quarter with Nathan Peterman steering the ship. The Bears are +155 on the live line (Jets -190), total 45½.

Byron Pringle took it away for the @ChicagoBears TD!

10:11 a.m.: Ravens (-3, 43, -165) at Jaguars (+145), 10:25 a.m.

10:07 a.m.: Big bets @CaesarsSports:


A Michigan bettor put $260K on the Saints +10.5 (-130)

— Caesars Sportsbook (@CaesarsSports) November 27, 2022

Are the Dolphins a lock?

An Arizona bettor put $25,550 on the Dolphins ML (-850) vs the Texans to win… $3,000 🧐

— Caesars Sportsbook (@CaesarsSports) November 27, 2022

10:02 a.m.: The Ravens-Jaguars game is in a weather delay and scheduled to begin at 10:25 a.m. Pacific time. Hold all tickets.

Just a little rain 😂😂

— Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) November 27, 2022

10:01 a.m.: We are off and running.

9:56 a.m.: Update from Station Casinos:

STN Sports Sunday Morning Outlook

by percentage of betting tix:

Panthers +1.5 52.4%

Bucs -3.5 71.7%

Bears +750.4%

— Steven Money, baby. (@STNSportsApp) November 27, 2022

9:48 a.m.: The story at BetMGM:

Public teams, NFL Week 12:

— 61% on Titans +1½

— 65% on Dolphins -14

— 69% on Commanders -4

— 86% on Ravens -3½

— 81% on Chargers -2½

— 81% on Seahawks -3½

— 67% on Rams +14½

— 62% on Eagles -6½

— 70% on Steelers +2½

Most bet player props:

— Terry McLaurin over 62½ receiving yards (-115)

— Jeff Wilson Jr. over 81½ rushing yards (-115)

— A.J. Dillon over 29½ rushing yards (-110)

— Miles Sanders over 66½ rushing yards (-115)

— Isaih Pacheco over 62½ rushing yards (-115)

9:45 a.m.: The outlook at Caesars Sportsbook:

— Caesars Sportsbook (@CaesarsSports) November 27, 2022

9:20 a.m.: Bears backup QB Trevor Siemian, who was supposed to start in place of the injured Justin Fields, hurt his oblique in warmups and is out for today’s game against the Jets. Nathan Peterman will start for the Bears, and bettors have pounced. The line is up to Jets -7½ after being -6½ prior to warmups.

Since Nathan Peterman was announced as the starter, there have been TWO $100K+ bets on the Jets (-7.5) to cover.

— Caesars Sportsbook (@CaesarsSports) November 27, 2022

Here is today’s full schedule:

— Ravens (-3½, 43, -175) at Jaguars (+155), 10 a.m.

— Broncos (Pick, 36, -110) at Panthers (-110), 10 a.m.

— Falcons (+165) at Commanders (-3½, 40½, -185), 10 a.m.

— Buccaneers (-3, 42, -170) at Browns (+150), 10 a.m.

— Bengals (-1, 42½, -115) at Titans (-105), 10 a.m.

— Texans (+600) at Dolphins (-14, 47, -900), 10 a.m.

— Bears (+290) at Jets (-7½, 37½, -350), 10 a.m.

— Raiders (+180) at Seahawks (-4, 47½, -210), 1:05 p.m.

— Chargers (-2½, 48½, -140) at Cardinals (+120), 1:05 p.m.

— Rams (+800) at Chiefs (-15½, 42, -1400), 1:25 p.m.

— Saints (+340) at 49ers (-9, 43½, -410), 1:25 p.m.

— Packers (+240) at Eagles (-6½, 46, -280), 5:20 p.m.

Notable line movements:

— Jets from -6½ to -7½

— Bears-Jets total from 38 to 37½

— Commanders from -4 to -3½

Contact David Schoen at [email protected] or 702-387-5203. Follow @DavidSchoenLVRJ on Twitter.

Fantasy Football Week 3 RB Rankings: Kyle Soppe’s Top Players Include Joe Mixon, Jahmyr Gibbs, and Others

Week 3 is here and we have some fantasy football lineups to set. A slew of injuries have hit fantasy managers hard, so it’s time to regroup and take a look at the upcoming slate of games to find out who the best starts are.

We do the research at Pro Football Network so that you can feel confident you’re setting the best possible lineup each and every week. With that in mind, here are my top RBs to start heading into Week 3.

Looking to make a trade in your fantasy league? Having trouble deciding who to start and who to sit? Check out PFN’s Free Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer and Start/Sit Optimizer to help you make the right decision!

Which RBs Should You Start in Fantasy Football?

1) Christian McCaffrey | SF | (vs. NYG)
2) Tony Pollard | DAL | (@ ARI)
3) Bijan Robinson | ATL | (@ DET)
4) Derrick Henry | TEN | (@ CLE)
5) Kenneth Walker III | SEA | (vs. CAR)
6) Joe Mixon | CIN | (vs. LAR)
7) Travis Etienne Jr. | JAX | (vs. HOU)
8) Jahmyr Gibbs | DET | (vs. ATL)
9) Josh Jacobs | LV | (vs. PIT)
10) James Cook | BUF | (@ WAS)
11) Brian Robinson Jr. | WAS | (vs. BUF)
12) Najee Harris | PIT | (@ LV)
13) Raheem Mostert | MIA | (vs. DEN)
14) Javonte Williams | DEN | (@ MIA)
15) Kyren Williams | LAR | (@ CIN)

16) Rhamondre Stevenson | NE | (@ NYJ)
17) Aaron Jones | GB | (vs. NO)
18) Miles Sanders | CAR | (@ SEA)
19) Alexander Mattison | MIN | (vs. LAC)
20) Breece Hall | NYJ | (vs. NE)
21) Zack Moss | IND | (@ BAL)
22) Isiah Pacheco | KC | (vs. CHI)
23) Joshua Kelley | LAC | (@ MIN)
24) Rachaad White | TB | (vs. PHI)
25) D’Andre Swift | PHI | (@ TB)
26) AJ Dillon | GB | (vs. NO)
27) Dameon Pierce | HOU | (@ JAX)
28) Jerome Ford | CLE | (vs. TEN)
29) James Conner | ARI | (vs. DAL)
30) Gus Edwards | BAL | (vs. IND)

31) Tyler Allgeier | ATL | (@ DET)
32) Khalil Herbert | CHI | (@ KC)
33) Jaylen Warren | PIT | (@ LV)
34) Roschon Johnson | CHI | (@ KC)
35) Kenneth Gainwell | PHI | (@ TB)
36) Matt Breida | NYG | (@ SF)
37) Tony Jones Jr. | NO | (@ GB)
38) Dalvin Cook | NYJ | (vs. NE)
39) Tank Bigsby | JAX | (vs. HOU)
40) Justice Hill | BAL | (vs. IND)
41) Craig Reynolds | DET | (vs. ATL)
42) Samaje Perine | DEN | (@ MIA)
43) Cam Akers | MIN | (vs. LAC)
44) Ezekiel Elliott | NE | (@ NYJ)
45) Isaiah Spiller | LAC | (@ MIN)

46) Tyjae Spears | TEN | (@ CLE)
47) Antonio Gibson | WAS | (vs. BUF)
48) Kareem Hunt | CLE | (vs. TEN)
49) Damien Harris | BUF | (@ WAS)
50) Zach Charbonnet | SEA | (vs. CAR)
51) Zonovan Knight | DET | (vs. ATL)
52) Deon Jackson | IND | (@ BAL)
53) Jerick McKinnon | KC | (vs. CHI)
54) Clyde Edwards-Helaire | KC | (vs. CHI)
55) Kendre Miller | NO | (@ GB)
56) Latavius Murray | BUF | (@ WAS)
57) Ty Chandler | MIN | (vs. LAC)
58) Rashaad Penny | PHI | (@ TB)
59) Elijah Mitchell | SF | (vs. NYG)
60) Rico Dowdle | DAL | (@ ARI)

61) Chuba Hubbard | CAR | (@ SEA)
62) Salvon Ahmed | MIA | (vs. DEN)
63) Sean Tucker | TB | (vs. PHI)
64) Michael Carter | NYJ | (vs. NE)
65) Boston Scott | PHI | (@ TB)
66) Zamir White | LV | (vs. PIT)
67) DeeJay Dallas | SEA | (vs. CAR)
68) Deuce Vaughn | DAL | (@ ARI)
69) De’Von Achane | MIA | (vs. DEN)
70) Devin Singletary | HOU | (@ JAX)
71) Melvin Gordon III | BAL | (vs. IND)
72) Emanuel Wilson | GB | (vs. NO)
73) Elijah Dotson | LAC | (@ MIN)
74) Zach Evans | LAR | (@ CIN)
75) Jaleel McLaughlin | DEN | (@ MIA)

The Top RBs To Start in Week 3

Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati Bengals

This offense getting on track would go a long ways toward helping Mixon produce top-10 numbers that I thought he was capable of this preseason and top-10 production that I have him penciled in for this week.

MORE: Fantasy News Tracker

Even with Cincinnati’s struggles, the veteran back has seen five targets in both games, a role that gives him elite upside. He has a 10-yard rush and a 10-yard catch in both games this season, something he didn’t do a single time in the prior 15 games he’s played in. He’s a great buy-low candidate right now and should be started with confidence in all formats.

Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Detroit Lions

We’re getting close to a Gibbs breakout, but an underwhelming seven carries (17 yards) gives you one more week to potentially buy low. All signs point to the Lions wanting to explore what the rookie can do, and with Montgomery now sidelined, the door is wide open.

Jahmyr Gibbs does a nice job of settling into an opening in the zone

— Kendell Hollowell (@KHollowell_) September 21, 2023

Yes, Montgomery was the featured guy prior to his injury — but look a little closer. Gibbs had a pair of touches on Detroit’s first five offensive plays and led the team in targets (nine). Detroit seems to be handling him with kid gloves, and I get it, but that luxury is one they no longer have.

Gibbs is a top-15 back for me this week. The Lions average 32.9 ppg at home since the beginning of last season, and he should be a big part of the fun this weekend!

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Fantasy Football 2023: Week 4 RB Rankings

The post Fantasy Football 2023: Week 4 RB Rankings was written by Michael Quinteroappeared first on FantraxHQ.

James Conner Week 4 RB Rankings

All I can think about from last week is the Miami Dolphins backfield. Raheem Mostert is showing that age doesn’t matter after scoring four touchdowns. And let’s not forget about De’Von Achane putting up four touchdowns as well and rushing for 203 yards. So your best bet going into my Week 4 RB rankings is that these two jumped up the board.

Some other notable running backs from last week that showed up included Kenneth Walker III, Zack Moss, and James Conner. But some other big-name RBs fell off last week including Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs, and Bijan Robinson. So if you’re not sure who to start this week, trust me you are going to want to pay attention to these rankings this week.

Also, on a side note, Alvin Kamara is back this week. Congrats to all the holders who kept a bench spot open for three weeks.

Week 4 Running Back Notes

  • I mentioned Conner’s name earlier and after what he did to the Cowboys last week, he jumps up to my RB14 for Week 4. I don’t care what defense Conner goes against; at this point, he is going to produce. The Cowboys are ranked as the third toughest defense against running backs and Conner put up 98 rushing yards and a touchdown. This week he has the 49ers defense. Their run defense has been solid, but all they’ve faced off against have been Najee Harris, Kyren Williams, and Matt Breida. So, they’ve only gone against one top running back and Williams had over 100 scrimmage yards and two touchdowns that game. Conner’s 73% snap share is sure to keep him in line for another big game this week.
  • Alexander Mattison is an interesting running back. I have him as my RB19 this week, and trust me he should be lower, but he is still getting a ton of volume. He is on the field 77% of the time through three weeks, despite his ball security issues. I know Cam Akers is on the team now. But, I don’t see Akers jumping into the starting role this week. And I don’t see it for the rest of the season. Mattison knows this offense and they keep feeding him the ball. Expect a solid performance this week against a terrible Panther’s run defense.
  • Jaylen Warren is my RB30 this week and right in front of him at RB29 is Najee Harris. I have these two neck-and-neck because they pretty much are a 50/50 split in terms of usage in the offense. Last week Harris played 31 snaps and Warren had 28 snaps. Harris is not the workhorse back in this offense and it looks like Warren is the more productive back. This will be an interesting week against the Texans, who are an exciting team to watch. I expect a high-scoring game this week, which means a ton of fantasy points.
  • Lastly, I have to talk about Kamara. I have him as my RB20 this week. With Jamaal Williams out and Kendre Miller still getting his feet wet. The Saints need a solid running back. Also, Derek Carr looks like he won’t suit up this week. So, that means Jameis Winston will get the start. This is a quarterback Kamara is familiar with, so the chemistry will already be there.

Week 4 RB Rankings

Week 4 Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterback | Running Back | Wide Receiver | Tight End | Half-PPR by Position | Flex Rankings | Positional Ranks w/ K & DST | Dynasty | Superflex Dynasty

These RB rankings are based on half-PPR scoring.

Rnk Player Team Opp
1 Christian McCaffrey SF vs. ARI
2 Tony Pollard DAL vs. NE
3 Kenneth Walker III SEA at NYG
4 Bijan Robinson ATL at JAC
5 Travis Etienne Jr. JAC vs. ATL
6 Raheem Mostert MIA at BUF
7 Josh Jacobs LV at LAC
8 Derrick Henry TEN vs. CIN
9 Kyren Williams LAR at IND
10 James Cook BUF vs. MIA
11 Joe Mixon CIN at TEN
12 Zack Moss IND vs. LAR
13 D’Andre Swift PHI vs. WAS
14 James Conner ARI at SF
15 Jahmyr Gibbs DET at GB
16 Aaron Jones GB vs. DET
17 Miles Sanders CAR vs. MIN
18 Rhamondre Stevenson NE at DAL
19 Alexander Mattison MIN at CAR
20 Alvin Kamara NO vs. TB
21 Jerome Ford CLE vs. BAL
22 Brian Robinson Jr. WAS at PHI
23 Javonte Williams DEN at CHI
24 Isiah Pacheco KC at NYJ
25 De’Von Achane MIA at BUF
26 Rachaad White TB at NO
27 Breece Hall NYJ vs. KC
28 Dameon Pierce HOU vs. PIT
29 Najee Harris PIT at HOU
30 Jaylen Warren PIT at HOU
31 Joshua Kelley LAC vs. LV
32 Khalil Herbert CHI vs. DEN
33 Roschon Johnson CHI vs. DEN
34 Tyler Allgeier ATL at JAC
35 Kenneth Gainwell PHI vs. WAS
36 AJ Dillon GB vs. DET
37 Matt Breida NYG vs. SEA
38 Elijah Mitchell SF vs. ARI
39 Ezekiel Elliott NE at DAL
40 Jerick McKinnon KC at NYJ
41 Samaje Perine DEN at CHI
42 Tyjae Spears TEN vs. CIN
43 Zach Charbonnet SEA at NYG
44 Gus Edwards BAL at CLE
45 Kareem Hunt CLE vs. BAL
46 Chuba Hubbard CAR vs. MIN
47 Dalvin Cook NYJ vs. KC
48 Tank Bigsby JAC vs. ATL
49 Antonio Gibson WAS at PHI
50 Kendre Miller NO vs. TB
51 Latavius Murray BUF vs. MIA
52 Melvin Gordon III BAL at CLE
53 Devin Singletary HOU vs. PIT
54 Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC at NYJ
55 Rico Dowdle DAL vs. NE
56 David Montgomery DET at GB
57 Damien Harris BUF vs. MIA
58 Sean Tucker TB at NO
59 Tony Jones Jr. NO vs. TB
60 Ty Chandler MIN at CAR

Got a beef with Michael’s Week 4 RB Rankings? Let him know about it in the comments below! Then check out the rest of our NFL Week 4 Analysis!

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The post Fantasy Football 2023: Week 4 RB Rankings was written by Michael Quinteroappeared first on FantraxHQ.

Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Football Rankings for Week 4 of 2023 season

Below are my Week 4, 2023 positional ranks for PPR leagues.

As always, these ranks are continually updated throughout the week, so check back often. And don’t forget to check out Fantasy Football Happy Hour with Matthew Berry every weekday at noon ET on Peacock. It’s then available — as full episodes and clips — on demand on Peacock, the NFL on NBC YouTube channel and of course, wherever you get your podcasts.

And then on Sunday mornings, be sure to tune into Fantasy Football Pregame, 11 am ET to 1 pm ET on Peacock.

Let’s get to it.

Rank Player Position Team Opp
1 Jalen Hurts QB Eagles Commanders
2 Josh Allen QB Bills Dolphins
3 Justin Herbert QB Chargers Raiders
4 Patrick Mahomes QB Chiefs Jets
5 Anthony Richardson QB Colts Rams
6 Tua Tagovailoa QB Dolphins Bills
7 Joe Burrow QB Bengals Titans
8 Kirk Cousins QB Vikings Panthers
9 Brock Purdy QB 49ers Cardinals
10 Lamar Jackson QB Ravens Browns
11 Trevor Lawrence QB Jaguars Falcons
12 Deshaun Watson QB Browns Ravens
13 Russell Wilson QB Broncos Bears
14 Jimmy Garoppolo QB Raiders Chargers
15 Jordan Love QB Packers Lions
16 Geno Smith QB Seahawks Giants
17 Daniel Jones QB Giants Seahawks
18 Justin Fields QB Bears Broncos
19 Kenny Pickett QB Steelers Texans
20 Jared Goff QB Lions Packers
21 Dak Prescott QB Cowboys Patriots
22 C.J. Stroud QB Texans Steelers
23 Matthew Stafford QB Rams Colts
24 Bryce Young QB Panthers Vikings
25 Jameis Winston QB Saints Buccaneers
26 Sam Howell QB Commanders Eagles
27 Ryan Tannehill QB Titans Bengals
28 Baker Mayfield QB Buccaneers Saints
29 Mac Jones QB Patriots Cowboys
30 Desmond Ridder QB Falcons Jaguars

RB Rankings

Rank Player Position Team Opp
1 Christian McCaffrey RB 49ers Cardinals
2 Tony Pollard RB Cowboys Patriots
3 Austin Ekeler RB Chargers Raiders
4 Bijan Robinson RB Falcons Jaguars
5 Travis Etienne RB Jaguars Falcons
6 Kyren Williams RB Rams Colts
7 Kenneth Walker RB Seahawks Giants
8 Derrick Henry RB Titans Bengals
9 Josh Jacobs RB Raiders Chargers
10 Jahmyr Gibbs RB Lions Packers
11 James Cook RB Bills Dolphins
12 Miles Sanders RB Panthers Vikings
13 Alexander Mattison RB Vikings Panthers
14 Raheem Mostert RB Dolphins Bills
15 Zack Moss RB Colts Rams
16 D’Andre Swift RB Eagles Commanders
17 Joe Mixon RB Bengals Titans
18 Aaron Jones RB Packers Lions
19 Rhamondre Stevenson RB Patriots Cowboys
20 Javonte Williams RB Broncos Bears
21 Isiah Pacheco RB Chiefs Jets
22 James Conner RB Cardinals 49ers
23 Jerome Ford RB Browns Ravens
24 Alvin Kamara RB Saints Buccaneers
25 De’Von Achane RB Dolphins Bills
26 Rachaad White RB Buccaneers Saints
27 Brian Robinson RB Commanders Eagles
28 Dameon Pierce RB Texans Steelers
29 Najee Harris RB Steelers Texans
30 Breece Hall RB Jets Chiefs
31 Matt Breida RB Giants Seahawks
32 Khalil Herbert RB Bears Broncos
33 Roschon Johnson RB Bears Broncos
34 Jaylen Warren RB Steelers Texans
35 Tyler Allgeier RB Falcons Jaguars
36 Samaje Perine RB Broncos Bears
37 Kenneth Gainwell RB Eagles Commanders
38 Justice Hill RB Ravens Browns
39 Tyjae Spears RB Titans Bengals
40 AJ Dillon RB Packers Lions
41 Dalvin Cook RB Jets Chiefs
42 Zach Charbonnet RB Seahawks Giants
43 Ezekiel Elliott RB Patriots Cowboys
44 Gus Edwards RB Ravens Browns
45 Jerick McKinnon RB Chiefs Jets
46 Gary Brightwell RB Giants Seahawks
47 Joshua Kelley RB Chargers Raiders
48 Antonio Gibson RB Commanders Eagles
49 Devin Singletary RB Texans Steelers
50 Kendre Miller RB Saints Buccaneers
51 Chuba Hubbard RB Panthers Vikings
52 Kareem Hunt RB Browns Ravens
53 Rico Dowdle RB Cowboys Patriots
54 Elijah Mitchell RB 49ers Cardinals
55 Latavius Murray RB Bills Dolphins
56 Ty Chandler RB Vikings Panthers
57 Tank Bigsby RB Jaguars Falcons
58 Trayveon Williams RB Bengals Titans
59 Sean Tucker RB Buccaneers Saints
60 Craig Reynolds RB Lions Packers

WR Rankings

Rank Player Position Team Opp
1 Justin Jefferson WR Vikings Panthers
2 Tyreek Hill WR Dolphins Bills
3 Davante Adams WR Raiders Chargers
4 Ja’Marr Chase WR Bengals Titans
5 Keenan Allen WR Chargers Raiders
6 Stefon Diggs WR Bills Dolphins
7 Amon-Ra St. Brown WR Lions Packers
8 Chris Olave WR Saints Buccaneers
9 A.J. Brown WR Eagles Commanders
10 CeeDee Lamb WR Cowboys Patriots
11 Deebo Samuel WR 49ers Cardinals
12 Michael Pittman WR Colts Rams
13 Jaylen Waddle WR Dolphins Bills
14 Tee Higgins WR Bengals Titans
15 Puka Nacua WR Rams Colts
16 DK Metcalf WR Seahawks Giants
17 DeVonta Smith WR Eagles Commanders
18 Mike Evans WR Buccaneers Saints
19 Amari Cooper WR Browns Ravens
20 Jakobi Meyers WR Raiders Chargers
21 Calvin Ridley WR Jaguars Falcons
22 George Pickens WR Steelers Texans
23 Brandon Aiyuk WR 49ers Cardinals
24 Garrett Wilson WR Jets Chiefs
25 Courtland Sutton WR Broncos Bears
26 Tyler Lockett WR Seahawks Giants
27 Jerry Jeudy WR Broncos Bears
28 Marquise Brown WR Cardinals 49ers
29 Adam Thielen WR Panthers Vikings
30 Tutu Atwell WR Rams Colts
31 Chris Godwin WR Buccaneers Saints
32 DeAndre Hopkins WR Titans Bengals
33 Terry McLaurin WR Commanders Eagles
34 DJ Moore WR Bears Broncos
35 Zay Flowers WR Ravens Browns
36 Tank Dell WR Texans Steelers
37 Elijah Moore WR Browns Ravens
38 Christian Watson WR Packers Lions
39 Gabe Davis WR Bills Dolphins
40 Nico Collins WR Texans Steelers
41 Michael Thomas WR Saints Buccaneers
42 Jordan Addison WR Vikings Panthers
43 Christian Kirk WR Jaguars Falcons
44 Joshua Palmer WR Chargers Raiders
45 Drake London WR Falcons Jaguars
46 Josh Downs WR Colts Rams
47 Jahan Dotson WR Commanders Eagles
48 Tyler Boyd WR Bengals Titans
49 Romeo Doubs WR Packers Lions
50 Zay Jones WR Jaguars Falcons
51 Kendrick Bourne WR Patriots Cowboys
52 Jayden Reed WR Packers Lions
53 DeVante Parker WR Patriots Cowboys
54 DJ Chark WR Panthers Vikings
55 Quentin Johnston WR Chargers Raiders
56 Robert Woods WR Texans Steelers
57 K.J. Osborn WR Vikings Panthers
58 Skyy Moore WR Chiefs Jets
59 Treylon Burks WR Titans Bengals
60 Calvin Austin WR Steelers Texans

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TE Rankings

Rank Player Position Team Opp
1 Travis Kelce TE Chiefs Jets
2 T.J. Hockenson TE Vikings Panthers
3 Mark Andrews TE Ravens Browns
4 Darren Waller TE Giants Seahawks
5 Sam LaPorta TE Lions Packers
6 George Kittle TE 49ers Cardinals
7 Evan Engram TE Jaguars Falcons
8 Dallas Goedert TE Eagles Commanders
9 Kyle Pitts TE Falcons Jaguars
10 Luke Musgrave TE Packers Lions
11 Pat Freiermuth TE Steelers Texans
12 Zach Ertz TE Cardinals 49ers
13 Jake Ferguson TE Cowboys Patriots
14 David Njoku TE Browns Ravens
15 Tyler Higbee TE Rams Colts
16 Hunter Henry TE Patriots Cowboys
17 Gerald Everett TE Chargers Raiders
18 Dalton Kincaid TE Bills Dolphins
19 Logan Thomas TE Commanders Eagles
20 Cole Kmet TE Bears Broncos
21 Dalton Schultz TE Texans Steelers
22 Donald Parham TE Chargers Raiders
23 Cade Otton TE Buccaneers Saints
24 Hayden Hurst TE Panthers Vikings
25 Dawson Knox TE Bills Dolphins
26 Chigoziem Okonkwo TE Titans Bengals
27 Tyler Conklin TE Jets Chiefs
28 Noah Fant TE Seahawks Giants
29 Kylen Granson TE Colts Rams
30 Jonnu Smith TE Falcons Jaguars

Dynasty Trending Observations: Christian McCaffrey, De’Von Achane, and the Chiefs’ Running Game

From pop stars to a fantasy footballer’s dream game, this weekend was not short of excitement. Below are a few of the bigger trends including, yes, a Taylor Swift reference.

Every Day is McCaffrey the Same

Christian McCaffrey showing up to the end zone every

— DraftKings (@DraftKings) September 22, 2023

It looks silly in hindsight but the cost to the 49ers to acquire Christian McCaffrey was relatively high – a second, third, fourth, and future fifth-round pick for a 26-year-old running back who had played just ten games in his previous two seasons combined and was one of the highest-paid backs in the league. But McCaffrey proved the 49ers correct in their assessment that he wasn’t done.

In his 11 games with San Francisco to close out the 2022 season, he rushed for 746 yards and added 464 receiving yards, scoring ten times total. He is off to an even better start in 2023, averaging 117 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown a game. Make no mistake – this isn’t to question if CMC is fantasy’s top back but rather what to do with him in dynasty leagues.

Dynasty Impact: It’s rare for any player to see their dynasty value reach the top of the rankings only to dip but then rebound to the top again, but that’s exactly what McCaffrey’s dynasty value has done.

He’s had some challengers in recent years, including Breece Hall and Bijan Robinson, but no other back has the combination of talent, workload, and situation that McCaffrey does.

Current McCaffrey dynasty managers will hold on to him at least for a few more weeks. He might be enough to propel into playoff contention by himself, at which point you’ll keep him and ride it out.

But if your dynasty team is nowhere close to a playoff spot at the midway point, it would benefit you to put him on your league’s trade bait. McCaffrey will turn 28 before next season and the shelf life of running backs isn’t nearly as long as other positions of fantasy relevance. If you can get a haul for McCaffrey, including rookie picks for 2024 where there will be several elite players available, I would go that route.

Chief of (the) Staff

I assume this moment is because she started Jerrick McKinnon as her flex.

— Matthew Berry (@MatthewBerryTMR) September 25, 2023

We couldn’t have a series that looks at the biggest trends of the weekend and not include (at least tangentially) the biggest development of all. Yes, Taylor Swift was at the Chiefs game to support her friend/boyfriend/future ex Travis Kelce. But you don’t need me to tell you how great Kelce is as a dynasty tight end. He’s the best, end of story. But the Tweet/X above does touch on a subject that dynasty managers have not figured out – the Chiefs’ running game.

The drafting of Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft was supposed to remove this question altogether. CEH was a popular pick at the top of rookie drafts that year thanks to his landing spot on one of the best offenses of this century. Not only has he failed to play in more than 13 games in any of his three professional seasons but his attempts total has gone down each year. Last year’s dip was due to seventh-round rookie Isiah Pacheco‘s emergence as the preferred early-down back. Then there’s receiving specialist Jerick McKinnon who manages to snipe both CEH and Pacheco, including week three when McKinnon scored twice on whopping six-yard and three-yard receptions respectively. So, as dynasty managers, what do we do?

Dynasty Impact: While the Chiefs must love the depth that their running back room provides, it’s frustrating for fantasy players, both re-draft and dynasty managers alike.

None of them are ideal candidates to consistently start on fantasy teams due to their unpredictability which makes this season a wash. Beyond this season, both CEH and McKinnon are free agents. And as the Chiefs have shown, they don’t exactly need (or are able) to spend on running backs which means both veterans could be looking for a new home when the season ends.

Thanks to Pacheco’s rookie deal, he’s under contract for two more seasons after this and at a bargain price. He’s a good bet to stick around and pick up whatever scraps Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs coaches throw him.

Swimming with the Dolphins

What a shot of De’Von Achane 😳

— Alfredo Brown (@ThePretendGM) September 25, 2023

It took Taylor Swift to unseat the Dolphins’ offensive explosion as the top story for week three. Miami went off against the Broncos, totaling 70 points and over 700 yards on offense, and led to a fantasy football dream. Tua Tagovailoa threw for 300-plus yards and four touchdowns; Tyreek Hill caught nine balls for 157 yards and a touchdown; Raheem Mostert carried it just 13 times but totaled 82 yards and three touchdowns along with his seven receptions for 60 yards and another touchdown. And last, but certainly not least, was rookie running back De’Von Achane. He broke out with 203 yards and two touchdowns on the ground while adding four receptions for 30 yards and two touchdowns making him everyone’s player of the week and possibly turning in the best fantasy game of anyone this year.

Dynasty Impact: It should surprise no one that Achane’s dynasty value is going to skyrocket after this week. In a rookie running back class that includes top-12 picks like Bijan Robinson and Jahmyr Gibbs, Achane has the potential to run away with the title of the best. He was already ranked 25th in DLF’s running back rankings and that was before his breakout game.

But hold on. The same knock on Achane before the draft is still there – his size. His speed was on full display against Denver but it remains to be seen if he can handle the load for an entire season or just in small spurts. Yes, he totaled 200 rushing yards but he also only saw 18 carries. And Mostert is still the nominal starter who won’t be going away, at least not for this season. Achane is a great story and a great value for those dynasty managers who took him towards the end of their rookie drafts. But if your dynasty team is not in the playoff hunt in a few weeks and Achane is still producing, I’d at least entertain trade offers with an eye toward next year.

Dana White’s Contender Series – Season 7, Week 8 results

Dana White’s Contender Series 64 airs live from UFC Apex in Las Vegas, NV on Tuesday, September 26. The event features five bouts, with MMA prospects battling it out inside the Octagon, in hopes to earn a contract with the UFC.

On the top of fight card, unbeaten Danny Barlow (6-0) and Raheam Forest (7-1) meet in the all-American contest at welterweight. Among other bouts, Mario Piazzon (6-0) of Brazil faces off Alexander Soldatkin (14-3) at heavyweight.

Also on the card, Angel Pacheco (7-1) takes on fellow-American Danny Silva (7-1) at featherweight. Plus, Carli Judice (3-0) of the United States and Ernesta Kareckaite (4-0-1) of Lithuania go head to head at women’s flyweight. Kicking off the action, Victor Madrigal (12-3) of Mexico and Vinicius de Oliveira (18-3) of Brazil square off at bantamweight.

In Australia, the event airs on Wednesday, September 27.

Dana White’s Contender Series 64 start time

United States

Broadcast: ESPN+
Date: Tuesday, September 26
Time: 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT


Broadcast: Kayo
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Dana White’s Contender Series 64 results

Get Dana White’s Contender Series 64 fight card and stay tuned for results below.

  • Danny Barlow vs. Raheam Forest, welterweight
  • Alexander Soldatkin vs. Mario Piazzon, heavyweight
  • Angel Pacheco vs. Danny Silva, featherweight
  • Carli Judice vs. Ernesta Kareckaite, women’s flyweight
  • Vinicius de Oliveira vs. Victor Madrigal, bantamweight

UFC contract winners

Following the DWCS 64 results, UFC President Dana White names the fighters earning a contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Fantasy Football Week 3 injuries: Aaron Jones, Christian Watson, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jaylen Waddle questionable –

From game-time decisions to injuries so significant they affect the value of every single position, let’s break down the Fantasy and DFS impact of injuries for every Week 3 matchup. Know when to pivot and how your fantasy roster will be affected.

Below, you’ll find a game-by-game look at the injuries you need to know that will have the biggest impact for Fantasy leagues, as well as the implications for DFS players. This week’s list of notable names includes quarterbacks Joe Burrow and Bryce Young; running backs Aaron Jones, Austin Ekeler and Breece Hall; receivers DeVonta Smith, Christian Watson, Cooper Kupp, Diontae Johnson and Odell Beckham Jr.; tight end Dawson Knox; and many others, including key offensive line and defensive injuries to know.

You can also see how this week’s injuries affect the Fantasy projections from the SportsLine Projection Model. All you have to do is head over to SportsLine’s companion post to this piece that tracks all the projections you need to know related to this week’s injury report.

Start ’em
BAL -8, O/U 44



Anthony Richardson has been ruled out with a concussion, leaving Gardner Minshew as the quarterback for the Colts in Week 2. Minshew has proven to be one of the more effective backup quarterbacks in the league and the Colts receiving corps should be relatively unaffected. The matchup is less than ideal but the Ravens are without several key pieces of their secondary. Michael Pittman is a solid WR2 and Josh Downs is an interesting deep league option, given the injuries for the Ravens.

The Colts have been an excellent matchup for opposing quarterbacks in 2023. Although Mark Andrews returned to full health in Week 2, Zay Flowers had a solid performance and should continue to thrive with Odell Beckham Jr. ruled out. Flowers is a strong flex play in all formats.

For the Ravens offense, Justice Hill is out for Week 3 and Gus Edwards should see the majority of carries. Indianapolis isn’t an ideal matchup for opposing running backs and the Ravens have multiple injuries across the offensive line. But pure volume and goal line opportunities make Edwards an RB2.

DFS impact

At first glance, this matchup is easily overlooked and while it isn’t the ideal game to target, you can pull several pieces from this game in DFS. Zay Flowers is a strong play at $5,400, given the boom potential against the Indianapolis secondary. Edwards at $5,300 is also intriguing.

Start ’em
CLE -3.5, O/U 39.5



With Nick Chubb lost for the season, Jerome Ford steps up as the lead back for the Browns. The Browns signed Kareem Hunt, who is expected to play this week, but we have no clear details on the level of workload Hunt will see. Expect Ford to serve as the RB1 this week, but he’s a risky start given the matchup. The Titans run defense remains one of the best in the league and Fantasy managers should be weary of starting Ford. Amari Cooper was cleared to play and is an excellent start given the matchup against a struggling Tennessee secondary.

For the Titans, DeAndre Hopkins failed to practice on Friday after logging limited practices earlier in the week and is questionable. Hopkins was able to suit up last week despite missing practice but Fantasy managers should monitor his status through the weekend. If Hopkins is out, Treylon Burks would be the primary beneficiary. Although the matchup is difficult, Burks would serve as a low-end flex option.

DFS impact

Burks could be the Titans’ WR1 at just $4,300 on DraftKings. However, the matchup is extremely risky and the Titans will likely focus on the run. Burks is an option in tournament play but should be avoided in cash lineups. Cooper played well last week, despite the game time decision. Although Deshaun Watson continues to struggle, Cooper is a very strong play in both tournaments and cash at just $5,700 in an ideal matchup. Ford’s pricing is appealing but given the matchup, the upside is limited.

Start ’em
DET -3, O/U 46


The Lions have a long list of questionable players and the status for St. Brown and Reynolds is particularly crucial. Fantasy managers should monitor both throughout the weekend but should note both receivers practiced in full on Friday, improving their outlook for Sunday.

Montgomery is listed a doubtful and not expected to play in Week 3. Jahmyr Gibbs should be the primary beneficiary but Detroit could continue to push a committee and use Craig Reynolds on early down work. However, Reynolds has very little appeal outside of deep league formats.

DFS impact

Although Gibbs’ pricing is less than ideal at $6,600, he’s an interesting option in tournament play. But with uncertainty around his workload and appealing running backs priced below him, Gibbs is one of the riskier plays. His ownership will likely be your determining factor for Week 3.

Start ’em
GB -1.5, O/U 42.5


Aaron Jones missed Week 2 with a hamstring injury and A.J. Dillon took over as the lead back but was underwhelming. If Jones is cleared to play, trust Jones as a high-end RB2. If Jones is unable to suit up, view Dillon as a low-end flex option. Christian Watson also remains in question. Even if Watson is cleared to play, he’s a risky play given the amount of time he’s missed. Expect a similar performance to that of Jerry Jeudy in Week 2 after his return from a hamstring injury. Watson would be a risky low-end flex play and should be benched if limited in any capacity.

For New Orleans, with Alvin Kamara serving his final game of suspension, the Saints backfield will feature Tony Jones and Kendre Miller. Jones struggle in relief of Williams last week in terms of yards per carry but had two touchdowns. Expect Miller and Jones to split time. Unless we get any details around the workload split between the two backs, Fantasy managers should avoid this backfield outside of deeper formats.

DFS impact

Although players like Dillon and Romeo Doubs would have lead roles if Jones and Watson are out, the matchup is difficult and neither has strong appeal in DFS. Jayden Reed could be a cheap value play at just $3,800, given the likelihood that Doubs would see the tougher coverage.

Start ’em

Sun, Sep 24 at

1:00 pm ET

JAC -8.5, O/U 44

JAC -8.5, O/U 44



C.J. Stroud dealt with a shoulder injury earlier in the week but was not listed on the injury report and will play in Week 3. Stroud’s start to the season has been surprisingly strong as the Texans have struggled to establish the run and pushed extreme pass volume. That volume has benefited all Texans receivers, particularly Nico Collins, who is WR6 in PPR through the first two weeks of the season. Tank Dell saw an increase in production in Week 2 as well. Collins is a strong play at WR2 and Dell is a low-end flex option.

Zay Jones is out due to a knee injury suffered during Week 2. Christian Kirk thrived last week and is a strong flex play with Jones out. The Texans have typically been a difficult matchup for quarterbacks and receivers but are vulnerable with multiple injuries in their secondary.

DFS impact

The Texans receivers are strong value plays this week, particularly Collins at just $5,300 on DraftKings and Dell at $3,600. They are likely better plays in tournaments with divisional matchups often yielding lower volume than expected. Despite the underwhelming Week 2 performance, Ridley remains high-priced. Fantasy managers seeking a value play could turn to Kirk at $5,400.

Start ’em

Sun, Sep 24 at

1:00 pm ET

MIA -6.5, O/U 48

MIA -6.5, O/U 48



With Salvon Ahmed doubtful, Raheem Mostert remains a strong top-20 back. It’s possible De’Von Achane sees an increased workload but Fantasy managers should avoid the unnecessary risk. If Jaylen Waddle is unable to clear concussion protocol, River Cracraft and Braxton Berrios could see an increase in production but not enough to provide a reliable start in any league format. The bulk of volume will continue to push towards Tyreek Hill.

DFS impact

Although Cracraft and Berrios are unappealing options in redraft leagues, Cracraft could have value in tournaments. Berrios typically sees the higher snap count but Cracraft likely step up as the more direct route replacement for Waddle. Cracraft is just $3,400 on DraftKings.  

Start ’em

Sun, Sep 24 at

1:00 pm ET

MIN -1.5, O/U 54

MIN -1.5, O/U 54



Austin Ekeler is out for Week 3 and Joshua Kelley will continue as the Chargers’ RB1. Kelley had a rough outing as the lead back in Week 2 against the Titans, but Fantasy managers can play Kelley with more confidence in a matchup with Minnesota as he had a strong outing in Week 1 with 19 carries for 91 yards and one touchdown. Kelley’s limited usage in the pass game should increase looks for the Chargers’ receiving corps. 

DFS impact

Kelley’s lack of receiving upside isn’t ideal for DFS but matchup and volume make him a strong play at just $5,400. Many DFS players will target Justin Herbert, Keenan Allen, Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson, making Kelley an interesting contrarian play.

Start ’em
NYJ +2.5, O/U 36.5



The injuries to the Patriots offensive line could play a key role in Rhamondre Stevenson’s Week 3 production. The Jets are a difficult matchup and if multiple lineman are unable to suit up, Stevenson could struggle to find space on the ground. DeVante Parker was cleared and should serve as the Patriots’ WR1. But given the difficult matchup, Parker remains a flex option only in deep leagues.

Hall remains a weekly presence on the injury report but is cleared and will play. He will likely continue to see a limited workload so Fantasy managers should remain cautious. Hall is a flex option.

DFS impact

With an over/under of just 36, it’s difficult to pull any player from this matchup.  

WAS +6.5, O/U 43



The most impactful news in this matchup is Dawson Knox’s availability. Knox is cleared for Week 3, limiting the upside Dalton Kincaid had in a potential absence. For Washington, Thomas is out for Week 3. If Fantasy managers were relying on Thomas, they should seek streaming options on other teams.

DFS impact

There’s little DFS impact due to injury in this matchup. Thomas’ absence opens up the door for a punt play with John Bates, but the receivers should ultimately have the stronger benefit.

Start ’em
SEA -6, O/U 42



Bryce Young is officially out for Week 3 and while few Fantasy managers planned to start Young in single quarterback leagues, his absence is significant to note. Andy Dalton will replace Young this week and should bring some stability to the offense. Seattle’s secondary is reeling with injuries and has struggled early on this season. An experienced veteran like Dalton could make Panthers receivers — particularly Adam Thielen — an appealing low-end flex option this week.

Players who were able to practice in full on Friday for the Seahawks despite being listed as questionable include DK Metcalf, Jamal Adams and Jarran Reed.

DFS impact

While it’s difficult to trust the Panthers in redraft leagues, in DFS we can take cheap dart throws with the Panthers’ receivers in tournament play. Thielen is just $3,900 on DraftKings and Jonathan Mingo is $3,400.

Start ’em
ARI +12.5, O/U 43


The Cowboys’ defense took a massive blow when Trevor Diggs tore his ACL at practice this week. Despite the loss, the Cowboys remain one of the toughest defensive matchups in the league and are still a strong start defensively.

Brandin Cooks was cleared to play and although he will remain the WR2 for the Cowboys, the offense is run aggressively through CeeDee Lamb and Tony Pollard. Cooks only has appeal in deep leagues as a flex option.

DFS impact

Although the loss of Diggs is significant, his absence does not increase the value for any Cardinals. It’s tough to pull any value plays from this matchup. Marquise Brown’s pricing is the only potential appealing option due to the Diggs injury, but it’s not an ideal play.

Start ’em

Sun, Sep 24 at

4:25 pm ET

KC -12.5, O/U 48

KC -12.5, O/U 48



Patrick Mahomes is QB6 through Week 2 but has yet to have a big ceiling game with Travis Kelce dealing with an injury and inconsistency from the receiving corps. Kelce is healthy and was not listed on the injury report this week. However, Kadarius Toney suffered an injury in practice and is questionable. Toney’s absence could boost opportunities for Skyy Moore, who had a good rebound performance in Week 2. If Toney is out, Moore is a low-end flex option in a strong matchup with a Chicago defense that has struggled this season.

Isiah Pacheco is dealing with a hamstring injury and is questionable. Pacheco has been a low-end RB3 thus far this season despite operating as the lead back for Kansas City. If Pacheco is out, expect increased opportunities for Jerick McKinnon and Clyde Edwards-Heliare. Given the matchup, McKinnon could be a low-end flex option this week.

DFS impact

While the pricing for McKinnon and Edwards-Heilare is low, they’re both risky plays DFS. Kelce and Mahomes remain the strongest plays. Moore has value appeal is tournaments.

Start ’em
LV -2.5, O/U 43



The most significant injury news to pull from this matchup is the return of Jakobi Meyers. There’s typically no drop-off in performance for players coming back from concussion, and Meyers had a strong performance is Week 1 with nine receptions on 10 targets for 81 yards and two touchdowns. Meyers is a flex play in all formats this week.

DFS impact

There’s no significant DFS impact from injuries in this matchup.

Start ’em
TB +5, O/U 46



Kenneth Gainwell practiced in full and seems on track to return in Week 3. Unfortunately, he likely lost his starting role with D’Andre Swift coming off a huge performance in Week 2 and taking first-team reps in practice this week. Gainwell should have some role this week, but Fantasy managers should avoid playing him despite the Bucs’ injuries on defense.

The Eagles are also dealing with injuries across their defensive line and secondary. The Eagles defense has struggled thus far and Baker Mayfield could take advantage and could serve as a streaming option in deeper leagues. Mike Evans remains a strong start and Chris Godwin could have a bigger performance this week, given the matchup and injuries.

DeVonta Smith is dealing with a hamstring injury. Smith logged two limited practices this week but Fantasy managers will need to monitor his status closely. Fantasy managers should monitor reports from Saturday for official designations regarding injuries.

DFS impact

Given the extensive injuries in the Eagles defense, Baker Mayfield presents value in showdown formats. Mike Evans remains a strong play but don’t overlook the potential value in Godwin.

Despite the return of Gainwell, Swift remains a strong option in DFS with the Bucs defensive injuries.

Start ’em
CIN -3, O/U 44


Puka Nacua continues to deal with an oblique injury but is coming off a record-breaking performance in Week 2. If Nacua is active, he’s a must start in all formats.

Joe Burrow logged a limited practice on Friday but remains in question for Week 3. With the Monday night game, Fantasy managers need to prepare to be without Burrow and play any strong bench options on Sunday, unless we get confirmation on Saturday or Sunday that Burrow will play. If Fantasy managers opt to wait, Matt Stafford and Baker Mayfield would be the only available pivot options on Monday.

DFS impact

While Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins are elite talents, the downgrade at quarterback is significant if Burrow is out. Prepare to adjust strategy if Burrow is unable to play.

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