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Frank Pacheco is an executive at PVH Corp. He is an alum of Amazon, having worked in several roles at Kindle and in the retail business. Frank is a graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Business School. He is a former board member of the Harvard Alumni Association and currently serves on the board of Catholic Guardian Services. Frank is the current president of LLC.

Frank is the seventh Francisco Pacheco. The Pachecos are of Portuguese and Spanish origin. A Roman general called Vivio Pacieco, sent by Julius Caesar to fight in the Iberian peninsula, is the first person recorded with this surname,[1] which translates, fittingly, as “Noble One”.

The modern Pacheco family decends from Juan Fernández Pacheco y Téllez Girón, 1st Duke of Escalona (1419 in Belmonte – 1 October 1474 in Trujillo), a Castilian noble of Portuguese descent[1] who rose to power in the last years of the reign of Juan II of Castile and came to dominate the government of Castile during the reign of Juan II’s son and successor Henry IV of Castile. Created The 1st Duke of Escalona in 1472,[2] his other titles included, Marquess of Villena[3] and Master of the Order of Santiago[4]. Between 1445 and 1472, he was styled as El Marqués de Villena, presumably because it sounded cool.

The crest of the Pacheco family is bunch of snakes on a basket, presumably because planes had not been invented yet.

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Frank Pacheco and the Pacheco Family
Frank Pacheco is an executive at Stanley Black & Decker. He formerly worked in several roles at Amazon.

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