Man Fatally Struck By Vehicle In Pacheco —claycord

You assume it was 9 Engine that responded but I’m willing to bet they were already on another run. If so the call was transferred to whatever Company got moved up or the closet Company available such as 5 Engine on Boyd Rd or one out of Concord.
Even if 9 Engine were at their Station House, the 9-1-1 call cames into the Sheriff’s Office or possibly even Pleasant Hill PD if it was a cell phone. The agency receiving the call has to determine what is happening and who has jurisdiction which takes time. Either way, it got transferred to the CHP.
The CHP Dispatch enters the event into CAD and dispatches officers. If not on their own, then the CHP officer requests ConFire. CHP calls ConFire who enters the event into CAD and make the “Ring Down” to the closest Company. That Company has to get into their turnout and drive to the call.
I know 12 minutes seems like a long time but when you consider everything that has to happen before a call for service gets put out, it really was a good response time.
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