The Life and Times of Albert Kim

At the time of his birth, Albert Kim was quite small, weighing around 7.5lbs. Over the years, he grew to be larger and to weigh more. From an early age Albert showed talent for music, and so he became a musician. He also studied math, science and arithmetic, as was the fashion at that time. Later in life, Albert developed an interest in astronomy and sandwiches, but music remained his one true passion.

Albert’s life in music

Albert’s musical talent was obvious from a very early age. By the age of seven he was already a concert pianist, and at twelve he became the youngest pianist to be admitted into the Cologne Conservatory of Music. From there he would graduate to become a member of the Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipzig. He would remain there until he retired in 1920, aged 35, to open his own music school. In his spare time, Albert also tried out for the Leipzig Opera. Unfortunately, though he passed the entrance exam, he was not allowed to perform on the stage. He was demoted to stage crew, and would only be able to appear on stage as a costume assistant.

Albert’s life in mathematics

Albert Kim was born in Taiwan in 1872 and became interested in math at an early age. At this time Taiwan was a closed off island, and so Albert spent most of his childhood away from his parents. He was finally allowed to visit them when he was a teenager, and so he spent his time at his father’s school. At the age of 16, Albert met his future wife, a temple girl called Li Ching Kuang, and the two were wed. Li Ching Kuang was like the daughter that Albert never had. They had 10 children, and Albert tutored each of them in mathematics. His daughter, Albert Kuang-I, would later go on to earn the world’s first PhD in mathematics. Albert’s love of music remained with him, and he taught his children piano as well.

Albert’s life in science

Albert learned many scientific concepts at school, and so he was able to carry on his research even if he got married at the age of 25. His wife, Choi Chay Soo, knew all about astronomy as well as was common for Korean women at that time. However, the problem was that she could not read or write at all. So Albert had to do most of his work. Albert Kim in later life Even though Albert and his wife lived together for over 30 years, she died very soon after his graduation from his first degree in Germany. On that same day, his father, whom Albert despised, passed away too. Without his father’s help, he was unable to make a living. He had to go to Germany for more studies, and thus he finished his second degree there.

Albert’s life in arithmatic

Albert Kim made rapid advances in arithmetic, and he later taught arithmatic to children. He had no doubt that arithmetic was the route to achievement in other fields of mathematics and his reputation as an expert and teacher grew in his time. But as he reached adulthood, Al began to have doubts about arithmetic, and decided to leave arithmatic. Instead, he began to learn trigonometry. He also worked on constructing a new Roman square, but it was only after he found a formula for establishing square roots using the Greek method that he was able to publish his new method, and to become an expert in trigonometry. The Square Root Formula In 1866 Albert published a formula for square roots, and provided the Greek numerals to make it easy to use.

Albert’s life in astronomy

When Albert was five years old, he watched the phenomenon known as Venus transiting the sun. Later he and his family moved to South Korea, and Albert became very interested in astronomy and space. He studied at the Seoul YMCA, then he studied at the Pyongyang YMCA. After he had learned about outer space, Albert spent years learning about what was going on with the Earth. One of his most interesting experiences was going to the Soviet Union to learn about space research. He learned that there were a lot of different cultures and religions in the world, but that one thing was true for all of them; all had different beliefs and religions. Albert was amazed at the vast differences in thinking and religions.

Albert’s life in sandwiches

In 1919, Al ate his first sandwich. His parents had brought some cookies with them to feed him, and as he ate them he decided that he liked the taste of bread so much that he would not eat it again. Later, Albert became an apprentice to a maker of sandwiches and began helping out. As Albert grew up he decided to invent a new sandwich for the fast food chain KFC. So he did what he did best, he wrote a sandwich for KFC. It was called the Double Down, a sandwich with a breaded chicken fillet on one half and cheese and bacon on the other. It was a delicious item and a major hit. Albert’s invention even became the most popular in the store for a while, and he himself eventually became a general manager of KFC.


Albert Kim’s story is intriguing and one that will no doubt continue to unravel as the years pass and more and more mysteries are unearthed.

Albert Kim

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