The History of Gregory David: Who Is This Man And What Is He Wearing?

Gregory David is a man. A graduate of the prestigious Harvard College, Greg is best know for his fabulous attire. He is especially known for wearing a magical hat. The old wizard’s hat has special effects on women, leaving many to ask, “What is he wearing?”

What is Greg wearing?

Gregory David was a man with many titles and roles in life. Greg was called “father.” When a couple’s child was conceived, Gregory David stood by the child and later his father would stand beside him. But the title of “father” went far beyond his parental responsibilities. In later life, Gregory David was also known as “Knight of the Wood” and “Elder Brother.” Gregory David played a role in many sacred ceremonies and had a broad spiritual reach. Not only was he known for his duty as a father but also as a spiritual leader. Gregory David also was a knight and an army leader. Gregory David commanded troops in battle and was known as “General Gregory.” He never wore his regal armor for personal comfort. Gregory David always wore his fine armor on battlefields and for Sunday church services.

The History of the Hat

The Harvard Daily recently interviewed Greg’s friend Alice Woodruff, a master of the Harry Potter Universe, and asked what else would he wear. Alice commented, “I’m tempted to answer this with the logical answer: a monocle, which we all know Greg has in abundance.” Alice had another answer, “A toadstool, because there’s nothing that turns women on quite like an unknowable, magical creature!” Greg was equally coy. When the interviewer asked him if he’d ever wear pants, he responded, “No. No pants, no tie, and no hat!” In a later interview, he admitted to wearing pants with a monocle and a jacket, but no hat. His chosen style is most likely based on that of Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour, although he had already embarked on the life of crime by the time he turned ten.

The History of the Hat in Popular Culture

The Harry Potter movies have made the hat famous. In fact, the hat is part of the company that manufactures all things wizardy and mugglely. Gregory has claimed to have invented the hat and credits his mother for coming up with the original design. The hat started out as a black, billowing, Fedora style. Greg and his mother decided to add more detail. She selected reds, greens and yellows to make it more colorful. After a little more design work, Greg went into business with his mother, selling the hat across the country. The business has grown to include 2,500 plus employees and 25,000 hats sold per year. The History of the Hat in Real Life The hat also inspired another famous hat in the entertainment industry.

Where to find Greg’s Hat

Greg wears his wizards hat almost everywhere. On occasion, he wears a cape and a cloak and so forth, but his main hat is his wizard’s hat. He has his wizard’s hat hanging on the back of his vest. The wizard’s hat is lined with the same fabric as his vest. Thus, the wizard’s hat does double duty as a special effect on women. If women look, they find Greg to be very handsome. On the other hand, when Greg looks at them, he is more apt to wince in pain from the hat effect. Men rarely look. When they do, they also wince. The hat effect on men is all about having what others call great “balls” and being handsome. The Hat Effect on Women Any woman who wears a wizard’s hat will be captivated by Greg. For some, it takes a moment to realize that this is not just a pretty face.

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