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Dear Friend,


I’m Adrian, Founder and CEO of The Birb Nest.

You may also know me as CRYPTOBIRB.

Let’s be honest.

You are on this website because you want to make money during this pandemic, not hear my story. If you are interested to hear it (I am honored), please go here. But here’s the short version.

Four years ago we were witnessing the most spectacular boom in crypto market. The need for an educational and trading hub became more necessary than ever. That was when I started The Birb Nest.

Since then, my team and reputation have been growing rapidly, along with our accurate market projections. Presently, with 14 top analysts and traders, we educate hundreds of our community members on how to make the right choices in the market. Our vision is to become industry leaders by participating in civilizational revolution offered by emerging digital economies.

I look forward to helping you learn your way to financial freedom,



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