Coogan, Scott Pacheco issue statements after Tuesday’s election results

Both Tuesday night winner Paul Coogan and third place finisher Erica Scott-Pacheco have issued statements in the wake of yesterday’s mayoral preliminary election.

Scott-Pacheco addressed her improved finish despite how little was spent on her campaign versus her rivals.

“Thank you to the nearly 2,200 people who supported me last night. It is truly an honor to have earned your votes. With a fraction of the money and name recognition, we nearly beat a sitting mayor last night. That is the value of people power. It is personally disappointing to fall short of making the general election by a few hundred votes, but you sent a clear message against corruption and for respect and justice. Thank you to my team and QM Collaborative for working alongside me every day these past 5 months. I appreciate you.”

Coogan issued a heartfelt statement to his supporters.

“Honestly-that was really something!! I can only say thank you so many times. Thanks.
When you run for office in Fall River you had better have thick skin and I mean THICK! Everyday you prepare to go out and campaign while listening to people describe you, in such a way, that if it was true I would not vote for that person. No plans, no experience, does not live in Fall River, no high school diploma, no college, corrupt, too much after shave lotion, political hack, bringing back the bags, etc. all repeated over and over again to try to run someone down and never provide any proof.”

“Working at Durfee everyday prepares you for these types of attacks-it really does. On any given day you might have to deal with a tough kid, a tough parent, tough staff, tough building or anything else thrown at you in a place with 2800 people walking around everyday. I was able to figure it out – to make better sense of it the older I got – I loved those kids ,the staff, the parents and yes, even the old building! I still miss it.”

“But time for a new challenge! I love campaigning all over Fall River and of course the idea of restoring confidence in our local government to a sometimes highly skeptical group of citizens.”

“We can do this together. We will keep going forward to the final in November (with your help) because last night was only the first step in bringing honesty and integrity back to Fall River.”

“I need your help so who’s in?”

“Of course thanks again for yesterday-I really do love you guys!”

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