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A schoolgirl died after she leaned from a bus window to wave to friends before hitting her head on a concrete pole.

Fernanda Pacheco Ferraz, 13, was making her way home from class when tragedy struck as witnesses claimed the schoolgirl was sitting at the back of the bus when she decided to lean out. She was reportedly saying goodbye to friends on the pavement below when she collided with the pole near the curb, suffering fatal head injuries.

The tragedy happened in Nova Friburgo, near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the young victim was returning home from Professor Carlos Cortes State College. According to the Novafaol bus company, the driver stopped the vehicle after being informed by shocked passengers.

The driver, who has worked for the firm for over 10 years, informed the relevant authorities and the company’s management team before emergency services arrived on the scene. Paramedics confirmed the girl’s death.


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Rio de Janeiro State Department of Education also issued a statement after the teenager’s death, announcing a two-day mourning period and suspending classes at her school for the remainder of the week as the bus company expressed their “regret at the unexpected and tragic incident” and vowed to assist the authorities with the investigation.

The teen victim was buried the next day at the Trilha Cemetery on August 17 as the investigation into her death remains ongoing. The tragedy came as another tragic school bus accident occurred in Ohio when two vehicles collided causing the bus, carrying 52 students, to veer off the road.


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Tragically, one student died as she was ejected from the bus with a further 23 injured in the crash on the Ohio State Route 41 on Tuesday morning. Authorities said the driver had attempted to avoid the collision before toppling to one side.

Of the remaining students, 22 suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and one suffered a serious injury. Thirteen children were taken to hospitals by emergency medical responders and 10 others were brought to hospital by family members or other personal means.

Sgt Ross said the bus was “loaded” with students and that there are no seatbelts for passengers aboard a school bus. He added the incident was “a tragic accident”. The minivan was carrying a driver and one passenger, both of whom were rushed to Springfield Regional Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

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