Greeley West excited to host first baile in school history this Saturday

It’s no surprise that the Hispanic community at Greeley West likes to show up and show out. That’s exactly what is happening this Saturday, September 16.  The LULAC/Mexican American Studies Society are hosting Greeley West’s first ever baile. A baile is essentially a concert that you can dance at. This is a first for Greeley West and the clubs hope that this is a yearly thing.

The reason for this specific date is that LULAC wanted to have it just in time to celebrate Mexican Independence Day. Doing so will add a huge amount of pride and flair to the dance as it fits right into the theme of the baile.

Member of the club sophomore Diana Galvan explains why this dance is an important part of showing the diversity of the school. “We wanted to create this baile to show the diversity of Greeley West and to show the inclusion of the Hispanic community here around the school,” Galvan said. ” Doing this would hopefully increase support from the school community and more involvement around clubs because this is the type of stuff we’d like to do more often around the school.”

Club sponsor Ms. Izbeth Pacheco wants to assure there is a maximum number of students that attend the dance by being lenient on the restrictions on who can go.

“Since it’s the first dance of the year, I didn’t want to pull eligibility because it’s the first dance of the year and because I feel like this is something that you don’t want to hold back anyone from joining.”

Pacheco does talk about some potential ways to earn some cash if you know how to boogie. “We will have a norteña and huapango competition for those who want to show their killer moves,” Pacheco explained. “If you’re the best of the best you and your partner can win $100.”

The baile will truly be a first here at Greeley West. Now the real question is: Are you going to show your moves off at the baile?

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