How Marketing Automation Can Streamline Your Biz Profits With Digital Marketer Nikita Pacheco

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Mary: Welcome welcome welcome to my show brilliant marketing with Mary I’m so excited that you’re joining me or today and I’m absolutely thrilled that I have one of my dear friends as a guest before we get going when it introduced her but today at her topic is ever expertise I should say is how marketing automation can streamline your business profits and don’t we all want that right don’t want to make our lives easier and our business more profitable hello yes her name is Nikita eye color Nikki BJ go and she is the founder of culture and keep you don’t know who she is which I’m sure you do if you’re in the Southern California area specifically Nikki Pacheco is actually a positive light in the marketing industry and she has been for over two decades now.

Mary: He loves helping companies solve marketing challenges and meeting sales goals through automation after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design in 2005 from the Art Institute of Orange County she immediately started the fledgling company in the hole in his culture connect there were hard-working tenacity she is built the company to what it is today providing jobs for employees and providing award-winning solutions for clients she is a board member of the Orange County California Restaurant Association to use to be on my board when I wear with the American Marketing Association and she off his face in team referral Network.

Mary: Is an orca with her husband Jorge her two boys Logan and Branson for two dogs one cat and 18 chickens.

Mary: You know she’s Rich these days right with all those chickens hello eggs not working on her business she loves to bake and garden and just last year she grew 220 lb of tomatoes without further Ado let me introduce.

Mary: Here she comes Mary thank you so much and have it memorized but some of my Fondest Memories with you is when we are on the board of the American Marketing Association.

Nikita: I know I didn’t know if we should include past you know titles I’m glad you mentioned it cuz I’m very proud of that time in my life.

Mary: I was fine it was and I think we provide a lot of real value to our community to remember that what was that event that we did together for the marketing Association it was called.

Mary: Nonprofit that made all these experts come that wasn’t me that was it was so amazing and it kind of breakout breakout rooms I did some marketing email talks and we end up in the experts like available for these nonprofits yeah I don’t remember. Years anyways it was so it was great and it was fine like connecting with all the other experts in the Inland Empire and it was awesome so again as I said today we’re going to be talking about automation marketing Automation and I have a bunch of questions for you but let’s start with your brilliant marketing share because if he was going to kick ass off I’m so tell me a little bit about your mark your brilliant marketing chair.

Nikita: Absolutely so automation marketing automation it’s really the new trending direction that marketing is going in on an average drives up to 14.5 on increase in sales productivity and a 12.2 reduction in marketing overhead so that right there is going to get your profits up up up.

Mary: Now for some people who might not be marketing Geniuses like you are can you tell us like an example like maybe give us a client story of how they went from Zero to Hero using marketing automation.

Nikita: Marketing automation it’s evolved over time so maybe back in 2008 is like send out an email blast and if they open or if they click on something on your email then.

Nikita: Another email so this was you know how marketing automation started off today marketing Automation and what we do for our clients as we get to know everything about the customer let’s say did they click on a blog post did they check out your pricing page and did they.

Nikita: But you know if an example now if all those three things.

Nikita: You’re going to get a sales call okay this is Isis getting to know your customer and it’s automating it in a way that doesn’t have to.

Nikita: Done it’s it’s all digit.

Nikita: That’s what Mark is it doesn’t make the phone call for you at triggers you to make the phone call right more of the top of the funnel is nurturing that customer so maybe they open up your social media post and and you don’t want that to stop right you want to keep nurturing them so soon as they open the social media post then they’re going to automatically get an email nobody’s sending them an email but it’s a personalized email with their name.

Nikita: Are you interested in XYZ whatever you’re selling and that in that way you’re personalizing the experience and it’s all customer Centric.

Mary: Do people feel like you’re really on it even though the machine is kind of exam for you like it’s right will your business year.

Nikita: Marketing automation was just.

Nikita: Right now marketing automation is to you too to that one specific customer that is what good marketing automation is about today just going to ask how you got started in marketing automation cuz I know you have do email marketing in your graphic design so you’re really focusing your business into the auto.

Mary: Can you tell me how you got started yeah yeah.

Nikita: So culture connect started out 18 years ago and we started out at the design company you know that only got us so far especially as the digital world was growing so that’s how we became a full-service digital agency doing website email marketing we’ve kind of got interested in to inbound marketing around 2009 now end on marketing and marketing automation can really go hand-in-hand because we need to attract people to our website organically and then.

Nikita: Like you know in the past is like oh yeah just push out a blog post and they’re going to come okay not anymore now there’s so much content out there you really need to stand out which always exactly it so now we need to make the experience a lot more personalized for that customer and so that’s how we got started cuz it just wasn’t enough to just.

Nikita: Anymore it wasn’t enough to to to create a marketing workflow that is the same for every single person it’s not enough anymore so what we do now is customize it depending on what page they visited on the website depending on what email they opened depending on what social media ad that clicked on that’s how we now decide what content to spoon-feed.

Nikita: On a very specific level that’s marketing automation to that wow I was just going to say what would be a good example of good and bad like.

Nikita: So bad it’s kind of what I was just talking about where you’re just it’s just a one-size-fits-all you know somebody open this email they clicked on this link and then they just get put into this marketing email funnel they get a emails it’s nothing really to do with them except that they open or click on something that’s that’s kind of bad bad good good automation is centered around a specific customer you know what did they visit where did they go what are they interested in we don’t want to send them a educational blog post about cats when they’re actually interested in them if they are a cat lover you can come. It’s going to be a dog lover you know it sounds very successful we need a really good salesperson for that.

Mary: Wait I don’t know you have a few dogs one cat likes you obviously had to make a decision the like button so that is a device.

Mary: Your household are the boys.

Mary: I know this is not marking related you have 18 chickens how many eggs do you get a day we go.

Nikita: In the winter we can get zero and that’s why I’m very upset with them they are very lazy and I’m feeding them if they don’t give me eggs but now they’re giving me about 10 eggs a day and in the summer they’ll probably give me around 12:30 – B wow.

Mary: Funny this really funny real about you no tell me you’re rich.

Mary: Telling you you’re a Survivor and I held up a thing of eggs because. Like stopping at 10:00 tonight I had no makeup no hair and I was like damn this audio and I thought all right I’m going to do it anyways I look horrible but I laughed.

Mary: Life Church.

Nikita: I’m just dealing out the eggs you know I got some good stuff for you that’s by the Avi.

Mary: You have to be a billionaire with the other question I had was when is the right time to invest in marketing automation like you need to wait until your lips has a certain size you needed it would like to tell me about that yeah absolutely.

Nikita: Start marketing automation too soon because it’s going to flop I mean it’s just the truth which is which is why when we talked to our customers we really ask them a lot of questions to see are they ready or is this just going to set them up for failure so the way you know if you’re ready is you already have a good content strategy on your website.

Nikita: Do with measuring where each key.

Nikita: Going on your website are they going to the price you paid are they going to the blog about the chickens or they going to the blood about the dogs to be able to give me and push out more content to that specific person if you don’t have.

Nikita: Publish regularly marketing automation is just.

Nikita: Money for you so you really didn’t get expensive I’m assuming he oh yeah.

Nikita: Definitely an investment is so you want to pull the trigger on it Wednesday or ready the other idea is the other way to know is if you’re already getting leads coming through your website land or people clicking on your website to have a meeting with you are they clicking on your website you know are you already getting lie cuz marketing automation is.

Nikita: Person coming to your website and pushing them through a nurturing process to get them ready to become a sales call if I’d lie so on the marketing side you’re really nurturing them and giving them interesting informative information.

Nikita: To sell to sell to be sold to what would be a good industry is there a specific industry that this marketing automation is better for.

Nikita: Perfect for B2B it’s not so great for I mean it would still be to see in regards to eCommerce sites it’s very very very good when I’m linking BCI culture Tech was born in the restaurant industry so marketing automation isn’t the best for Mark for restaurant we try but you know it’s if your marketing to Benders to restaurants B2B marketing automation is perfect you make yourself the expert you push out content to them.

Nikita: Eating out of your hands are becoming sales leave very quickly.

Mary: An example like what would be like someone like oh this kind of company would be the best for this.

Nikita: Is right now at well I don’t know right now with everything that’s going on in the.

Nikita: In the.

Nikita: Is going out of my.

A really good one would actually be the manufacturing industry because they need to Edge.

Nikita: Enders and they need to educate and they have a lot of things that people don’t know about and so that is a really good industry that that marketing automation is really good for another good one that that we worked directly with is a pest control industry and that that is more b2c but it’s b2c.

Nikita: Get giving them information about you know how to do things themselves giving them information about what to avoid or how to get rid of things or they’re pests you know around their house so that’s been that’s been really really successful using marketing automation pushing leads through the their blog posts and through their pillar pages so then when they actually have a rat up in their ceiling they already know who to talk right cuz we’ve been nurturing them and nurturing them constantly okay so you said a tournament at I’m not familiar with what is a pillar page sales page landing page.

Nikita: So the pillar page that’s where you want to cut a link all of your blog post to so if you have a pillar page for example about roaches any blog post any email marketing anything that you can you want to link it back to the pillar page cuz this is the master page that you want to build up a website with traffic to Norfolk exactly so then the Broncos on that I’m so sorry in a blog post is that usually is like the category right yes yes.

Nikita: Broader category is DIY solution but tiller pages are just very important because that’s where we put our key word that were go.

Nikita: That’s where we put any any keywords that we really want to start drinking for it and then linking it back and forth you’re creating organic SEO inside of your website in a very strategic and saw that really really helps in regards to well that’s.

Mary: Learn something new everyday has been calling them category pages for all this time and now I could be hip at parties and say well well found on board with lingo exactly exactly.

Mary: So I mean it sounds like a phenomenal.

Mary: Streamline your work and help you focus on things that aren’t constant and catch a.

Mary: Done and you can just follow up and actually work with your clients which is phenomenal at a couple other questions for you the other one was popular automation.

Mary: What you I’ve seen you have a favorite but are there tell me about what your favorite is in my other ones that are maybe out in the market yeah yeah.

Nikita: Obviously the one I use and then there’s also Marketo and there’s part. And I’m Salesforce also they the what they have in common is they have the CRM so you’re able to manage your database and then they have abilities to automate different tasks according to you know.

Nikita: What routine that you want them to go.

Mary: I used to be called Infusionsoft with people.

Mary: Infusionsoft and now it’s cheap is that considered an automated yes that’s another one that’s another one I thought they had changed their name to part. So that’s a yes.

Mary: Our software upgrade to that so okay yeah I’m spot but yeah.

Nikita: Also on our part of the marketing automation so you know if somebody if you do have an e-commerce page and they click on the t-shirt for example and then they don’t buy it what you want to be already on top of them saying like he left this here and I think sitting in the cart and then like a week later you’re not going to send them pants you’re going to send them another shirt like an email I hate how about this other shirt in fact that something I was just talking with someone I mean I think everyone now recognizes like back in the old days in the old days we used to say will your phone isn’t listening to you like it.

Mary: If it is listening to you so when you talk about you know oh my gosh I’m looking for red shoes I really hope I can find red shoes that goes with my outfit at the red high heel you’ll notice but all of a sudden on Amazon you’ll start getting the red high heel shoes.

Nikita: Nowadays if they don’t start popping that up then you’re like I have to look for it myself. It all depends on your attitude though some people that really freaked out and I got I got to get off the grid and Realize Real Lies to make our lives easier well. Kind of brings me to my marketing chip with Mary every week we have glow marketing tips and I agree with you because your CR am like a spot is at a place that you’re going to build a base right I’m growing a list that you own offline is really more valuable than gold by that used to be the person who dies in the most toys wins doesn’t die but there is news in business for the biggest list wins because you have to go to reach your customers if.

Mary: Chanel goes down usually like social goes down or you get hacked or something happen and you have no way of contacting your clients if they were alive or well we can give you your sourdough bread that you need so badly right right I would absolutely agree with that as well.

Nikita: Not only do you own it.

Mary: I have it on a random spreadsheet.

Mary: Software that can actually let you use it correctly right absolutely yep that’s all if you don’t have it in the store smart.

Mary: And every week I also offer some products that make people’s lives easier and because I was rushing I didn’t really get a product related to marketing automation but because I believe that live streaming and podcasting and doing audio clips and reels and everything to get your your video is huge marketing there’s a couple products that I use that I absolutely love and last week I didn’t share this so I thought I’d share it this week I actually own this product it’s a wireless mic so I don’t know if you ever go into the wild live video with.

Mary: We are visited by the way she cooks amazing sourdough bread and do you deliver it or do you sell that farmers markets or.

Nikita: But at farmer’s markets.

Mary: And it’s magical so anyways so when you’re out I said yes and you’re at a farmers market Mickey that you let go live and you have to meet us out of it cuz you don’t sound good people like turn you off right so this is actually a really cool product I was going to show you just personally this case actually charges.

Mary: Like your airpods have the charger and then if I could open the darn thing I want to open April 8th July hello you can’t see this is all black that has all magnetized so as he’s cute and you can see it flashing cuz they’re charged these are coming out looks like little baby microphones you can see this very cool as a little clip on your thing right and then what school is this is for either an iPhone or an iPad to this one thing goes right where you charge your phone. I want.

Mary: Clozapine.

Mary: On and automatically syncs no Wi-fi needed no wow a Bluetooth with self as you microphone that I have one of those has once that when I want to interview somebody and you just use one if you want but if you want to interview someone like at the farmers market like maybe a a booth mate or someone next door you walked around.

Mary: Because that’s you right you’re a promoter you got your friends and one of these on you and even if there’s like a lot of women is that these really cool like little wind guards whatever it’s so awesome interview people like just sitting across from that a conference and that sounds like you’re going to have like a professional..

Nikita: Wow technology right I just left it so then they just put him right back in and they start.

Nikita: I got to get me some of those amazing send you the link so I actually love that and then the other thing that I love is still here okay I’m heading that there’s think I love is this.

Nikita: Micrometer.

Mary: And then having a mic for I know you probably tell him might as well but this Mike is 14.

Mary: $14.90.

Nikita: Like that oh yeah look at.

Mary: How many yards do the puppies do get all weird anyway just amazing so I have a link for that too I’ll put it in the show and the comment but yeah I was trying to like go out items I think people would you know could use or whatever so today’s meeting is.

Nikita: Sarah. Very cool.

Mary: That helps you when you go out to your fair market yay it will it will all.

Nikita: What technology you don’t go grow so quickly and become so new even have with the marketing automation you no less than 10 years ago and it’s completely different definition of marketing and I think that the whole point is sometimes we think I owe you know we’re doing getting all this automation make our lives easier and it does but it’s really important I think you’d agree with is that we more than ever because we can do more and a faster way by Nature we think I do then we should be doing more get with that time that we have available and then we.

Mary: Overly busy with things that we don’t.

Mary: Is there automation Hsu.

Mary: Like yes why do you do that as well I feel like we feel more productive when we’re doing stuff and I definitely struggle with the head.

Mary: Like it’s okay to I’m.

Mary: The world will continue revolving without us.

Mary: Doing stop and I think you know why I hate to say this generation cuz it makes me feel old but I think for the current mode or philosophy you know is people celebrate self-care now yes we’re it wasn’t that way even 10 years ago.

Mary: Hustle do more get more be more have more you know that stuff and I think now people realize you know what it’s okay. Yes and yes.

Mary: Go for a walk with your cat like it’s you don’t have to be hustling all the time so right about the balance you got to keep your life balance cuz I knew just burn out that’s right and that’s another brilliant idea.

Nikita: Very good trying it all together yes yes okay so we’re going to continue our conversation but we’re going to sign off for now so I’m going to drop you back into the green room thank you so much I want to put your name up here one more time for having me it’s always a joy to talk to you always.

Mary: This show is all about obviously brilliant marketing and you are a brilliant marketer and I only have and this is all about the women on sprinters in my life so I’m so grateful that you said yes to the invitation to be on my show so it was an honor for me to have you on it thank you thank you so much.

Mary: Mutual admiration Society everybody. I love it okay that we found the green room and then I’m going to wrap up and then we’ll continue our conversation right after sounds good all right have a great day all right everybody thank you so much for doing.

Mary: Of the Brilliant Mobile Brilliant Marketing with Mary if I could see and I want to remind you that I’m going to be a launching it shows every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. I so make sure you check back to learn some more brilliant ideas to more brilliant marketing with Mary every Thursday at 12:30 Pacific time and until then make sure that you are really an in all you do because the world needs you you are the answer to someone’s prayer and so you need to promote yourself and get your business out there so you could be the answer when they’re ready so until then you have a blessed day and route.

Mary: And here we go.

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