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On today’s episode of the Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt podcast we are working on a deep dive into the cast from That ’70s Show! In Part 1 we’re going to setup our multi-episode discussion about talk about some very strange Hollywood types mixed in with a very strange religion. Today we’ll go through the cast of That ’70s Show: Danny Masterson, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Wilmer Vadlerrama, Lisa Robin Kelly and Topher Grace. We’ll focus in on the Danny Masterson trials, timelines, statements, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ supporting statements of Danny and subsequent apology tour, setting us up for Part 2 where we’ll talk about the Church of Scientology and the Occult, then in Part 3 we’ll deep dive into Ashton Kutcher, THORN, CIA, surveillance, Epstein, Clinton and more!

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Isaac Weishaupt 0:06
Welcome back to a call symbolism and pop culture. I’m your host, Isaac Weishaupt. And today we got a doozy. Today we start a three part deep dive into that 70 show. Oh my god. I’m calling it that 70 Show conspiracy, but it’s not really about that 70 Show necessarily, but what a strange story this is. We’re gonna go into I don’t know where to start. I got 24 pages of notes. And according to my math, that’s about three hours of content. And as you know, you know, I don’t have the I don’t have the the Alex Jones Boehner juice to go three hours like some guys. You’re getting an hour out of me. And then I’m taking a coffee break and in a perfect world of nothing else distracts me and maybe I can record Part Two today, tomorrow and then part three a week later, whatever. I don’t know. I’m trying to get this out as soon as I can. This is very time relevant. But we’re gonna talk about what I’m calling that 70 Show conspiracy. We’re talking about Danny Masterson, Ashton Kutcher, Scientology, it’s all here. We’re talking about the strange Hollywood types mixed in with some very strange belief systems. Of course, the whole cast that 70 Show. We’re going through it rolling through Danny Masterson, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama, Lisa Robin Kelly and Topher Grace. We’re gonna talk trials, timelines, statements. Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis supporting their convicted rapist friend Danny, then their subsequent apology tour. That’s all in part one, then part two. Part two is gonna get it’s gonna get dicey here and hotter and spicier as we go, all right. Part One ain’t nothing compared to part two. Part Two, we’re gonna talk about Scientology and the occult. We’re going to go through a little background a little brief primer on Scientology in the occult if you’re not familiar, Jack Parsons, Charles Manson. Stanley Kubrick, Danny Masterson, Tom Cruise. Laura Prepon. From that 70 shows Well, we’re going to talk about Chrissy Carnell Bixler is accusations against Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. That’s gonna be a banger, then part three, is going to put part two to shame. Or it’s all about Ashton Kutcher deep dive into Kutcher. I think we’re gonna start talking about Ashton Kutcher and part two, part three, we’re going to dig deep and I don’t like what I see. I don’t like it one bit. We’re gonna talk about foreign the CIA surveillance, saving the kids or worse yet saying you’re saving the kids was trying to take your take, take some money, ties to Epstein, Clinton, venture capitalists, none of those things good. Analyzing this inflated figure that all these child saviors they use this figure 100 100 to 300,000 kids human trafficked every year in America, an unbelievable figure. And it turns out, it’s unbelievable, because it’s not true. Boy, and you know, already, we already criticized sound of freedom. So I’m already on people’s. I try not to swear on the show. Crap list. And I cringe myself. You know, I gotta I got a mouth of a sailor, but I tried to keep it clean for people. But of course, we want to save the kids. Of course. Even if it’s only 1000 Kids, we need to, we need to save them. All right. I’m on the same team, folks. But if we’re being lied to and grifted upon we need to know that. And I know that’s not a popular thing to tell people. When people go and watch Santa’s free in this. Oh my god, they’re shaving the kids. Here’s $1,000. Please. No, you’re you’re funding this this liar. To get helicopter trips to make himself feel like he’s a superhero. That’s what you’re doing? Maybe allegedly, possibly. But yeah,

Speaker 2 4:08
Ashton Kutcher might not be far behind. What’s all boy for Operation Underground Railroad?

Isaac Weishaupt 4:12
What’s his name? I forgot his name. Tim Ballard. That’s it. Yes, Tim Ballard. And I’ve given him hundreds of dollars, hundreds of dollars. So don’t come at me with oh, if you don’t want to know I want to protect the kids. But I don’t want these Grifters to lie and say they’re protecting the kids. They’re not doing it. They’re taking money to be I don’t know what God’s fake gods. Anyways, in part three, we’re talking about the murder. The murder of Ashton Kutcher, his girlfriend and how he possibly hears the accusations that and allegations that there’s some secrets about Ashton’s real involvement with the murder of his girlfriend. Crazy. It’s wild. This is a wild set of shows. You better say subscribe to this podcast. Don’t be left out in the cold with all the losers. You better stay subscribed. And then in part three, we’re going to go through some video clips, some old interviews people have been pointing to and saying, This is what’s been going on the whole time. Mila was 14. And these guys were all sexual predators all around her. We’re gonna talk about that. So, the first we got to get through part one. So without further ado, let me take a sip of my middle mutual laden water. And let’s get into a character rundown. Let’s start with that. And, you know, because what happened is sparked this whole analysis, the sentencing of Danny Masterson, which I hadn’t paid any attention to the guy. I never watched that 70 show wasn’t really into it. I’d seen episodes in passing, because it was huge, right? It was all over the place. It’s kind like Big Bang Theory. I’ve never watched it, but I know it exists. And I know what it looks like. I’ve seen it on people’s TVs when I walk into the house or whatever. And I knew who each actor was, and kind of what their character is on the show. That’s about it. You know, and it’s honestly, it’s pretty funny show. Actually, I like it what I had seen of it. But it was a period of my life where I was too busy. We’re talking 98 to 2006 is when the show was on. I was in the military those years. Then when I got out of the military, no, three, I went to college, so I just I just wasn’t consuming media that much. I’m not like one of those. You know, there’s a lot of truths out there. I don’t watch TV or movies. I just read factual history books. You know, I’m really impressed by that. But I myself like to watch some trashy TV. I watch Survivor, I watch Real Housewives of Salt Lake. I mean, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not above watching that 70 show. I just didn’t, okay. But I don’t like sitcoms, either. So, tough, tough sale. We’re going to run down to the characters and the cast of that show. And again, that’s not really going to be the focus of these episodes. I’m not going to be watching every episode and telling you the symbolism in the show like I normally do. We’re gonna talk about the personal lives of these actors. Okay. Here’s the people we include in our analysis, Ashton Kutcher, so much going on with this guy. That’s why part three, we dive deep into this dude. And actually like his work, I thought, Dude, Where’s My Car was hilarious. I like to just married. He did that movie with Brittany Murphy, who’s now passed on. We did two episodes on her in the past because that’s another wild story. And the butterfly effect. I love the butterfly effect. That’s a great movie. Now, granted, I haven’t seen any of those since they came out. So maybe they don’t hold up, but they were really great. When they came out. He did a bunch of popular shows that I’ve never seen like the ranch. But most interestingly, he is a venture capitalist. Yes. We’ll come back to that in part three. I don’t like what I saw there. He started out modeling and then immediately got on that 70 Show and bone blew up. Now, he did it a woman named Ashley elephant in 2001. Who was murdered. We’ll come back to that as well of course. But Maddie dated Brittany Murphy, he was married to Demi Moore. And they have an eight a 15 year age gap. She was 40 and he was 25. Okay. totally legal. So that’s great. You know, it’s less creepy when the females the the older one. But then he married Mila Kunis. I thought her name was pronounced Milo Kunis all these years apparently it’s Mila. It’s what I’ve been hearing. So I’m going with it. Mila Kunis, his current wife. So you know they were on the show together 20 years ago, and now they’re married. Great. Mila Kunis was dating Macaulay Culkin before Ashton Kutcher i i found that bizarre no shade no cap against the Navy use those words right? No shade on McHale Macaulay Culkin. I just don’t know. I don’t know. Just surprise me. Maybe it’s just me. Danny Masterson convicted rapist used to be a DJ called DJ donkey punch. And if you don’t know that’s, if you look it up on Urban Dictionary, it’s a pretty, pretty gross term. You know, very Dare I say rapey. But he basically got cancelled from acting back when the allegations first dropped his during the peak of the metoo era in 2017. Of course, we’ll come back to him real soon. Laura Prepon she was the the other are female, male, female and 70. So she had like the long red hair. She was actually dating Danny’s brother. He’s got a couple of brothers that act as well. And she dated Danny’s brother, from 99 to 2007, during which time she was a member of the Church of Scientology. And Wikipedia says she was in the Church of Scientology from 99 to 2016. I presume Danny’s the one that got her into it. And we’ll talk about that. In part two. I think. Wilmer Valderrama aka Fez. We all love Fez. I’m gonna read you from Wikipedia. On his relationships. Balderrama met Mandy Mormon, she was 15. And they dated when she was 16 or 17 Valderrama who was four years her senior. Okay, not terrible, right? I mean, I try not to be too black and white on some of this stuff, but it’s like, okay, if you’re, you’re 20 and the girls 16 Like, you should know better, but it’s like, that’s not the same as like a Seinfeld was what 39 And he dated a 17 year old. That’s kind of creepy, you know. Anyway, we’ll Balarama he later claimed that Moore had lost her virginity to him, which he didn’t which she denied which I think it was on The Howard Stern Show. In 2004 Valderrama dated Lindsay Lohan, who was 18 at the time, and he was 24. Okay, again, not terrible. Lee she’s 18 Right. from 2010 and 2016. He was in an on again off again relationship with Demi Lovato. The two met when Lovato was 17 and Valderrama was 29 Let’s get a little dicey now. They did not start dating until she turned 18. All right, fair enough. Lovato would later released the song 29, which was widely interpreted as a condemnation of Valderrama now that the singer himself was 29 Lovato did not directly confirm the inspiration simply stated, I feel like the song says it all. In January 2020 Valderrama became engaged to amend a pot shake go, Pacheco, who is 11 years as junior now, if I look at the math there and 2020 He would have been about 40 And she was born in 91. So she was about 29. Okay, not terrible. I don’t hate that. In December 2020, the couple announced they were expecting their first child, the daughter was born February 15 2021. So again, I mean, is he inappropriately into younger girls? I don’t know. I mean, there’s some smoke there. Don’t get me wrong. But you know, I’ve seen worse, right? Hey, if it’s legal, I don’t judge because then I’d have to take down my boy Leo DiCaprio and like Hey, man. That’s I know he’s 40 or whatever. And his girlfriend’s all 24 Hey, they’re over 18 There consenting adults. And I think has to do with like now we’re not talking about that now. Lisa, Robin Kelly played the role I might I might be a breaking social norms type conversation if that’s where me and my wife get loose on conversations and we we throw opinions out there. Okay. Lisa Robin Kelly. She played the role of Laurie foreman on the show. She’s not involved in any of this stuff today. But she did have a tumultuous, appearing tumultuous life. She was on an episode of X Files called CG ZZ CGG. About a satanic blood sacrifice during an astrological alignment, bury a cult.

She left that 70 show because she had a problem with alcohol. She had a string of D wives and domestic abuse not only against her but by her. Wikipedia says in November 2012. Police in Mooresville North Carolina arrested the 42 year old Kelly and her 61 year old husband Robert Joseph Gilliam after responding to a disturbance at their home. Both were charged with assault and released on bond. She later filed for divorce and a restraining order against Gilliam says both were charged that’s why I say it seems uh she also I don’t know, was doing domestic abuse. I’m just I’m just telling you what I’m reading here. She checked into rehab in 2013 and died from an accidental unspecified oral multiple drug intoxication. She died at the age of 43. Man, that’s tough. And then finally Topher Grace the clean one of the bunch looking like a real hero at this point, nothing crazy going on here. It’s covered in tattoos. So you know, I love that great for him. So that that’s the main and then You know, I’m not mentioned all the other characters in that 70 Show the, the the dad the father figure or whatever. He was on Robocop. I don’t remember his name, but I do remember he was in Robocop one of the greatest movies of all time. Alright, let’s start with Danny Masterson and the trials. All right. There’s a lot to catch up on here because like I said, I didn’t pay attention to any of this stuff. So I tried to submit what had been going on. So let’s go to Jessica Reid Krause is substack you can find that at Jessica Reid September 8, she wrote an article 30 years to life. And that’s what actually grabbed my attention is I saw Danny Masterson, we got 30 year sentence and I thought, woof. That seems I mean, like, you know what I mean, like raves that okay? My 30 years it seems like a lot. But then you read some of the details and you hear about what happened to these poor women anything? I mean, if the jury you know, found the stories credible, hey, and all he’s kind of an awful human being is what it sounds like. Okay, I’m gonna read you from Jessica Reid Krauss. The first trial in November ended in a mistrial after a split jury could not reach a verdict. seven to five voted in favor of acquittal. Ultimately, the jury could not convict him based on the evidence presented, but this Hung Jury meant the prosecution could and would retry him. Second verdict was announced yesterday, September 7, and found Masterson guilty. Many are wondering what changed the jury’s mind during the second trial. Why do you receive such a severe sentence without any solid evidence? Because again, like I said, he’s some of the I don’t know the details of this case. But the thought in the masses is, man, isn’t it just the he said she said kind of thing like it’s kind of scary, right? The judge’s sentencing explains what happened. I’m gonna read you from the same article. Mr. Masterson, you are not the victim here. Your actions 20 years ago, took away another person’s choice and voice. Your actions. 20 years ago, were criminal and that’s why you’re here judge Olmedo said Olmedo told Masterson, she knows he’s wondering how you can be convicted of a sexual incident occurred 20 years ago involving a woman who you believe is disgruntled and has a vendetta against you. You were not convicted on the testimony of one person. Olmedo continued. You were not convicted based on rumors, innuendo, gossip and speculation you were convicted based on evidence that 12 people in the community found to be credible. You were convicted because each of the victims reported the rapes to someone shortly after the rapes occurred. Uh huh. So it’s not just He Said, She Said it’s a little bit of you know, she told people and they testified in a court of law. And they go into and this is tying into the Scientology aspect of the case. She pointed out the Masterson paid one of his victims nearly a million dollars to sign a nondisclosure agreement, which she said was an awful lot to pay for something he insists never happened. fairpoint So Danny had an almost acquittal, then retried negative 30 years to life. That’s 30 years until he’s eligible for parole. Now, Jessica, she, from what I understand, went to the courtroom as well. And she saw Leah Remini. Leah Remini, of course, a very outspoken critic of the Church of Scientology, she did a whole show on a&e interviewing people who were members who came who left the religion and said all these horrific things. She was apparently in the Corps and putting a publicist in their place in the back of the room, if you read the articles, kind of interesting. But let’s do a recap of the entire timeline. Because if you’re like me, you’re like, wait a minute, when did this happen? What happened? And this is again, Jessica Reid Krauss his article is titled On the eve of Danny Masterson sentencing, we gotta go back to March 2017. All right. The LAPD started an investigation after three women accused Danny Masterson of raping them in the early 2000s. Masterson spokesperson insinuated This is an anti Scientology crusade and called out Leah Remini. All right, and from what I’m reading here. I think the idea is that they’re saying that Leah Remini orchestrated this to try to take down The Church of Scientology or egged it on maybe after one victim talked with her I don’t know. And I think this was around the time of Leah Remini show on a&e. Okay. Then December 2017. Netflix fires Masterson during the investigation, this is the middle of the metoo movement, mind you. So he claimed to be part of this presumed guilty before being presumed innocent group, you know, and infamously, you know, out don’t know, I’m hesitant to talk about some of these things, because I don’t want people to misunderstand what I’m saying. But if you recall, it wasn’t an HR gente was one of the first meet two architects. And turns out he was sleeping with an underage boy the whole time. I mean, I don’t know if he ever said it was against his will, which would be kind of the whole thing, right? That’s the whole idea behind me too, is like hearing women and letting them tell their stories. And, you know, and call for men to step up and stop being this way, right? Which I support, you know, I’m very much a feminist very much for equal rights for women, and for men to sort of try to understand what it’s like to walk through a day in a woman’s shoes, you know, and the best example, I have the one that sort of hit me the most. The best example I could relay is, as a man, if you’ve ever walked through a parking garage or a dark parking lot at night, you don’t think much of it. You just walk into your car. But if you’re a woman, like they’re worried about these kinds of things, because it happens. They just it’s you know, and it’s like, you know, people of color, man, they walk through this world in a different sort of set of shoes. Doesn’t mean you have to be shameful for being a white man. Like you don’t have to beat yourself up and say you’re the ultimate devil, but you got to hear people out, right? You got to hear what people’s experiences are. August 2019. quickly moving on August 2019. For of master sins, accusers, sue the Church of Scientology for stalking, and trying to silence them. Okay. The defendants conspired to and systematically stalked harassed invaded their and their family’s privacy and intentionally caused them emotional distress and silence and intimidate them. Now, the Church of Scientology and Danny Masterson, they deny all these allegations. They’re like, it’s a shameful moneygrab. Which, hey, those things do happen. There are shameful money grabs that do happen. And I don’t know the answer. I wasn’t there for any of those. I don’t know what really happened. June of 2020. Danny mash has been arrested, charged with rape faces 45 to life in a state prison. The accusations are that he raped a 23 year old back in 2001. Then a another 23 year old and a 28 year old, two separate incidents in 2003. This is all during the peak of that 70 show. And all these red is home in Hollywood Hills, says it says there were two more accusations from two more women. These are all Jane DOE’s. From what I understand. Those two other accusations were dropped for lack of evidence and a statute of limitations. Now I’m assuming one of the

one of the women who an assumption one of those women who made the accusation was Chrissy Cornell Pixlr. She’s a model she was Danny Madison’s girlfriend some time ago. She’s been all over the news and the tabloids and she’s now married to Cedric Zavala Bixler. He is the lead singer for Mars Volta and the driving and Rolling Stone had an article back in June of 2023. After the guilty verdict about this because Cedric was on the socials talking about this whole thing, and they explained it as follows. In 2019, in addition to the criminal charges against Masterson, Bixler Zavala, Cornell Bixler that’s the Rockstar dude and his model wife and other Jane Doe victims filed a civil lawsuit against the actor in the Church of Scientology, alleging they were systematically stalked after Cornell Bexar came forward with that her accusations of rape against MASTERSON. Among their allegations. The church members stock staked out their homes, sent them threatening messages and subjected them to everything from wiretapping to hacking and credit card fraud. Cornell Bixler and Bixler Zavala even claimed Scientologists killed their dog. Hawk may you come out my dog you’re you’re catching hot lead boy. That’s where I draw the line. I mean, I’ll draw the line before that, but you know what I mean? Yeah, so pretty strong accusations here. Right? Some pretty awful things. And Chrissy, big Cornell Bixler was on social media criticizing Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. We’re gonna come back to that. But just know that these are, you know, these are the characters involved in this whole this whole thing. But we’re back in now or January 2021. Masterson pleads not guilty to three counts of forcible rape. All right. But there’s five, five accusers, only three of them go to court. Or, you know what I mean? Fast forward October 22. So damn near two years goes by trial begins. The defense Danny Masterson his defense wants to borrow any mention of the Church of Scientology. And that’s a major part of this because people are like, Why is Scientology involved? Well, you’re gonna find out. The short version is that well, I’m gonna be careful how I talk. So I’m just going to read you from articles. All right. Meanwhile, the prosecution wants free rein to say anything they want at all about the Church of Scientology. Because the three women the three accusers three Jane DOE’s were all members of the Church of Scientology during the time of the alleged attacks. Judge Charlayne or Olmedo permits the women to discuss the Church of Scientology but only when relevant to the incidents. So kind of a halfway point here, okay. It is interesting that Danny’s defense wanted to bar any mention of the Church of Scientology. I wonder why that is. I’m gonna read you from this just gonna read grouses article. Hang on, let me find out. I want to make sure I’m real correct here. Yep. Jessica regrows is article. Maria. Okay. When Jane Doe number one took the stand as the prosecution’s first witness, she testified that a church ethics officer forced her to make peace with MASTERSON. After she claims she was penetrated annually by the actor against her will and 2000. To quote, my understanding my entire life was that you can never be a victim. Nothing ever happens to you that you didn’t cause no matter what condition you find yourself in your life, no matter how horrible you are responsible, you created that. So I guess what the claim would be here is that she’s saying that this, this event took place. And being a member of the Church of Scientology, they all were. She went to the ethics officer and the ethics officer was like, hey, just make peace with it. Because they don’t apparently. It seems like they don’t like the victim mentality aspect, which you know, I don’t like victim mentality either. But like that’s I mean, penetrated annually against your will like, Bro. Like, that’s, that’s something different right. Jane Doe number one continue to have a relationship with Masterson and claim she was sexually assaulted by the start is home in April 2003. Now this gets into psychology of because when you watch this from the sidelines, you say, Okay, this horrible thing happened. Why do you stick around with this creep? And I don’t know the psychology of why that happens. But apparently it happened. She was emotional in the stand recounting the alleged incident. The woman testified she started feeling disoriented. After drinking something Masterson gave her. She passed out on his bed, and when she awoke, claimed Masterson was on top of her. The woman claimed she tried to fight him off but the actor reached into a drawer in a nightstand, pulled out a gun and threatened by telling her to shut the EFF up. After the alleged rape, the woman said she went to see her ethics officer, quote, my understanding is I would immediately be guilty of a high crime. high crime comes with a penalty of expulsion from Scientology. This is Jane Doe number one. The victim of this right? My life would be over my parents would have to disconnect from me. My daughter couldn’t go to her school. I wouldn’t have anywhere to work or live. I wouldn’t have anywhere to go. In April 2004, Jane Doe number one wrote a letter to the church’s International Justice chief and asked for permission to bring criminal charges against MASTERSON. She believes she’s she was told no. But did so any way with the LAPD two months later, the LA the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office decided not to press charges at the time the woman ultimately settled with Masterson for $400,000. Now why did I read all of that to you? Is because there appears to be some kind of relevance to the Church of Scientology to this case that I wasn’t aware of before reading this. And it seems like the mainstream media and and knows, I don’t know, I don’t pay a ton of attention. So it’s hard to condemn them. But I catch headlines and stuff. And you know, as they come across the feed, and if it’s interesting, I’ll read the article, but it certainly wasn’t in the headlines. Well, maybe it was, but I didn’t catch it. And to be fair, like I said, I haven’t paid any attention to the story. Then it goes through Jessica recrafted article goes through Jane Doe number two and number three is experience of being forcibly raped. Number three was asleep, woke up in pain, asked Danny about it, he confirmed he did the rape and he laughed about it. Number two said she had another like spiked drink that made her numb and he assaulted her like a rag doll. And she didn’t report him because she didn’t want to did not want to be declared a suppressive person. And again, it’s I want to be careful here. They’re claiming that the Church of Scientology’s beliefs and teachings I don’t know if helped perpetuate this or had a role in it is the claim. So the jurors, they deliberate a bunch and the deadlock, this is November 22. Now, and the case finally come to a close years later, and they deadlock. So January of 23. They’re like let’s do it again, as do it with a new jury. That previous Hung Jury, like we said, lean towards acquittal, the votes were 10 to eight, four and then seven, five when they finally become a hung jury. Okay, so we’re going to do it again. April of 23. Now, opening arguments April 24 2023. Again, reading from Jessica Reid Kraus has articles on this. And the first trial judge Charlene Olmedo had not allowed the term drugging, as prosecutors could only say the women were in incapacitated when they said they were attacked, according to the Huffington Post. Well, that’s weird. I mean, drugging is extra, you know, Bill Cosby ask. Scientology. Scientology was also mentioned more as the judge ruled that further evidence related to the church could be heard in the retrial. As the organization’s policies and procedures were called into question. deputy DA erielle Ansan told the jury during the closing arguments, the church taught his victims, rape isn’t rape you cause this and above all, you are never allowed to go to law enforcement. In Scientology, the defendant is a celebrity and he is untouchable. On May 31, so a month later, Madison is convicted on two of the three rape counts faces up to 30 years in prison that’s 15 years for each count.

Tons of criticisms starts flying like how the women can ruin the man’s life with you know, suppose had minimal evidence. Yet they can remain anonymous, Jane DOE’s. September 23. Now we’re, you know, last week, the judge sentences Danny to the full 30 years. He’s 47. Now he’s not going to be eligible for parole till you 77 He’s done is like, am I gonna be live? It’s a wrap. Danny waved her rights to speak during the sentencing he didn’t testify. We also find out that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis wrote letters to the judge in support of Danny Masterson. The I think the idea was that he gets found guilty and before sentencing, the plea for Danny’s life basically, like hey, this guy, I guess, defending him right? To try to not get too harsh of a penalty. So they’re, they write these letters. They eventually go public, as they always do from what I read. And then they immediately go on an apology tour, Ashton and Mila immediately go to apology tour, which when you watch that video, it seems very script just seems like they’re literally reading off of paper or whatever. Now Jessica provides the various supporting statements. For Masterson from neighbors, friends family, we’re going to only focus on Mila and Ashton. Okay, I’m gonna read you read from it. Mila Kunis says, I first met Danny during our time working together on that 70 Show and from the very beginning, I could sense his innate goodness and genuine nature. Throughout our time together, Danny has proven to be an amazing friend, confidant and above all, an outstanding older brother figure to me. His caring nature and ability to offer guidance have been instrumental in my growth both personally and professionally. One of the most remarkable aspects of Danny’s character is his unwavering commitment to discouraging the use of drugs. Which is priceless if it’s true that he was drugging women. I mean, come on. And in part two, we talked about Scientology and Charles Manson who learned a lot of Scientology, and he used to also allegedly used to dose his his ladies he used to pretend he was taking LSD but he would only give them the LSD you know, it’s a weird pattern. His influence on me in this regard has been invaluable in an industry where the pressures and temptations of substance use can be overwhelming. Danny played a pivotal role in guiding me away from such destructive paths. His dedication to avoiding all substances has inspired not only me but also countless others in our circle, Danny steadfastness in promoting a drug free lifestyle has been a guiding light in my journey through the entertainment world has helped me prioritize my well being and focus on making responsible choices is genuine concern for those around him and his commitment to leading by example, make him an outstanding role model and friend now let me okay, let me read the Ashton Kutcher is no will not I’ll give you my stupid opinion like you want to. Let’s see. Okay. Ashton Kutcher. Danny takes his job seriously. Weird laid out same sentence, but okay, asked him. We’re listening. What Danny takes his job seriously. He is kind, courteous and hardworking. He treated everyone from the grips to the Teamsters, to the actors to the caterers as equals. As a role model, Danny has consistently been an excellent one. I attribute not falling into the typical Hollywood Life of drugs directly to Danny. Anytime that we were to meet someone or interact with someone who was on drugs or did drugs, he made it clear that that wouldn’t be a good person to be friends with. And for me, that was an implication that if I were to do drugs, he wouldn’t want to be friends with me, which is something I never would want to risk or jeopardize. I am grateful to him that positive peer for that positive peer pressure. He also said an extraordinary standard around how you treat other people. There was an incident where we were at a pizza parlor and a belligerent man entered who was berating his girlfriend. We had never met or seen these people before. But Danny was the first person to jump to the defense of this girl. It was an incident he didn’t have to get involved in but proactively chose to because this the way this man was behaving was not right. He’s always treated people with decency, equality and generosity. Now all this is very interesting, because and we’re gonna wrap up part one here. And part two is where we’re gonna get juicy. I’m gonna try to record that for you today. I’ve tried to take a little coffee break. What was interesting is that they received tons of condemnation for this. All right. And I can look at this two ways. On the one hand, your friend was drugged, allegedly, or I don’t know, how do you say allegedly once they’re convicted, was drugging and raping women. Like he’s a monster. Now, the side of him they saw they didn’t see him drugging and raping chicks. They saw this great guy who, you know, that is great. He was telling me he was being a voice of reason and be like, Hey, man, you shouldn’t do drugs. And I had, I had read that that’s what Scientology did for him. That’s his teaching of theirs and Charles Manson even talked about how they hit their teachings helped him with his depression. I think we’ll talk about that in part two. Next, but the it’s like Twin Peaks, right? We’re watching the Twin Peaks thing. We’re doing the gray LOD where we’re deep diving into the episodes. And one concept you see is the duality concept. These people they’ll have a wife and then they’ll have a side piece or whatever. And you see them doing good things and they’re doing bad things. And as to real human nature, right? It’s not black and white people aren’t all evil are all good. This guy had some good sides to him. You know, say like they say with Adolf Hitler, like, he had good sides don’t wasn’t he like a vegetarian or something? You know, that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t do 30 years in prison or whatever, like, you can’t do what you did, bro. But Ashton and Mila. were merely saying, Hey, man, like, this is the side of him we’ve seen? I don’t think they said, I don’t. I don’t know that their intention was to say like, Hey, he would never do the right thing. You should let him off the hook. I don’t I don’t think that was the intent. I think that intent was to say like, there’s a good side of this guy. And I think that’s the point of the letters. And like, I don’t disagree with that, in a way. It’s like, yeah, like, there’s good sides to a lot of bad people. Right? Not everyone’s all wrong. Some people are, you know, possessed by demons do awful things or whatever. So it’s hard for me to say, a lot of people say, Oh, eff them all the way off, you know? And I’m like, okay, I get where they’re coming from, right. Like, you know, I had a friend, my dear close friend. Like, you know, he was my best friend for a couple years there. He was addicted to drugs, right? He’s dead now died a few years ago. I assume what was an overdose? I don’t really know the details. But anyway, I grew up with this guy. And he was just the funniest guy, and he was such a good person. And he got caught up in drugs. And was, you know, robbing and stealing and doing all this horrific stuff. And you’re just like, your heartbreak for them. You’re like, ah, like, please don’t do this man. Like, you’re doing all the things because on the other hand, like, if, if some drug addict like, you know, robbed someone I love, like, I don’t want their acid prison, I’d be like, eff that. We’re beating this guy down, right? So like, it’s hard to you know, there’s two sides to every story. And it’s like, there’s two sides to every person in a way. So like, in a way, it’s like, okay, they wrote these letters. It’s like, how do you defend a monstrous rapist? And it’s like, well, you don’t, but they tried to provide the good side to the judges. Hey, he’s not all not all bad. But the judge didn’t give a shit. He was like, just swore. See, I tried to keep it clean. I’m trying. The judge was like, bro, like, you’re getting 30 to life. Deuces. And it’s fine. Like, I’m not I’m not crying about it. He wasn’t my friend. It’s not like he was a scumbag to me, you know. So anyway, as you can see, there’s all this controversy about this whole case. And that was part one. Now in part two. We’re going to start talking about the occult concepts behind Scientology. All the key players, like I said, L Ron Hubbard, Charles Manson and a little bit of Kubrick, and then we’re gonna get into the Scientology aspects of the trial. And Chrissie Bixler and her and her husband, Cedric, Bixler Zavala, who is the lead singer for Maurice Walton at the driving some of the claims they were making. And it gets, it gets a little wild, right. And then we’re going to talk about the accusation lob that Ashton Kutcher may know more about this murder of his girlfriend than was previously assumed.

So stay subscribed to the show, because part two is going to be a banger. It’s going to be a lot. I’m going to try to hurry up and get it done. So you don’t have to wait too long for it. And we’ll see what happens. And yes, this is brought to the show Till next time, stay woke.

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