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Yucatán is a destination that has it all for travelers, offering a wide range of ecosystems, culture, gastronomy, adventure, and tourist products that will undoubtedly keep you engaged and amazed from start to finish. Whether you’re visiting this spectacular destination for a vacation or a short getaway, we recommend incredible experiences that are luxurious in nature, in case you’re on a budget, as well as a tip for indulging a bit more, making your visit an unforgettable experience.

The Historic Center of Mérida is a blend of buildings, museums, houses, and activities that coexist in time, keeping the essence of the Mayan land alive. During your stay, we recommend taking a free tour from Monday to Saturday starting at 9:30 am. This tour involves walking through the most representative places in the Historic Center, including the Municipal Palace, Plaza Grande, Casa de Montejo, Ateneo Peninsular, Cathedral of San Ildefonso, Government Palace, and the Murals by Fernando Castro Pacheco, all while accompanied by a certified guide.

Similarly, we advise you to enjoy the Night of Legends Tour, a fusion of theater with tourism and a historical focus aimed at exploring the most important points that shaped the personality of the city of Mérida interactively. This show features characters interacting with the audience in real settings that showcase the history of Mérida at different locations such as the Peón Contreras Theater, the Third Order Church, the Cathedral, the Montejo House, the tunnels of the Ladrillos House, the Convent of the Conceptionist Nuns, among others.

Tickets can be purchased starting at 5:00 pm in front of the cathedral. You can enjoy this tour on Thursdays at 8:45 pm and Saturdays at 7:00 pm, with a cost of $200 pesos for adults, $100 pesos for children, $300 pesos for foreign adults, and $100 pesos for foreign children.

Since dining is essential, we suggest visiting Taquería La Lupita, located inside the Santiago Market, where you can enjoy the most iconic cochinita tacos in the city. Alternatively, you can make a stop at the Palacio de Música and take the opportunity to dine deliciously at Kexti’i. Dining at either of these places will cost approximately $200 pesos per person. Afterward, you can explore the museum that narrates the history of traditional and popular Mexican music for just $100 pesos per person, presenting official identification as a Mexican. Children, teachers, senior citizens, and people with disabilities pay $25 pesos.

Izamal is part of Mexico’s Magical Towns, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for the beauty of its yellow houses. The city, also known as the City of Three Cultures, is located just an hour’s drive from Mérida and no more than an hour and a half by public transport from the city center, costing approximately $100 pesos (round trip).

Once there, you can explore its streets on foot, by bicycle, or on ATVs, with approximate costs ranging from $150 to $300 pesos per person. So, put on a helmet, hop on your ATV, rev up, and safely take an exciting ride through the wonderful streets of Izamal, a Magical Town.

During your tour, you will be accompanied by an expert local guide who will take you through a picturesque and elegant city, a lively and vibrant town. You will visit the majestic Franciscan convent with the largest atrium in Latin America and the second-largest in the world, Mayan pyramids, colonial buildings, and artisan workshops, making the ancient holy city of Izamal a true open-air museum, considered the most important cultural destination in the Mayan World.

On the culinary front, we recommend two icons of local cuisine: Zamna Restaurant and Kinich Restaurant, where you can taste authentic Mayan cuisine and discover why these places are gastronomic ambassadors of the region. The average checks per person range from $350 to $1000 pesos, but it will undoubtedly be worth it.

Just an hour from the state capital, you can find a great experience for adrenaline and culture enthusiasts: a tour of the surroundings of the Uxmal archaeological zone in a Land Rover. In this adventure, you can feel like an ancient landowner while engaging all your senses, enjoying the water of a cenote, and admiring incredible landscapes that culminate with a visit to the ruins of Hacienda Uxmal. The approximate cost of this activity is $1200 pesos per person.

Another option in this area is to visit the beer spa at the Uxmal Resort Maya Hotel, where you can undergo a unique experience: a relaxing foot massage with barley, followed by a hot bath in a barrel-style jacuzzi, a relaxation massage on your neck and head with warm beer, all while savoring two regional beers. This experience costs around $1800 pesos per person, excluding meals.

Last but not least, there is “Ecos de Uxmal,” a nighttime tour that, through this majestic archaeological zone and using light and sound effects, transports you to the past of this ancient town and its impressive legends. The entrance fee per person for this event is around $600 pesos.

Don’t think twice, and on your next vacation, visit Yucatán, one of the safest destinations in the country, and enjoy these and many more of its 365 tourist experiences. Use the travel planner for an unparalleled journey to the lands of the Mayab, where you can find paradisiacal beaches, exotic nature, extraordinary haciendas, ancient culture, and high-quality gastronomy in a cosmopolitan city considered one of the best cities to visit in 2023.

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