Imelda Lambertini Pacheco: A Virgin’s Devotion.

Portrait of Imelda Lambertini Pacheco

Imelda Lambertini Pacheco: A Virgin’s Devotion


In the annals of history, certain individuals stand out for their extraordinary devotion to their faith and exemplary lives. Imelda Lambertini Pacheco, a devout young maiden hailing from Bologna, Italy, undoubtedly belongs to this distinguished group. Her unwavering commitment to purity and her profound love for the Virgin Mary have made her life an inspiration for countless believers around the world.

Early Life and Childhood:

Imelda Lambertini Pacheco was born on April 19, 1322, into a pious noble family in Bologna. From an early age, she exhibited exceptional piety and a deep passion for spiritual matters. Imelda’s parents recognized her divine calling and nurtured it with great care.

Imelda’s Devotion to the Eucharist:

As Imelda grew older, her devotion to the Eucharist became increasingly central in her life. Despite being only 9 years old when she felt Jesus beckoning her towards this Holy Sacrament with boundless love, the local Dominican nuns refused admission to someone so young according to cloistered norms.

The Miracle of First Communion:

However, destiny had other plans for Imelda as God desired that she partake in His body and blood at such a tender age. One day while attending Mass at Santo Stefano Church on May 12th, 1333 after receiving Spiritual Communion during distribution of Holy Communions at Mass; all present witnessed a stunning miracle – a consecrated host levitated above the altar before gently descending into Imelda’s hands.

The stunning event astounded everyone present as it rightfully should have been impossible according to conventional understanding. It was unanimously perceived as a clear sign from heaven that this young girl had been chosen by divinity herself.

Imprisonment Within Convent Walls:

Following the miraculous episode during Mass that morning, Imelda’s astonished family realized the extraordinary nature of their daughter’s calling. They arranged for her admittance into the Dominican convent at Val di Pietra. However, this decision was met with a mix of joy and sorrow, as they would not be able to witness her spiritual journey firsthand.

Life in the Convent:

Within the convent’s walls, Imelda Lambertini Pacheco continued to exhibit exceptional devotion to Christ and intense love for the Virgin Mary. Her days were consumed by prayer, rigorous religious practices, and caring for others within the community.

Imelda’s Radiant Presence:

Imelda quickly became renowned within the convent for her captivating presence. Many nuns testified that they felt an aura of divine grace whenever in her presence. Her humble demeanor and magnetic spirituality attracted both senior nuns and novices alike, all seeking to glean wisdom from this young luminary.

Transformation Beyond Earthly Bounds:

On May 13th, 1333 – exactly one year after receiving her first Holy Communion – Imelda experienced another extraordinary encounter during Mass. As she fervently prayed before an image of the Virgin Mary moments before Communion was served; she entered a deep trance-like state wherein she experienced an ecstatic union with Christ himself.

The Final Chapter:

Tragically, it was during this mystical rapture that Imelda Lambertini Pacheco drew her last breath on earth. At just eleven years old – an age when most children are busy with games or studies – she surrendered herself completely to God in unison with His beloved Son. News of Imelda’s sudden passing spread like wildfire throughout Bologna and beyond.

Legacy and Canonization:

It is impossible to overstate the legacy that Imelda left behind even though she lived such a short life. In recognition of her profound spirituality and miraculous experiences surrounding Holy Communion, Pope Pius X later declared Saint Maria Goretti a patroness for First Communicants. Saint Imelda Lambertini Pacheco has become an emblem of purity, unwavering devotion, and exceptional holiness.


Imelda Lambertini Pacheco’s singular devotion to her faith and her lifetime of unconditional love for Christ and the Virgin Mary continue to inspire believers across the globe. Her story serves as a reminder that age is no barrier to spiritual enlightenment and reaffirms the transformative power of true devotion. Saint Imelda Lambertini Pacheco will forever be remembered as an exemplar of piety, virtue, and unwavering faith in the divine.

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