Combo’s to make your selling a great success

Combo’s to make your selling a great success

As more and more people are becoming sellers on eBay giving yourself another competitive edge can increase your branding efforts and sales but how is this possible?

Custom eBay Store Design, matching Auction Templates and even your own Custom Website ( is the solution to take your business to the next level. By adding a custom logo and layout to your auctions you’re not only branding your business but letting your buyers know you are a professional and that you care enough to give them an easy to use, pleasant shopping environment.

The great thing other than standing out from your competition, about having Custom Design for your eBay Store and Auction listings is that you can pull your own personality into these des0069gns. Are you more serious, whimsical or does your niche business have its own personality? I bet if you look real close it does!

Proper text and keywords to use in your eBay Store and eBay Auction listings are very important so that people searching for what you offer will find the products. Put in some research here, it will pay off for you.

On the Internet, your business is among tens or hundreds or even thousands of the same types of business. In order to compete you have to stand out. And having the right design and marketing strategies can put you ahead of the competition.I’ve seen many websites that are ranked in the top 10 on all the major search engines but do not have what it takes to convert visitors to customers.

You need a website that is powerful, emotion evoking and shows the reader that his or her life would be more complete – better, easier, more productive, more profitable and happier – if that reader owned what it is you’re selling.

Your web design needs to move the reader while your content grabs them, working together they should build confidence in both your business and products. You have two seconds to tell your visitor what you sell and what’s in it for them. If that aligns with what they want, they’ll spend more time on your site and that should lead to more sales.

Using your Custom Website for eBay
Did you know you can use your own Custom Website for driving sales to your eBay store if you make yourself into the authority? Let’s say you sell garden gnomes, all shapes and all sizes then you more than likely know everything or most everything there is to know about garden gnomes. Take what you know and put this information on your website seeded with links through the article to your eBay Store and ending it with links to your eBay store. All of this is called pre-selling because people love and thrive on information, they want to be educated on how that garden gnome is made, where it’s made, what it’s made of, how long it will last and what benefits it will give them.

Once your website visitors are educated they click and go to your eBay Store which is branded with your Custom Logo and design which adds more credibility to you and they make the purchase from you, the authority on garden gnomes based on the information they previously read.

The bigger the better
Google loves big websites filled with useful information Having to be ranked on top search engines is more like an award for your as a thriving online marketer. There are a lot of marketers who also want to be listed and ranked in search engines. so the bigger you make your website and every new page you add to it is another opportunity for you to gain a new customer.

Brand Everything
I’m telling you if you are allowed to put your Custom Logo on it then make sure it’s there, your website, your eBay listings, your emails, business cards, etc. It’s common fact that banners are not the best way of advertising but when you see banners every where you look the next time you need a book you will think of because of all the branding they have done.

All of these can bring up the sales in your business considering that you are a power eBay user. There are a lot of things to do with them. Having to learn the basic instincts of surfers can
give you a better understanding on how to market your products thru your custom website. Also, having to sell something with a brand or anything that have good value is the things that count. What better way to have a steady income by making polishing and learning the tricks of the trade.

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