12 Of The Funniest Cat Photos On The Internet

Our feline friends can make just about the funniest expressions ever if you’re lucky enough to capture them. Most of the time, they can be a little stuck-up, they might not want to be around you, and you might end up with a scratch or two if you get to close to their personal space. But sometimes you have to risk it for the photo!

These cat owners have captured some of the most hilarious photos, and now they’re on the Internet for the world to see. While cats seem to be one of the world’s smartest species, they get themselves into some pretty silly situations (with or without the help of their humans). Here are 12 of the most hilarious cat photos!

1. Stuck…

This cat has fallen and he can’t get up. Looks like he needs life alert!

2. Slinky Cat

This probably looked like a great crawl-through space until he realized his face is now stuck in it. He regrets everything.

3. Doggy-door

Wonder how long this cat was trying to get through the doggy-door with this feather duster. Doesn’t look like he’s having much success.

4. Just hanging out

This cat is the epitome of, “Oh. Didn’t see ya there. I’m just, ya know…hanging out.”

5. Kleenex Cat

If you needed a new poster child for the new ‘Kleenex Cat,’ you know where to find him.

6. Bad decision

And in that moment, he knew he had made a huge mistake.

7. Yarn ball master

In this house, yarn plays with you.


This cat is basically that moment when you’re trapped between two people in the back of a small car. “Oh yeah, I’m totally comfortable. Yes. This is fine.”

9. One way in, no way out

“Human! Help me! I’m trapped!” Another decision that was immediately turned to regret.

10. NOT fun

The human might be having fun, but this cat is NOT. He is seeing his life flash before his eyes.

11. Pool water cat

This cat appears to be in what is known as ‘pure hell.’

12. Avoid at all costs

When you’ll do anything to avoid those dang dogs. So vicious, so scary.

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