Premiere: Apulati Bien – OUEST (feat. Vica Pacheco)

Promesses combines weaved auditory flare and a pure artisanship across the mutant sound and tight visual identity that characterises its releases. Splitting operations between Brussels and Paris, the label and radio show operates in the reverberant landscape of ‘post-experimental’ electronic music, and seamlessly challenges conventional beliefs as to how a ‘label’ is supposed operate. In short, welcome to the summoning of an entity whose fingers are glued to the pulse.

Next up in this label’s dialogue is a second release from the enigmatic Apulati Bien, who invites the Mexico native Vica Pacheco to collaborate on the high-def dembow stylings of ‘OUEST’. Biting hard with temper, the results are a spectacularly fresh Latin-fused synth ballad, striking a huge chord with a many of the lambent, polished textures comparable to Príncipe’s output. It’s a wild and weird petri dish.

RER TRACKS is out December 18th on Promesses | Pre-order here

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