‘I could’ve been killed’ says driver after Range Rover pelted with a large vegetable – Devon Live

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A man whose car was pelted by a large vegetable says he could have been killed in the incident.

Steve Anderson had been travelling home when something resembling swede smashed into the side of his silver Range Rover.

The incident left Steve in complete shock and within minutes police arrived to search the scene, believing the vegetable to have been deliberately launched at the car.

It happened on the busy A380 road near the Penn Inn flyover in the Milber area around 9.30pm last night.

Steve is now offering a £250 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to a prosecution in relation to the incident.

Speaking about the incident, Steve said: “I’d been driving home on the Newton Abbot side of the new bypass when a missile hit the side of my car.

“It hit the drivers door and caused a large dent which has also cracked the paint work.

“I think it was a swede as there was the remnants and debris of a hard vegetable on the floor of the road.

“I turned around to go back and see if I could see anyone by the side of the road, when another missile was thrown – though this time it missed.

“I stopped straight away and called the police and within minutes six officers arrived to search the area.”

Steve says the police told him there had been ongoing problems with this issue in the area and that a police colleague on his way to work had also previously been targeted.

Steve said: “I have a friend whose car was pelted with eggs on two separate occasions in this location back in the summer.

“When I pulled in after the incident, I also saw another car that had been hit, though the driver said he wasn’t interested in talking to the police about it.”

Steve said the incident could have been much, much worse.

He said: “If it had gone through my window I’d be dead, I could have been killed.

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“It also could have forced me to swerve and hit other cars, it was so dangerous.

“The force of it hitting the car was so great I wondered at first if I had hit a person or large animal.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting log number 784 of 01/12/2019.

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