Puzzle Cats – Solve ‘Fit the Board Type Puzzles With Cat Shaped Blocks (Kids 9+ And Adults)

This game is suitable for Kids 9+ (and of course everybody else!).

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Following YouTube recommendations regarding content targeting, we decided to choose the ‘For Kids’ audience setting for this particular video, despite the fact that the game is not.targeted exclusively for kids but can be enjoyed by both kids and adult fans of casual games.

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If you like puzzles and funny cats you might try this one (it is free, ad supported).
I played the initial levels for you in the ‘easy’ mode plus a couple of puzzles in the expert mode.
In expert mode you just get some extra pieces that don’t fit the puzzle and you have to figure out which one those are.

And if you don’t like cats, you can switch to regular block shapes. We like cats (especially what they do if you misplace a block) so our walkthrough is entirely in the cat-mode 😉

Full review, rating and download link for Puzzle Cats by MobilityWare here:

iPad/iPhone: https://www.appysmarts.com/application/puzzle-cats,id_195686.php

Android: https://www.appysmarts.com/application/puzzle-cats-android-version,id_195697.php

About the app:

Puzzle game with cat shaped (or Tetris like) blocks.

Arrange the blocks in such a way that they completely fill the board. Be sure that you align the cat-shaped blocks properly – one false move and those cats get very angry!

What we liked: the concept. Good for logical thinking skills. Many options and extras (e.g. you can choose between types of blocks, change cat’s costumes, extra information and facts). Two difficulty modes (basic and expert, with extra pieces).

Type: #puzzlegames #tetris #walkthrough
Original Appysmarts Score: 75/100
Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

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