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Once again, the days got away from me this week and with the horrendous terror attack in Afghanistan yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I would post today. Like, are we supposed to talk about Friday Favorites when American service members and civilians lost their lives yesterday while the dangerous situation continues to evolve with the whole world watching (and mostly laughing at our administration?). 

I’m no world news writer and I’m certainly not a political reporter (although believe me, I have my opinions) but something needed to be said this morning. I can only hope that things find some sort of safe resolution soon.

If this Afghanistan situation doesn’t fully upset you or scare you because it’s “not here” -well – it should. Not only are Americans risking their lives to keep people safe “over there” but what they are doing through missions overseas is to keep us safe “over here.”

Have you read my September 11: Never Forget post? 

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones yesterday and I pray that everyone over there and over here remains safe.

Friday Favorites

So okay. We will talk about Friday Favorites today because you certainly didn’t come to this site to talk about current events.

I didn’t have time to complete Wednesday’s post with recent meals but the best thing I ate recently was this slice of vegetable pizza from Stew Leonard’s.

I feel like Stew Leonard’s is a hidden gem for pizza since it’s technically a specialty type of grocery store but they have a section for pizza where fresh pizza is made all day.

The pizza crust (on all slices from Stew Leonard’s) is terrific and this vegetable slice in particular already made it to the top of my best veggie pizza slices list.

I liked this vegetable pizza slice so much that I went back to get it another day but they didn’t have it – so either they were out of the veggie pie or they don’t make it every day. I will have to inquire to find out. The vegetables are chopped so finely but packed in nicely. SO GOOD.

In other Friday Favorites news, my order from Alo Yoga arrived on Wednesday! I got so excited unpacking what I ordered that I quickly took a picture of the pile.

Here’s what I ordered:

Alo Glow Headbands – OMG I am obsessed. I love the old-school style of these headbands for my workouts. They are so crazy soft and well made. I really like wearing these headbands over the more recent styles I’ve been wearing for years from lululemon.

Alo Throwback Socks – Needed these. Period.

I had mentioned this Alo Open Back Hoodie recently and it was everything I imagined it would be, Only softer.

I had also mentioned this Alosoft Hooded Runner Long Sleeve Top. Well, I finally ordered it and once I put this top on, I immediately decided it would replace my lululemon Run Swiftly tops for winter. Both tops are the same price (and both have thumbholes) but the Alo top is softer, very comfortable, and the hood is everything. This top is great for fall running and then perfect for layering.

I also like how the top fits (actually how all Alo Yoga fits)– everything is true to size. lululemon, especially the tops, are never true to size.

So the Alo Wellness Bra is another OMG. I could live in this bra as a top. Perfect, true to size fit. I need every color.

And finally, the Alo Yoga Highwaist Ripped Warrior Leggings were on sale. Can’t go wrong.

Alo Yoga just released a sweatshirt dress and I think I need it. I also need the Accolade Sweatpants.

I can’t write this Friday Favorites post without mentioning that Shopbop has some Stoney Clover on sale! Now is the time to grab a Stoney Clover pouch or terry tote – especially when Shopbop will likely give you free shipping and quick delivery.

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